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Naftali Bennett Sees Trump Plan as ‘Clear and Immediate Danger’

"In the upcoming election, the question posed is 'right or Palestine'."

With Zoabi, Zahalka, Ousted, Most Anti-Zionist Arab Party Seeking Makeover

Balad's stated purpose is to opposes the idea of Israel as a Jewish state.

Latest Poll: Otzma Yehudit Crosses Threshold, Rightwing Bloc With 60 Seats

"Otzma Yehudit will ensure the rightwing's rule," Ben Gvir concluded.

Latest Poll: Likud, Blue & White Tied at 30, Netanyahu Better Fit to Lead,...

When asked who is more suited to serve as prime minister, 51% of respondents answered that Netanyahu is more appropriate than Ganz, who won only 36%. 13% did not know.

Sheldon Adelson Endorses Trump, Says He’s ‘Good for Israel’

“Yes, I’m a Republican, he’s a Republican. He’s our nominee."

Election ‘Cameras Law’ to Be Submitted for Knesset Vote Despite AG’s Objections

Police have launched investigations into only six out of hundreds of suspicious polls where there is clear evidence of cheating.

New York Incumbent Rep. Max Rose Concedes Loss to Republican

Republican New York State Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis got 57.9 percent of the vote; Rose, a Democrat, received 42.1 percent.

Ramallah Court Postpones Elections After Gaza Court Drops PLO Candidates from Ballots

A spokesman for the PLO said the decision to drop his movement's candidates from local lists was tantamount to a "massacre by the Hamas court."

Avis Israel CEO Representing Netanyahu In Coalition Talks

Who is Horowitz? He’s Netanyahu’s eyes and ears. He’s very close to him, literally his personal representative everywhere...

Labour Election Candidate Apologizes for Netanyahu Death Fantasy

Zarah Sultana, 26, Labour's candidate for the Coventry South seat in the UK House of Commons, on Monday night apologized for her online post...

Senior Hamas Official: Rocket Attack Orchestrated by Iran to Oust Netanyahu

"Firing the rocket was an attempt to influence the elections and the political agenda in Israel – and even bring about the removal of Netanyahu and the Likud from power.

David Duke: Jews Plagiarized Michelle Obama’s Speech, Shamed Melania Trump

Two sources actually confirmed it was a Jew who arranged the embarrassing ditty — Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, who commissioned a draft of Ms. Trump’s speech.

Smotrich to Usher Otzma’s Ben-Gvir into Knesset Using ‘Norwegian Law’

"I intend to insist on Netanyahu's parallel commitment to this. The High Court will not win this election."

Report: Rightwing Union Chair Peretz Offered No. 2 and 3 Spots to Shaked, Bennett,...

And so, another chapter rolls in the telenovela that began in 1992, on how the Israeli Zionist right unites itself into smaller and smaller splinter groups

Blue&White to Appeal Edelstein’s Resignation to the High Court

Edelstein's resignation thwarted the possibility of holding a vote for a new Speaker until Monday.

For First Time in Months, Likud Leads in the Polls Against Blue&White

Several polls published in the last 24 hours project that Likud is in the lead with 35 seats, and Blue and White is right behind with 34 seats.

Peretz Concedes to Shaked’s Leadership of Right Wing Parties

"We agreed that in deference to our national responsibility and concern for a right-wing government and the religious-Zionist [sector] Ayelet will lead the Union of Right Wing Parties.”

Russians Overwhelmingly Vote Putin Virtual Czar Until 2036

The turnout at the nationwide vote hit 57.43% by 12:00 midnight Moscow Time, suggesting about 42% of Russians didn't bother to show up.

Army Radio Poll: Netanyahu Down to 25, Bennett Up to 16

In terms of political affiliation, the Knesset factions would have experienced a serious tilt to the right were the elections held this week.

Exposed: Transcripts Show Obama Team Conspired with Abbas, Erekat, on Anti-Israel UN Vote [video]

Kerry advised Erekat the PA should ask for parameters to a forced permanent solution, after discussion with the Saudis, who a few years ago had advanced a two-state based Middle East peace resolution.

NY State Dem Chairman Jacobs Angry with AOC, Blames Progressive Agenda for Disappointing Vote

Jacobs blames the "defund the police" agenda, combined with violence and looting, for Democratic losses in purple districts.

Bennett Responds to Rafi Peretz: No One Needs to Convert Anyone

The practice is banned in many countries, and has been blamed for mental suffering, including suicide, on the part of patients.

Kasich’s Speech to AIPAC [video]

Kasich avoided stock promises at AIPAC but recognized neighborhood dangers and common values with Israel

Joe Biden’s Plan for Arab Americans Stresses 2-State Solution, Condemns BDS

Biden will not reverse the embassy move – it's there to stay. He will not mess with US military aid to Israel. But he just has to win Michigan in November.

Huckabee: ‘Land for Peace Has Not Worked for Israel’

GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says "land for peace has not worked for Israel."

Religious Right’s Victory Frustrates Netanyahu’s Government Building Efforts

The very party that received artificial respiration from the prime minister refuses to return the favor because he relies on an Islamic party.

Reports: Gantz Struck Pre-Election Deals with Liberman, Bennett

Should Gantz be able to revive the old Labor-Independent Liberals-NRP-Haredim centrist coalition of the 1960s in Israel, he could win big, relegating Likud back to the opposition benches.


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