Popular Israeli Vocalist Shlomi Shabat Hospitalized

The vocalist, age 63, is known for his versatility; he sings in Hebrew, Turkish and Spanish and is known for his rock as well as for his Mizrahi music.

Gush Etzion Council Plenum to Debate Removal of Council Head

An email sent out to the Council members called for restraint in conducting the session over whether or not Pearl should be removed from office.

WhatsApp Crashes Worldwide

All three platforms -- WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram -- are owned by Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg.

Photo-Oops: Netanyahu’s 1,000,000th Vaccination Photo-Op was with Former Arab Convict

Part of Netanyahu's upcoming election campaign is addressing Arab on Arab violence and murder in Israel.

Following Complaint on Incitement, Police Launch Investigation Against Facebook Israel

The Israel Police has opened an official investigation into Facebook Israel and its CEO for aiding and abetting Fatah’s incitement to terror, following a complaint filed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) in May.

Age of Miracles: Palestinians Growing by Millions and No One Dies

That's a whole lot of Arabs, Virginia, but is it true? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Jewish UK Labour Peer Threatens to Quit If Corbyn Re-Elected

British Jews are outraged over the internal Labour Party inquiry results on racism and anti-Semitism among the ranks.

Top 10 Things You Must Do in Tel Aviv During Eurovision Week

Hundreds of local festivities are scheduled as part of the Eurovision celebrations.

Arab Gossip Website Lists Seinfeld as Half-Syrian among ‘International Celebrities with Arab Roots’

Abumuhor is the last person on earth who didn’t know that the late Steve Jobs was of Syrian descent.

Be First on Your Block to Watch Aviv Geffen & Avraham Fried Singing Together

To say that they belong in two extremely divergent universes would be an understatement, and yet Aviv Geffen and Avraham Fried released in a new duet of brotherly love.

Messianic ‘Blood Moon’ Rising on Passover Seder Night

The prophecy in Joel, like most prophecies, is surreal, beautiful, and open to many interpretations.

Israel Shocked by Video of Policeman Beating Up Jerusalem Arab

MK Ahmad Tibi (Joint Arab List) called on Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich, Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan, and Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri to immediately arrest and indict the offending officer.

Polls Vary on Israeli Public’s Support for Azaria Pardon

Knesset Committee Chairman MK David Bitan (Likud) posted an online petition calling on President Reuven Rivlin to pardon Azaria.

Israelis Demand Removing Bust of President Convicted of Rape

The President's residence has been receiving inquiries on the subject, but has yet to respond.

Jeremy Saltan Bennett’s New Chief Anglo

Jewish Home announced today the formation of the first full-time English Language Social Media Division of a Knesset party in Israeli political history. Naftali...

Peres Featured on Amazon’s First ‘Kindle Single Interview Series

Peres is arguably the world’s most interviewed president. At age 89, he works like a youngster and holds an official record for saying “peace.” Today, he is Amazon’s Kindle Single’s first interviewee.

WSJ: Israel Eliminated Fewer than 30% of Hamas Terrorists

On day 100 of the war, the IDF reported that 9,000 Hamas and Hezbollah fighters had been eliminated.

Head of Berlin Jewish Museum Resigns over Objection to Anti-BDS Law

Under Schäfer's direction, in 2017, the museum was criticized for an exhibition titled "Welcome to Jerusalem."

Palestinian Top Terror Music Video of the Week: A Satirical Commentary

The latest Hamas music video has hit the top of the charts and stirred the passions of the Palestinian soul. Satire.

15 AGs Warn NYT, AP, CNN, Reuters that Employing Hamas ‘Journalists’ Supports Terrorism

"Reporting credibly alleges that some of the individuals that your outlets hire have deep and troubling ties to Hamas—and may have participated in the October 7 attack."

Modern Orthodox Students Meet to ‘Slam’ in Poetry Combat

The students could have come from anywhere, but the content of many of the poems dealt with various aspects of their relationship to God and to Judaism.

Haifa U. Study Finds Winning Recipe for Fake News: 80% Truth, 20% Lies

"They look for information or sensational details that have some grounding in reality, and then add details that are sometimes true and sometimes not."

In Do-or-Die Interview Shaked Attacks Bennett, Grovels before Sara Netanyahu

Every living Israeli knows Sara Netanyahu loathes Ayelet Shaked and campaigned to keep her out of her husband’s government.

New Film Depicts Arab Queers as Bridge to Peace [video]

The film depicts an Arab society which has gone a long way towards tolerating its gay members. It also offers criticism and praise of Israeli society from the Arab point of view.

Ben Gvir Shuts Down Voice of Palestine Radio

On October 12, 2000, the Israeli Air Force bombed the station.

Richard Dreyfuss Playing Fellow New Yorker Bernie Madoff in ABC Mini-Series [video]

"I am the logical person to play the role, I am clearly a New Yorker, I've made a career out of playing college-educated, Upper West Side Jewish men."

Garry Shandling Dead from Heart Attack at 66

In 1977, following an auto accident in Beverly Hills that left him in critical condition with a crushed spleen, he was inspired to pursue a career in comedy.

Matt Lee Slams State Department at Briefing for Double Standard on Israel

"It was in fact the Obama administration that said, when it was in office, that it no longer recognized or no longer felt bound by the assurances that were given by both sides."

American PAC Calls for Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

An American PAC is calling for recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish State.


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