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    The Shame Continues

    None of the attacks on Jewish & property should come as a surprise in light of the Temple Mount.

    The Belated Conscience of Miri Regev

    Regev is part of the reason why numerous Israelis have suffered so many aerial acts of attempted murder from that region.

    Like It or Not, the Seven Noachide Laws Are Still Pending

    There are many good, solid reasons to support applying the death penalty to a variety of crimes.

    ‘You Murder the Children’: Rav Soloveitchik on Abortion

    Rav Soloveitchik stated that "to me it is something vulgar, this clamor of the liberals that abortion be permitted."

    Torah Is the Highest Value

    That there is even a debate in the religious sector about obeying eviction orders reflects a warping of core values.

    Raise the Banner in 5774

    When a Jew is shot to death in Eretz Yisrael and the murderer plea bargains to a twelve-year sentence, Israel’s banner is low.

    Israel Corners Itself

    The awful truth is that Israel invites foreign contempt because it shows contempt for itself.

    Yesh Atid, Revise Your Platform

    "We believe that every person in Israel must have their fundamental rights met..." Not applicable to terror victims and their families' fundamental right to justice.

    Enough with ‘Bibi’

    A mother doesn’t tend to call the man who freed the murderer of her child "Bibi."

    The Invisible Israelis

    "The victims of his crime were not even notified of his appeal… Where was IDF Central Command head General Nitzan Alon when all this happened?"

    Hear these Voices

    To pardon terrorists mocks our love and our pain...

    Neo-Nazism on the Temple Mount

    Likewise, thousands in Kafr Kanna demonstrated this month in support of Morsi. Arabs near Hevron raised the swastika outright in May.

    In Sderot: ‘We Can’t Sleep’

    It has been noted that every rocket attack is attempted murder.

    Sleep for a Healthy Jewish Life

    By not making sleep a priority, we are literally making ourselves sick.

    Ramle: City of Coexistence or Murder?

    Add George Sa’ado to the list of cheap Jewish blood in Israel.

    Our Cheap Blood in Israel

    Two accomplices in last year’s murder of Lior Farhi Hy"d received sentences of eight months each.

    No More Capuccis

    A new bill restricts the president's power to pardon terrorists except on humanitarian grounds.

    What Would Rabbi Kahane Say Now?

    In 1985, he described programs of "secular Zionist gentilization" designed by the Ministry of Education.

    Open Season on Jews in the Jewish State

    We're probably more scared to shoot someone and kill someone than we are to get hurt ourselves...

    What’s Going On with the IDF?

    This disgraceful reality didn't happen overnight.


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