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Unique Sites of Israel

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Waters of Merom (Hula Valley)

    It is such a beautiful time of year to see Israel. Get out there!

    FABULOUS: University Accused of Anti-Semitism Loses State Funding

    It is abundantly clear that regular incidents of antisemitism have occurred (and been tolerated) at the US’s so-called “elite” universities for too long! Jewish...

    Welcome to Biblical Mount Ebal

    “Then Joshua built an altar to the Lord God of Israel on Mount Ebal (Joshua 8:30)”

    Unique Sites of Israel: Jerusalem Inaugurates Israel’s Longest Suspension Bridge and Newest Tourist Attraction

    Due to the completion of the new bridge over the biblical Ben-Hinnom Valley, more pilgrims and pedestrians will be able to reach holy sites.

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Tel Dan: Part II

    King Rehoboam made the decision to establish two new temples, one in Beit El and the other in Dan, both of which included golden calf statues (1 Kings 12:28–29). He even made up his own holidays and declared himself a priest

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical City of (Tel) Dan: Part 1

    Let's visit a wonderful biblical site which, in my opinion, is a contender for the title of Israel’s prettiest spot.

    Unique Sites of Israel: Hill of Jonah in Ashdod

    “And the word of G-d came to Jonah son of Amittai (Jonah 1:1)”

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Aphek: From the Ark of the Covenant to Alexander...

    The obvious question is why there are so many buildings and fortifications from different time periods here?  Read on to learn the fascinating answer...

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Tadmor (AKA Tamar)

    Beautiful day to get out and see the unique sites of Israel!

    Unique Sites of Israel: Tel Yarmut (Biblical Jarmuth)

    The remains of Tel Yarmut are among the world’s oldest, and the panoramic views on a clear day afford a view of much of Israel that includes Tel Aviv, Ashdod, and the Mediterranean Sea on one side, and the Judean Mountains on the other side. Let us explore this wonderous, ancient city together!

    Unique Sites of Israel: Hammath (Hot Springs) of Tiberias

    Many of the great Rabbis of the Talmud spent time healing at the hot spring of the area

    Unique Sites of Israel: Ayalon Valley

    Today, we are visiting the enchanting Ayalon Park Canada. This centrally located park (roughly between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) has it all!

    Unique Sites of Israel

    WOW: Ancient Inscription Explicitly Mentioning King David Discovered

    Unique Sites of Israel: Karmei Tzur (Biblical Beit Tzur)

    The stunning scenery in this area (with its enchanting vineyards and rolling hills as far as the eye can see) would on its own make this a worthwhile site to visit. However, as we will soon see, this town has so much more to offer.‘

    Unique Sites of Israel: Jerusalem’s Haas Promenade (the Tayelet)

    Take a promenade on the Haas Promenade for some of the very best views of the Old City and the Temple Mount

    Unique Sites of Israel: Gihon Springs (Hezekiah Tunnels)

    The “Hezekiah Tunnels”, where the Biblical “Gihon Spring” has flown through for 2600 years is where arguably the greatest miracle ever to take place occurred in the long history of the Jewish people.

    Unique Sites of Israel: Tomb of Samuel the Prophet (Biblical Mizpah)

    Next time in Israel, if you’re looking for something special and centrally located (conveniently close to Jerusalem accommodations) you should certainly consider a visit!

    Unique Sites of Israel: Part III: Jordan River

    This site is still a gem you need to visit at least once in your lifetime.

    Unique Sites of Israel: Mount Nebo

    On the last day of his life (his 120th birthday) Moses was told by G-d that he was about to die, and that he should ascend to the top of Mount Nebo


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