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Aliyah: No Pain, No Gain, But Oh, The Gain!

Whether they’ve walked thousands of miles over the burning hot sands of the African desert or walked on to a charter flight from New York, every Jew who has followed Avraham’s path has a story.

AIPAC Activism Isn’t Foreign Interference

Often, opposing foreign aid is a cover for xenophobia and jingoism.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is A War Of Values

Palestinians have rejected tens of Israeli peace offers over the past eight decades and have never once countered with their own. It is clear Palestinians do not value peace as Israelis prioritize peace.

Israel’s Torah Observant Prime Minister

The Israeli Prime Minister walked into the most important office in America proudly displaying his Judaism and his Torah observance.

The Bennett And Biden Meeting Agenda

Israel can request America not open its consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, put a deadline on U.S.-Palestinian growing diplomacy if ‘pay to slay’ isn’t ended, and stop American funding of UNRWA until it stops hosting Hamas tunnels and rockets in Gaza and teaching anti-Semitism in its schools.

Loss Of Support For The Two-State Solution Is Inevitable

Arafat had engaged in bad faith negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and rejected all Israeli offers without a counter-offer. Later revelations made clear Arafat had ordered the intifada while still at Camp David.

Are Liberal Zionists Walking Oxymorons?

Calling liberals anti-Israel or anti-Semitic is inaccurate. Lumping all liberals together as followers of progressive elected officials and their anti-Israel positions is a mistake.

Thank You, Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry's didn't boycott a place, they boycotted a people - the Jews of Judea and Samaria.

Palestinian Terrorists Houses Must Be Demolished

Palestinians love repeating the line that house demolitions don’t deter attacks on their own. The answer is that house demolitions together with other policies combine to create a terror shield.

A Major League Problem

It is every parent’s right to talk privately with their child about their family’s values and balancing modern values with Torah practice. It is not your right to publicly discuss other people’s observance.

Why Can’t Israel Do Better For The Palestinians?

It is naïve to think Palestinians or their advocates will be placated by an easing of Palestinian restrictions. Only when Israel cedes control of all the land and ends the Jewish state will Palestinians be satisfied.

Don’t Ban Arabs From Our Pools

There's simply no excuse for generalizing about an entire group based on the actions of a few people in the group.

Biden And Bennett And No Building Permits

The only people who think a potential Palestinian state will be confined to the West Bank are Americans who aren’t familiar with actual Palestinians.

Should We Pray Against The New Israeli Government?

Many right-wing Israelis are furious at Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for joining a coalition that contains left-wing parties opposed to settling Judea and Samaria.

Has The State Of Israel Lived Up To Jewish Values?

The accusations against Israel can be divided into two categories. First, the Jews stole Palestinian land. ... The second category of accusations against Israel is that Israel mistreats Palestinians.

Stop Whining About Hamas Rockets

Many of the media advocacy campaigns waged on Israel’s behalf during the latest Hamas rocket attacks didn’t recognize the pitfalls of playing victim.

Palestinian Antisemitism Isn’t Just A Hamas Problem

If there are symptoms of antisemitism, it's impossible that it's isolated; the community must also possess the hate to some extent.


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