Mark your Calendars: Bibi to Speak to Congress on July 24 (Kramer’s Birthday)

Conclusion: Bibi should fly on July 23, and take a car. Also, isn’t it time to chuck Schumer?

Ahmadinejad Running to Replace Fallen President Raisi

He refused to call Israel by name, calling it the “Zionist regime” instead.

Trump Says Biden Uses Gestapo Tactics to Win the Presidency

“And it’s the only thing they have. And it’s the only way they’re going to win, in their opinion."

Smotrich Excited as Trump No Longer Supports 2-State for Now

History and vengeance are so fungible when you’re Donald J. trump.

Trump: Few Hostages Are Still Alive

Hamas could commit to releasing 40 hostages in total, all of whom may or may not be alive.

MK Gilad Kariv Makes a Big Racket and Carries a Tiny Stick

MK Gilad Kariv has degraded his public reputation from responsible politician to party hack.

Yaalon’s Bedouin Political Partner Gets 1 Year for Spying for Iran

Al-Qia'an’s communications with Haider continued until his detention.

RJC & AIPAC Collaborate to Defeat Indiana Anti-Israel Republican

“RJC has a long history of taking on the tough fights – including within our own party - and winning.”

Biden Buries Ban on Transgender Girls Competing Against Female Athletes until November 5

25 states have enacted bans preventing transgender students from participating in sports consistent with their gender identity as opposed to their biological identity.

Governor Newsom Stops Short of Inviting PA & Gaza Arabs to Come Over

The governor is not interested in the truth, or reality.

Senior Democratic Pollster Mark Mellman Says Biden Has Nothing to Fear from his Pro-Israel...

Mellman is very critical of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for his attacks on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

House Speaker Johnson Tells CNBC Netanyahu Will Address a Joint Session of Congress

President Biden may yet discover that bullying your best friends has its consequences.

Jewish Candidate Claudia Sheinbaum Leads Mexico’s Presidential Race by 19 Points

A devout leftist, Claudia Sheinbaum opposes free market capitalism and austerity policies.

Schumer’s Rabbi Rachel Demands Israelis Dump Netanyahu or Face the Consequences

This really is her view of her Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel: they are all dupes of Netanyahu.

Kaplan Force to Ministers: Declare New Elections or Else

The style of the threatening meme betrays an enormous sense of confidence, the kind usually associated with gangsters.

Even the Anti-Israel Leftist Jews Won’t Support Rep. Jamaal Bowman

AIPAC has already pledged its full support to Bowman's challenger George Latimer.

‘Settler Judge’ Sohlberg Bans Ben Gvir’s Images Handing Rifles to Standby Squads

“Every other elected official is allowed to publicize their and their office’s activity, but only I am required to remove posts on social networks," said Ben Gvir.

Anti-Islam Pro-Israel Freedom Party Wins Dutch Elections, Faces Difficulty Forging Coalition

Geert Wilders’ is yet another victory for the right in western Europe, complementing the rising right in eastern Europe and Germany.

White House Orchestrating ‘Biden Thinks Bibi’s Days Are Numbered’ Attack

To rob Israel of its 1967 gift from the Divine--the lands of our ancestors--the White House must get Netanyahu ousted.

Justice Elron Throws Hat in Ring for Supreme Court President Defying Traditional Seniority System

President Hayut was not amused, and announced Elron’s punishment on the same day he made his announcement.

Argentina’s Next President May Be a Right-Wing Libertarian and Jew Wannabe

Milei loves Jews and is a strong supporter of Israel. If elected, he plans to move his country's embassy to Jerusalem.

Jewish Levi Strauss Heir Challenging Mayor of San Francisco

After decades of capitalizing on its proximity to Silicon Valley, everything in San Francisco changed when the pandemic hit.

Son of Polish Jewish Refugee Mom Wants to Be Mayor of London

Korski, a law & order candidate, said 34 times a day there is burglary that the police don't shows up to.

Russia, Ukraine Prefer Netanyahu over Lapid – But Can He Love Them Both Equally?

Zelensky declared: "I don't want them to balance between Ukraine and Russia. This is a bloody war."

Religious Zionism Consultant: Why Is Bibi Snubbing Smotrich?

Bibi Netanyahu may be planning to push Bezalel Smotrich to the background, if he plans on including them at all.

Shameless: Israeli Media Lie Brazenly about Smotrich’s Shabbat Soccer Appeal

"Since the right’s election victory, elements in the media are trying to create a demon."

MK Rothman: We’re Fed Up with You, Hypocrites

Feel free to use Rothman's list every time you'll hear some leftist saying the new government is a threat to democracy...

Departing Diaspora Minister Shai: Labor Should Have Expressed More Right-Wing Attitudes

"Our society is moving to the right and we had to draw our conclusions."


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