New Poll Shows Bennett, Gabai, Gambled Well

Bennett, Shaked and Smotrich have won a dizzying victory – up from 8 to 15 in the wake of one brilliant exercise.

Weekend’s Election Poll Results

Labor's up, Bayit Yehudi is up, but the Left-Right division remains about the same.

Experts Claim Biden-Leaning Polls Are Faulty, Predict Big Trump Win

"President Trump is going to win the 2020 presidential election — and win big."

Bibi to AIPAC: ‘Rejecting Union with Right-Wing Parties Is Absurd’

As to the rights of US Jews to intervene in Israeli politics, I recommend landing in Ben Gurion International, picking up the blue ID card that's been waiting for them since 1948 – and voting their little heart silly.

Sunday Express, NYT: Hillary Clinton Diagnosed With Pneumonia [video]

Hillary Clinton's personal physician says the Democratic candidate is suffering from pneumonia -- and that's why she collapsed at the New York 9/11 event.

Trump and Sanders on Top in New Hampshire

Trump and Sanders best the establishment candidates in New Hampshire.

Labor Activists Collecting Signatures to Dump Chairman Gabai

1,350 convention delegates are required to hold open primaries for new chairperson and the Knesset list.

Gov. Walker Visits Kotel in Likely Pre-Election Campaign Photo-Op

His "listening tour" will include a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Maaleh Adumim, across from E1, near Jerusalem, December 2, 2012.

Netanyahu: Plan to Build 3,500 Housing Units in E-1 is Moving Forward

The construction plan, which will effectively connect Ma'aleh Adumim to Jerusalem, was frozen by Netanyahu for years following international criticism that it would harm a prospective Palestinian state.

Aryeh Deri – Shas Will Expel Jews From Their Homes [video]

As the infamous quote says, "We established what you are, now we're just haggling over the price."

Netanyahu’s Ultimatum to Gantz: Sovereignty Now or New Elections

Bibi has to be an idiot not to try to kill this government, and Mother Netanyahu did not raise idiots.

Coalition Talk Updates

Ministerial distributions are starting to firm up, but Bennett reportedly has a new demand.

Yishai’s Recommendations for Knesset

Yishai Fleisher gives us his short list for Knesset.

Latest Poll Cuts Gantz Down to Size, as Right-Wing Bloc Retakes Vote Lead

Like it or not, the fact is that a vast majority of Israeli Jews today are leaning to the right, and that whatever Gantz, Lapid et al have been trying in order to seduce them is just not working.

Israeli Lawmaker: Investigate PA Involvement in Israel’s Elections

The PA's Ramallah TV is running election campaign broadcasts to Israeli-Arabs.

Likud: Feiglin Getting Ministerial Post in Exchange for Quitting ‘Urban Legend’

"Why should he get anything? He has national responsibility and he knows he's burning up [rightwing] votes."

Ahead of Elections: Mandelblit to Indict Netanyahu on Bribery, Fraud, Breach of Trust

"It appears that the attorney general has yielded to pressure from the left and the media to indict Prime Minister Netanyahu at any cost – and before the elections."

Likud Bans MK Hazan from Run for Mayor of Tel Aviv

MK Hazan has already changed his home address from the city of Ariel in Samaria to Tel Aviv in order to qualify for the race, and was preparing to launch his campaign shortly.

Le Pen’s Father Charged for ‘Oven’ Pun

In 2015 the National Front party Le Pen had founded revoked his membership.

Israeli Democracy: Stormy? Yes. Apartheid? No.

An accusation of apartheid is more accurately applied to the denizens of the Muqata in Ramallah than anyone in the Knesset.

Former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz Debuts ‘Israel Resilience Party’

Gantz is expected to run as part of the opposition bloc against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party.

Shaked to Victorious Trump: Let’s Move that Embassy to Jerusalem!

Clinton, Bush and Obama all pledged on their campaign trails to move the embassy to the "eternal city."

Poll: 83% of Israelis Expect Trump to Be Pro-Israel

The poll and the next four years under the new president were the topic of conversation at the Knesset Caucus for Israel-US Relations Monday.

Ivanka Trump Calls Dad’s Conduct ‘Inappropriate and Offensive’

"Most of the people who write about him don't [know him]. I do. So that gives me an ability to shrug off the things that I read about him that are wrong."

With Her Party Reaping Extraordinary Poll Numbers, Ayelet Shaked Urges New Elections

"I think Bennett can lead the country and be an excellent prime minister, but we are not forming coalitions yet."

Survey: If Elections Were Held Today Likud Down 3 Seats, Coalition Down to 57

Naftali Bennett's Religious Zionist startup goes up from 8 to 11, likely those seats that were lured by Netanyahu in the last elections.

Gush Etzion Mayor Responds to Gantz’s Dodging of Jordan Valley Sovereignty

"The citizens of the State of Israel will count very well every hand that doesn’t go up and vote for sovereignty over the Jordan Valley."

Huge Victory for Bennett in Low Turnout Primary Day

Naftali Bennett retained and enhanced his control over the party with 80.03% of the vote.


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