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    Mathematical Impossibilities May be What Trips up Democrat Plans

    Elementary logic says if there are coattails, there’s a coat. However, even as the down-ballot races went a bright, rosy red, we’re being asked to believe that those same voters didn’t want Trump. That defies credulity.

    A Female Role Model of Humanity in Israel

    Boko Haram enforces a patriarchal oriented society in which women are treated as “sexual slaves.”

    The Three Little Kosher Pigs

    Instead of building houses of bricks they have chosen to build a “big tent.”

    The Troubling Timing of Obama’s Syria Epiphany

    The Syrian crisis has deteriorated into a regional sectarian war, increasingly creeping over Syrian borders and into Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, and Jordan.

    Hezbollah’s Syrian Quagmire?

    "[Hezbollah] is no longer that party that defends the Umma [Islamic nation]; instead it plagues the Umma."

    Al Sharpton and MSNBC – Perfect for Each Other

    In the last two days, Sharpton has declared--despite all evidence to the contrary--that there is "no evidence at all" connecting Holder to scandals .

    Integrity in a Post-Christian America

    In 1943, integrity meant one's adherence to Judeo-Christian values; today, it means adherence to...something.


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