Netanyahu Promises Surprise Campaign in Gaza

Earlier, a Hamas man was killed on the Gaza Strip border by IDF fire and the terrorist organization threatened retaliation.

Friday’s Poll Shows Likud Getting Weaker, Shaked at 3%

Should Ayelet Shaked manage to squeeze out 4 mandates, the right-wing bloc could grow to 62, if not higher.

Feiglin’s Haredi No. 2 Speaks Up: Not Crazy about Weed, LGBT

The state must keep Shabbat according to Halacha. But but there can be private initiatives of public transportation on Shabbat.

Dell Smitherman Visits The Jewish Press

Smitherman has witnessed firsthand both how damaging income inequality has been to the poor and how it negatively impacts families and communities.

Hillary Clinton Taken from 9/11 Ceremony for Medical Reasons [video]

Clinton "stumbled off the curb," her "knees buckled" and she lost a shoe, as she was being helped away from the ceremony.

MK Rothman: We’re Fed Up with You, Hypocrites

Feel free to use Rothman's list every time you'll hear some leftist saying the new government is a threat to democracy...

Elizabeth Warren Victory Spells Return to Obama Mid-East Policies, Especially with Gantz as PM

The Democratic party of 2019 is radically different from the same party only ten years ago, and eons away from the party in the 1970s and '80s.

Arabs Look to Create Earthquake in Jerusalem City Hall

Candidate Walid Abu Tiya wants to force Israel out of Judea and Samaria and establish a "Palestinian State".

Shas Proposes Direct Election for Prime Minister

“Netanyahu has been persuaded to support the initiative and hopes that together with Bennett he will have a majority” to pass the law in Knesset.

MK Eli Avidar Resigns Knesset Seat

Avidar urged his colleagues to unite behind Yesh Atid Prime Minister Yair Lapid, rather than join the new "National Camp" party with Gantz, Sa'ar and Eisenkot.

Ivanka Trump Open to Politics; The First Woman Jewish President?

Trump's Jewish daughter says she does not contemplate politics now, at age 34, but ask her when she is 50.

Trump Promises ‘Very, Very Specific’ Health Report Very, Very Soon

In December 2012, Clinton fainted and suffered a concussion, from a stomach virus and dehydration, resulting in a clot and double vision, during the Congressional hearings on the Benghazi attack.

Rightwing Bloc Parties Reject Gantz’s Separate Invites

New Right chairwoman Ayelet Shaked refused to meet with Gantz, saying she would conduct negotiations exclusively through the Likud team.

Rightwing Ministers Told Netanyahu: Settlements Freeze Would Mean New Elections

'We made it clear that any approval of a freeze, including outside the blocks, is a red line for us and we would not continue to sit in the government in such a case.'

Reports: Chances for Liberman-Netanyahu Coalition Minuscule

Ouch… "Predator jackal?" Has Israel Today turned into The People's Daily?

Analysis: Bernie and ‘Palestine’ — a Tale of Inconsistency and Confusion

Sanders, like many on the left, simply does not care for a fact-based discussion of the needless suffering of Arabs in both Gaza and the PA.

Report: Fearing Leaks, Netanyahu Downgraded Iran Intelligence Sharing with Biden Administration

Israeli officials complained that the Biden administration doesn't care about Israel's concerns about a nuclear Iran.

Scandal: Knesset Counsel Who Quashed Netanyahu’s Immunity Hopes Married to PM’s Prosecutor

The counsel's affair serves to reinforce the common view in Israel that the judicial system is a den of corrupt elite operators with scant regard to the rule of law.

Likud and Religious Zionists Reach Coalition Agreement

The Religious Zionists party will be responsible for civilian life in Judea and Samaria.

Netanyahu-Ganz Government Teetering on the Edge of the Abyss

"We will not cooperate with any initiative to bring early elections and we will do everything to prevent elections," Gafni, Litzman and Deri vowed.

RJC Postpones Las Vegas Conference with Trump Over COVID-19 Concerns

"We were looking forward to welcoming the President, senior members of the administration, governors, and member of Congress along with 1000s of RJC activists from around the country."

Liberman is Persona Non Grata, and Bennett Can Forget About Judicial Revolutions

Netanyahu is angry and he plans to get even, but whose fault is it really?

Sanders, Warren, Quick to Reject US Statement on Legality of Jewish Settlements

Pompeo enraged the Stalinist faction of the Democratic party, who immediately took to Twitter to set things right.

Latest Election Polls

Likud pulls ahead, and quite incredibly Shas is making a comeback, but forming a coalition still depends on the small parties.

Bee Growers: Liberman Hiking Pre-Rosh Hashanah Honey Imports in Already Saturated Market

"Don't allow the Ministers of Finance and Agriculture to turn the holiday from sweet to bitter."

Qatar Shopping in Italy for $6.2 Billion Worth of Naval Defense

A short while ago, Qatar agreed to a $5.1 billion purchase of seven naval vessels from Italy’s Fincantieri shipyard.

The Atlantic Wants Ayelet Shaked to Replace Bibi

Shaked is a ball of contradictions, which gives her power and makes her uniquely pan-Israeli.

Judicial Watch Wants to Question Hillary’s Muslim Aide on Emails

US born Huma Abedin lived with her family in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from age 2 to 18.


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