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    Saar Exempts Shmitta-keepers from Arnona

    The government is renewing a law exempting shmitta-observant farmers from arnona payments.

    Protest March of Soldiers Planned in Bet Shemesh

    There is going to be a march in Bet Shemesh, protesting that charedi soldiers are being harassed.

    Modern Orthodox Have No Business Voting for Moshe Abutbol for Mayor

    Abutbol's city government does everything it can to avoid helping schools that are not the mainstream Haredi.

    Fight Over Summer Camp and the Conflict bet. Haredim and Everyone Else

    They are arguing specifically about summer camps, but the arguments apply to all the differences between them.

    Family Trip: Tel Soche, Givat HaTurmusin, Lupine Hill

    This past Friday afternoon we took a short break from Shabbos preparation to do a short tiyu.

    Beit Shemesh Affecting Million Man Rally Schedule and Vice Versa

    Sure enough, the mayoral challenger's song was quick to draw criticism from his opponents and detractors.

    Proposed Law: No ‘Mehadrin’ Kosher Food to Imprisoned Get Refusers

    Lipman's proposal was crafted in coordination with Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau.

    Enlisting Got Him Arrested

    As soon as he stepped out of the country, he was officially AWOL.

    Pope Might Allow Investigation into Holocaust-Era Papal Behavior

    The Catholic Church was behind nearly two thousand years of antisemitism and murder of Jews.

    Quote of the Day

    Minister of the Interior Gideon Saar.

    100 Years to Tekhelet Research

    The conference was in part a commemoration of Rav Herzog.

    No Christmas Tree in the Knesset

    The Speaker of the House does not think the idea of installing a Christmas tree is appropriate.

    Locals Protest Haredi College Program in Netanya

    Netanya City Hall says that the new program will not be in a new, separate, building.

    Israeli Rabbinate Patrolling Stores’ Pre-Shabbat Closing

    The Rabbanut is going out on an initiative to prevent stores from staying open past the entry of Shabbos.

    Double Taxation on Empty Apartments in Israel

    Any apartment that sits empty for 9 months out of the year will be taxed double the normal rates.

    iPhone Owner Can’t Be Chazzan

    Someone with an iPhone sins regularly.

    New Extremist Hechsher Causing Family Fights

    I wonder in what way they were being "more machmir" when making grape juice...


    One last Thanksgivvukah video..

    New Bill Legalizing Downloading Music and Movies

    The halachic position of such downloads has been debatable until now.

    Banning the Rabbanut from Performing Weddings

    The proposal is to teach the Rabbanut a lesson in customer service and customer retention.


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