Blue&White to Appeal Edelstein’s Resignation to the High Court

Edelstein's resignation thwarted the possibility of holding a vote for a new Speaker until Monday.

Massive Convoy Protests High Court’s Overreach

The protesters showed up in their cars to say the High Court had crossed a red line by unlawfully interfering in the Knesset's agenda and by ruling in direct contravention of the Basic Law of the Knesset.

Haaretz Radical Leftist Gideon Levy: Gantz Must Surrender and Join Netanyahu

"Surrender, withdrawal, and even breach of election promises are not necessarily the worst choices."

Netanyahu: Unity Government Terms Reached, Waiting for Gantz

Netanyahu described an offer that is far too generous, yet still being rejected by Blue&White.

Having Lost Arizona, Florida and Illinois, Sanders Reassessing Next Move

Reassess or not, this campaign is all Joe Biden, which may not turn out to be such a good thing for the Democrats

IfNotNow Endorsing ‘Zayde’ Sanders for President of the United States

I lovingly call him, ‘Zayde’ and other IfNotNow members call him 'Amo' or 'Amak.'

Key Ya’alon Supporter Denounces Blue&White’s Plan for Parliamentary Coup d’État

"A government that would depend on the ill will of the [Arab] List from the outside is even worse than having the Arab List as part of the coalition," Heitner argued.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Resigns After Comparing Sander’s Win to Nazi Invasion

Matthews admired the late President Shimon Peres, but despised PM Benjamin Netanyahu and lumped him together with “bad guys” like Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

UVA: Trump Will Lead Against Sanders with Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Deciding Election Outcome

For many center-right Democrats, the above observation would mean only one thing: stay home on election day.

7 IfNotNow Members Arrested Trying to Shut Down Biden’s Campaign in Philadelphia

By the way, from the pictures Becky sent me, it really doesn't look like there were 100 of them disrupting Biden. More like, I don't know, eighteen?

Zionist Left Campaign Lures Arab LGBT Voters

LGBT citizens generally have limited or highly restrictive rights in most parts of the Middle East, and are targets of violence in others.

Smotrich and Shaked Visit Bnei Brak for Cholent and Voters

Yamina made inroads deep into the heart of Aguda/Shas territory.

Gallup: Americans Would Vote for Jewish, Black, Catholic, Hispanic Candidates – But Not a...

Gallup's bottom line conclusion is: the self-declared socialist Sanders could count on 76% of Democratic voters, 45% of Independents and, oh boy, only 17% of republicans.

Cybersecurity Expert: Likud’s Leak of Israelis’ Personal Information Worst Violation of Privacy

“In some ways, this scandal more broadly exposes the weakness of modern-day information systems,” Prof. Weimann noted.

Warren: ‘I Will Reverse the Trump Administration’s New Policy on Settlements’

"If Israel’s government continues with steps to annex the West Bank, the U.S. should make clear that none of our aid should be used to support annexation," Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) told the New York Times in a recent survey of candidates' policy positions.

Netanyahu Outraged by Slashed Tires and Graffiti Calling on Jews to Stop Assimilating

One thing: when Arabs commit hate crimes their knives don't slash tires.

IfNotNow Heckler Says Trump Is ‘Killing American Jews’

"They can drag me out but I’ll never stop fighting for Jewish people."

Interior Ministry Preparing for New Council Elections following Annexation

The heads of councils in Judea and Samaria were elected democratically, but their power stems from the defense ministry.

Second Top Gantz Aide Compares Trump to Hitler; Says President is ‘Using’ Israel

On the heels of the revelation that another senior Gantz adviser called the U.S. president “Donald Adolf Trump,” tweets surface by Blue and White campaign strategist Joel Benenson, claiming that Trump takes his talking points from the Nazi leader.

Pro-Israel Democrats Go After Bernie Sanders

The new ad features six Iowa voters, and argues that Bernie Sanders would be unable to defeat Trump because of the senator’s heart attack last year and his leftist ideology.

Michael Bloomberg Only Democrat in Presidential Race with Pro-Israel Agenda

The Trump folks could wake up one morning to discover their lunch money missing.

Netanyahu and Gantz to Visit White House Next Week for the Deal of the...

Two major party leaders don’t “come to Washington just for a conversation,” which poses questions as to why an initiative would be released a month before the third round of Israeli elections, says Aaron David Miller, a former Mideast negotiator.

Liberman Insults Miri Regev: I Say Shavua Tov Only to Human Beings

Last October, Liberman called Regev "beheimah" (barnyard animal) in an interview with Maariv.

Bennett Establishes 7 Nature Preserves in Judea & Samaria

"As usual, we have come to carry out the strengthening of our Land of Israel! Not talk. Deeds."

Knesset Committee Removes Speaker Edelstein’s Power to Influence Netanyahu’s Immunity

"No democracy in the world has changed the rules of the electoral process during a vacation. "

J Street Co-Founder, Tlaib and Ilhan Defender, Picked as Bernie Sanders’ Jewish Liaison

So, expect more Bernie Sanders endorsements of "I'm not anti-Semitic, just anti-Zionist" politicians.

Uri Geller: Boris Johnson Used my Positive Energy Spoon to Beat Corbyn

While Uri Geller was being tested to become a CIA psychic weapon, Golda Meir, despite being armed with his energy spoon, failed to predict the most devastating war in Israel's history.

Likud Rethinking Campaign Strategy as Gantz Grows Stronger

Instead of going after Russians, Likud will focus on the Ethiopians, whom Netanyahu believes could bring in as many as two new Likud seats.

Jews Have Rights in Judea

The new promises of new construction for the Jews of Hebron offered by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.


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