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Bibi: Unilaterally Separate from Your ‘Two State’ Negotiations

10 Sivan 5774 – June 8, 2014
The Arab terrorism isn't due to Jews living somewhere, it's because the Arab leadership, want to destroy Israel.

A Chain is as Strong as its Weakest Link

5 Sivan 5774 – June 3, 2014
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should be using this opportunity to totally close off all negotiations and tell the world the truth.

The Monster That Bibi Built

It was Netanyhu's acceptance that has facilitated the rapid progress the P.A.'s Fatah has made.

Housing Minister Ariel: Words Versus Facts on the Ground

28 Iyyar 5774 – May 28, 2014
There is a waiting list to get into many yishuvim, such as Shiloh, because of the severe housing shortage.

Send the Pope Packing!

27 Iyyar 5774 – May 26, 2014
The pope's "even-handedness" was an affront by equating the State of Israel with that band of Arab terrorists.

Treason? Could be, Couldn’t it?

25 Iyyar 5774 – May 25, 2014
Bibi has some cabinet-cleaning to do.

Don’t Celebrate Pope’s Visit to Israel

23 Iyyar 5774 – May 22, 2014
Davka that the pope's visit coincides with the forty-seventh anniversary of the 1967 Six Days War is terrible timing.

Carpetbagging Politicians

22 Iyyar 5774 – May 21, 2014
The most reliable way of knowing a place is to live there.

Brilliant Animation Explaining the Dangers of a Nuclear Iran

Naftali Bennett's staff put together a brilliant video clip explaining the dangers of a nuclear Iran.

In Israel, the Prime Minister is Just Another ‘Bereaved Brother’

6 Iyyar 5774 – May 5, 2014
The Prime Minister, like too many others, lives in the shadow of a brother whose life was cut short.

Countdown to Israeli Independence Day!

30 Nisan 5774 – April 30, 2014
In order to understand today's State of Israel we must remember the awful, disgraceful side, too.

One of the Things I Love About Israel

28 Nisan 5774 – April 27, 2014
In Israel, even the buses count the Omer.

Since Israel isn’t the Aggressor, Peace Isn’t Up to Us

23 Nisan 5774 – April 23, 2014
Peace, true peace, isn't up to us. We've offered it on gilded platters forever. Nothing we do will bring peace to our Land.

Passover Seder is Jewish Life, Charoset, Marror and All Four Sons

18 Nisan 5774 – April 17, 2014
The Seder: We starve (during the sometimes endless recitations and discussions) and we feast.

Modern King David Fighting the USA Campus Goliath

14 Nisan 5774 – April 13, 2014
Pro-Israel leaders on campus are as important as the troops in the IDF and professional hasbaraniks.

Begin’s Palestinian ‘Genie;’ It All Started With ‘Autonomy’

4 Nisan 5774 – April 3, 2014
Before Begin's policy of withdrawing from Land liberated in the 6 Day War, today's scenario was unthinkable.

Two Week Countdown to Passover; Chodesh Nissan Tov!

3 Nisan 5774 – April 2, 2014
Rosh Chodesh Nissan commemorates the very first mitzvah.

Nu, Why Did They Wait So Long to Balk at Release of Murderers?

28 Adar II 5774 – March 30, 2014
Today's supposedly Center-Right politicians are more like the Extreme Left of earlier, safer time

‘Sister?’ More of ‘My Adventures with Arabs’

26 Adar II 5774 – March 27, 2014
I said to the Arab woman, 'if the politicians would just leave us alone, we'd have peace.' She agreed.

Angelina Jolie is Braver Than Netanyahu and his Government

17 Adar II 5774 – March 18, 2014
Jolie decided she doesn't need her mammary glands and ovaries, we in Israel do not need the United States of America.

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