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Confronting Antisemitism and Israel Hatred in the UK

    Responding to the ‘Israel Apartheid State’ Lie

    Last year the British Jewish Students' Union gave Palestinian flags to all incoming Jewish students.

    Britain’s ‘Official Jews’ Submit to Islam

    The 'official Jewish' voice in the UK has become increasingly sympathetic to the leftist-Islamist agenda.


    It is worth looking at the full list but there is one entry that stands out as genuinely bizarre.

    How to Get on BBC’s Question Time (Panel Member or Audience)

    One lone audience members dared to ask why give massive support to Syrians with millions suffering hardship in the UK.

    No End in Sight to Football Jihad

    FIFA, one of the world's most corrupt and incompetent organizations, is also hypocritical.

    UN Security Council Emergency Session on Zionist Snow Conspiracy

    Sheikh Mohammed Luni Jihad asserted that the Israelis created the snowstorm to punish Palestinians and destroy the Al Asqa Mosque.


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