Ilhan Omar Running Unopposed in Dem Primary as Trump Attacks Boost her Donations

Like the Brian Epstein of modern politics, Trump created “The Squad” – a group of four women elected in 2018 to the House of Representatives.

Analysis: Obama $38 Billion MOU Designed to Shackle Congress, Fight Not Over

Did Netanyahu sign the MOU in return for an Obama promise to leave him alone between Nov. 9 and January 17?

Bibi Says: ‘I am Going to Speak to Congress About the Bad Offer Made...

Bibi says US and partners already made very bad offer to Iran; he is going to DC to speak against it

The Age of Chavez May Be Over As Venezuelan Opposition Wins in Landslide

In the last 15 years more than half of the country’s Jews have left Venezuela, with the local community’s numbers dropping from about 25,000 Jews in 2000 to only 7,000 today.

Supreme Court w. Justice Barrett Expected to Side with Foster Agency Refusing to Include...

"Religious organizations should be free to serve the public, regardless of their beliefs," the attorney for the plaintiffs told the court.

Lapid Signs Controversial Maritime Deal with Lebanon – Enemy Country Insists on Separate Ceremonies

The Netanyahu government, should it take over in November, God willing, must hire an army of lawyers to get Israel out of this insult to its sovereignty.

Very Tight Race as Ballots Counted on US Election Day 2020

The numbers are still changing so ultimately, the jury's still out. Stay tuned.

Having Lost Arizona, Florida and Illinois, Sanders Reassessing Next Move

Reassess or not, this campaign is all Joe Biden, which may not turn out to be such a good thing for the Democrats

Jerry Nadler: Conditioning US Assistance to Israel is ‘Wrong’

“We have a $38 billion commitment over 10 years for military aid to Israel,” said Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), who is the chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. “The Israelis need it for defense.”

Quran Burning Lawyer Leads ‘Hard Line’ Party in Danish Elections

Denmark's justice minister, Søren Pape Poulsen, who leads the Conservative People’s party, argued against exclusing the new party from a future government coalition

Kachlon Offered Prime Minister Rotation Deal – By Buji Herzog

One wonders how many Prime Ministers Herzog envisions sitting in that one chair at the same time.

Transport Minister Will Run for Prime Minister When Netanyahu Leaves

Katz is a hardliner on peace and security: he supports continued settlement construction, extending full Israeli sovereignty to Judea and Samaria, and severing all relations with the Palestinian Authority.

Feiglin Forming New Party, But Not Running [video]

In the interview Feiglin describes his initial vision for the party...

Former Georgia Lawmaker Implies Israeli Linked to Nice, Munich Terror

Another public personality from Georgia, this one a former member of Congress, steps forward to fling public anti-Semitism at Israel.

Likud’s Succession War Breaking Out Even Before Netanyahu’s Decision to Depart

"Unfortunately, in recent days we have witnessed the well-oiled machine operated by anonymous elements around the clock, inventing fake news."

RJC to Spend $500,000 Attacking Anti-Israel House Challenger in Pennsylvania

On Monday, Democratic House candidate Wallace celebrated on Facebook his J Street endorsement.

Yariv Levin the Big Winner; Edelstein, Hanegbi, Face Voters’ Wrath in Likud Primaries

Also rejected was Ariel Sharon’s son, Gilad, another Gush Katif annihilator, who took the 48th spot.

Shaked: ‘Oy Gevalt!’ Don’t Fall for Netanyahu’s ‘Gevalt’ Campaign

Shaked called on the right not to fall for what she referred to as Netanyahu's "Gevalt!" campaign.

Poll Shows Likud Drops 4 Seats without Netanyahu, But Rightwing Bloc Rises to 60

This is an extremely volatile ballgame at this point, considering the stalemate of the past two elections.

Ehud Barak Preaches Satmar’s ‘Three Oaths’ Line Against Zionism

Does Ehud Barak understand that sticking by the Satmar agenda against his foes in the religious-Zionist parties is highly unusual?

Netanyahu’s Ally Yariv Levin Appointed as Temporary Knesset Speaker

Netanyahu now has until December 21 to finalize his coalition.

Seattle Jewish Business Mogul Dumps Trump, But Others Pick Up Slack

A prominent Republican Jewish real estate developer in Seattle backs away from supporting Donald Trump after locals turn up the heat.

Liberman Appoints Two of his Party ‘Rebels’ to Key Military Industrial Complex Roles

In January 2015 Shamir announced he was leaving the party and would not run in the 2015 elections because of to disagreements with Liberman over foreign policy.

Days Before the Elections Adelsons Give Trump $10 Million

Back in September, The Guardian reported the Adelsons were planning to donate as much as $25 million, later that figure was reduced to a mere $5 million, and now, apparently, they settled on $10 million.

Jonathan Pollard Endorses Ayelet Shaked: She Knows She Made Mistakes

Shaked’s Zionist Spirit has been failing consistently to cross the 3.25% minimum vote threshold.

Feiglin Won’t Reject Serving in Gantz’s Government, Doesn’t Think Netanyahu Is Corrupt

He said he would decide on his preference only after he compares and examines which coalition would better advance his platform.

Liberman Threatens to Quit Knesset if Denied Foreign Ministry

Liberman is adamantly insisting on receiving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but Netanyahu wants Liberman to step back and take something else.

Veering Further Left, Lapid Bans Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

“The status quo will not be broken,” he concluded resolutely.

3 Hours After their Meeting, Netanyahu, Ya’alon, Say They ‘Clarified Things’

If reprisal is indeed coming Ya'alon's way it will not happen today.

Gantz’s Mandate Ends Monday Night, What Will Israel’s President Do Next?

President Rivlin's options are to decide how much time pressure he should put on the coalition negotiations.


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