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Israel’s Treasury: Government Dropping Microsoft’s $28 Million Annual Contract

Microsoft wants to change the licensing model to rentals, revoking the government ministries' licenses for which the government has already paid hundreds of millions of shekels.

PepsiCo to Buy SodaStream for $3.2 Billion

SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum is expected to earn just under $20 million from the deal.

TEVA Shares Skyrocket After FDA Approves US Subsidiary’s Generic EpiPen

The generic EpiPen, an epinephrine auto-injector, is to be marketed in 0.3 mg and 0.15 mg strengths, according to the statement by the FDA.

FDA Approves Marketing for Israeli-Developed OCD Treatment

“Transcranial magnetic stimulation has shown its potential to help patients suffering from depression and headaches.”

Rising Home Prices ‘Not My Problem’ Says Finance Minister Kahlon

"I'm only in this position on a temporary basis, whereas Israel is here forever."

Energean says Karish and Tanin Gas Fields Contain 7.5 TCF

A new geological analysis has found that the fields contain 212 BCM or 7.5 TCF of natural gas.

Germany Investigates Website Selling Zyklon B Peanuts, Führer Wine

Other products include SS linen, busts of Hitler and of other top Nazis, and knockoffs of liquor brands.

Health Alert: Check Your Breakfast Cereals and Snack Bars

A former grounds keeper claims his terminal cancer was caused by Monsanto's weed killer, which contained glyphosate.

Israeli Ship Refused Safe Harbor in Tunisia

Boycott organizations threatened to block the port of the North-African country, forcing the Zim owned ship to turn around.

Israel Gets NIS 17.6 Trillion Valuation

TASE conducted an initial estimate of the valuation the State of Israel would achieve if it were floated on the exchange.

Turkey May Lose $1.5 Billion Sale to Pakistan Due to Trump’s Sanctions

The problem is related to the US-made parts for which Turkish Aerospace Industries would need US export licenses in order to carry out the deal.

Leptospirosis Scare: National Water Bottler Reports ‘Deviations’ in Golan Samples

Reports of an outbreak of Leptospirosis are receiving a growing support, as four students ages 14 and 15 were hospitalized on suspicion of contracting the disease on a trip to the Jordan River.

Report: Israel Advised Egypt is Best Option for Gas Exports to Europe

Israel was advised not to export natural gas through Turkey, which was labeled a "dangerous and volatile" player in the region.

Trump Suspends Sale of F-35s to Turkey

In July, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis wrote the Senate recommending that it not remove Turkey from the F-35 program in which it has participated since 1999.

Elbit Awarded $85 Million to Equip Israeli Navy Corvettes Protecting Natural Gas Rigs

These warships will be tasked with protecting Israel's Economic Exclusion Zone with Israel's offshore natural gas rigs.

Shari Arison Denies Knowledge of Bribes to Foreign Officials

Arison's is the latest in a series of investigations against seniors at Shikun U'Binui on suspicion of involvement in a worldwide corruption scandal.

‘Chabad Tomorrow’ Hits $50 Million in Pledged Legacy Donations

"You can also make a substantial Jewish legacy gift to Chabad through designating Chabad as the named beneficiary of your existing life insurance policy."

Court Orders Russian Company to Remove ‘Poor Jew’ Ice Cream Brand

"Two-layered ice cream (with the aroma of prunes and chocolate) – an interesting combination of taste, you do not often meet."

Having Beaten El Al in Battle over Tel Aviv–Delhi Line, Air India Faces Bankruptcy

In late July Air India was forced to ground two of its aircraft operating between Mumbai and Newark, after passengers complained of being bitten by bedbugs.
An IAF BOEING 707 fueling three F-15 aircraft in flight, facilitating long-range missions, such as those being planned against Iranian nuclear sites.

IAI Laments No Chance to Compete with Boeing on IAF Refueling Aircraft Tender

"The Ministry of Defense has not even begun a dialogue with us on our proposal. That is wrong, very wrong. We only ask for a fair chance to compete."

Boeing Blocks IAI Proposal to Compete for IAF Refueling Tanker Tender

Boeing is set to deliver the first of 200 of its own new refueling tankers to the Israel Air Force in two months' time.

Monday the President Renews Iran Sanctions

Hinting at the outcome many in the world desire, namely regime change in the Islamic Republic, the Secretary of State said, “This is just about Iranians’ dissatisfaction with their own government."

Egypt’s Dolphinus to Begin Gas Re-Exports from Israel in 2019

Egypt was the one who exported gas to Israel; this deal has raised some controversy among the Cairo's business people.

Israeli Finance Minister Demands Credit for S&P Upgrade

The cornerstone of irresponsible social and infrastructure spending S&P is still worried about comes from Minister Kahlon's bizarre plan to crush the real estate private investment market.

IAI Joins Croatian Firm to Create Robotic System Immune to Chemical, Biological, Radioactive Agents

IAI will provide advanced robotic capabilities, algorithms for autonomous movement, broadband communication systems, and command and control systems.


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