Abbas Returning to Good Boy Tactics in Anticipation of Biden Presidency

This is what the Palestinian Authority can expect from the Biden-Harris administration.

Polls Show: Arab and Islamic Orgs Played Crucial Role in Biden’s Victory

70% of Arab and Muslim voters supported Biden with the help of campaigns led by "Palestinian" activists and institutions.

If Looks Could Kill, AOC Would Blow Up Sen. Manchin’s Head

"AOC, girl, I have so much respect for you but you are really starting to [expletive] me off."

NY State Dem Chairman Jacobs Angry with AOC, Blames Progressive Agenda for Disappointing Vote

Jacobs blames the "defund the police" agenda, combined with violence and looting, for Democratic losses in purple districts.

SI Registered Sex‌ Offender Arrested for Threatening Schumer, Vowing to ‘Blow Up’ the FBI

According to prosecutors, Maiorana also used the pseudonym “Proud Patriot Sailor” to post violent messages on, where neo-Nazis go to meet and greet.

Dem Camp Disintegrating as Biden Centrists Exchange Fire with AOC Radicals

AOC "got elected in a district where a ham sandwich with a D carved on it would be elected."

Squad Enraged by Gov. Kasich’s Advice to Go Easy with the Radical Leftist Thing

Despite the sage advice from a Republican friend, the Democrats cannot at this moment rein in their leftwing crazies.

First ‘Second Gentleman’ Emhoff Demonstrates Rampant Normalcy of Jewish Intermarriage in US

"To be sure, we'll get over our initial annoyance with the fact that the VP is married to a Jewish man."

Supreme Court w. Justice Barrett Expected to Side with Foster Agency Refusing to Include...

"Religious organizations should be free to serve the public, regardless of their beliefs," the attorney for the plaintiffs told the court.

When Do We Find Out Who Won?

Believe it or not, we could have some idea of who won the 2020 Presidential elections as early as 10 PM Tuesday.

YouGov Survey: Americans Not Crazy about Israel, Dems Less than Republicans

Democrats like Mexico, France, Cuba, Kenya, and Jamaica more than Republicans; GOP voters like Israel, USA, Poland, Russia, and Ireland more than Democrats.

Amy Coney Barrett Sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

The left are calling for the expanding the Supreme Court, Biden would consider rotating judges to lower courts.

Trump Unequivocally Condemns White Supremacists (Again), as ADL Distributes Anti-Trump Petition

Back in 2016, Chris Wallace asked President Trump if he condemns white supremacist, and then like now, the president condemned them.

Former Minister in Rabin’s Government Shimon Shetreet to Run for President against Amir Peretz

Sheetrit's candidacy would conflict with Netanyahu's alleged plans to reward Minister Amir Peretz for jumping ship with his minuscule Labor party to the Likud coalition government.

Osama Bin Laden’s Niece Warns About Another 9/11, Says Only Trump Can Stop It

She believes the left in the US "has aligned itself completely with the people who share that ideology,” referring to her uncle's murderous beliefs.

Joe Biden’s Plan for Arab Americans Stresses 2-State Solution, Condemns BDS

Biden will not reverse the embassy move – it's there to stay. He will not mess with US military aid to Israel. But he just has to win Michigan in November.

Pompeo Endorses Trump from Jerusalem, Democrats Cite Hatch Act

The Supreme Court's three most liberal justices, Douglas, Brennan, and Marshall, objected to the Hatch Act.

Neo Nazi Richard Spencer Disavows Trump, Pledges Allegiance to Biden

There's no telling if all Spencer is going for is an embarrassment to Joe Biden, frustration at President Trump's failure so far to raise his poll numbers, or maybe the guy is just a crazy Nazi.

Kamala Harris: A Mainstream Democrat’s Traditional Friendship with Jews, Israel

“I stood in Yad Vashem, devastated by the silent testimonies of the 6 million Jews that were murdered in the Holocaust, and we must always remember that solemn promise. Never again.”

It’s Time to Admit It: Trump Supporters Are Braver

I've been a registered Democrat for many years, and I can tell you without hesitation: I would never put a Joe Biden sticker on a bear.

Bernie Sanders Endorses Ilhan Omar for Re-Election to Minnesota Seat

The move comes just one day after the congresswoman picked up an endorsement from U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Yitzhar Settlers’ New Mahaneh Israel Party Will Establish Torah-Based Judicial System

Out of the 120 candidates on the Mahaneh Israel party's slate for the next Knesset elections, about 90 are residents of Yitzhar.

Pressured from Left and Right, Jewish Representation in Congress on the Decline

US Representative from New York Nita Lowey, a Democrat who is 83, has announced her retirement last October.

Knesset Passes ‘Norwegian Law’ to Help Ministers-Rich Blue&White Party Add MKs

The new law is a double edged sward for Gantz, seeing as close to half of his original slate is currently in the opposition, under MK Yair Lapid's leadership.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Recapture Media’s Attention in Minnesota Race Riots

As is always the case when individuals such as Sharpton and Jackson are involved, the race riots across America will not calm down with their help.

Is Biden in Trouble? Ilhan Omar Says She Believes Tara Reade’s Sexual Allegations

Could be time to make that MAGA hat purchase in preparation for the January inauguration.

Convoy Headed to Jerusalem to Protest High Court’s Judicial Dictatorship

The demonstrators insisted that this was merely the latest action in a long history of undemocratic and biased political activism by the court.

J Street Endorses Joe Biden for President

JStreetPAC also intends to raise $5 million for some 175 congressional endorsees, who make up more than half of the House and Senate Democratic caucuses, in the 2020 cycle.


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