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Are The Arab Gulf States Really Ready for a Regional Alliance With Israel?

Though some insist Israel is isolated in the international community, it is becoming increasingly clear that Israel is in fact building new friendships and alliances-REGIONAL alliances in the Gulf

No, New York Times, Abbas Does Not Accept the Jewish State

Abbas' explicit rejections of a "Jewish State" are not relevant to the NY Times. It boggles the mind the Times feel it is okay to keep its readers in the dark about his repeated refection of Israel

Report: 1,000 Yazidis being used as ISIS human shields in Mosul

“The world has decided that if these Islamists will do the West’s dirty work of fighting ISIS, then we in the West are fine to let them enslave, rape and murder Yazidis"

Short-circuit: Trump Hacks the ‘Deep State’

The long and short of the "Trump/Russia-election" line of attack is that the Obama Democrats can’t run it without implicating every unsightly thing the Obama administration did to set it up.

Purim Drink and Diplomacy

Trump already has helped Israel regain a significant degree of defensive strength by rejecting ‘daylight’ as strategic policy, instead warmly embracing Netanyahu as an intimate ally. L'Chaim!

A Globalist’s Gambit

The ADL abandoned its mandate to “stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment for all” to promoting globalism, Leftism and an all-encompassing socialist government

Media Misfeasance Exposed in “Eyeless in Gaza” Documentary

"Eyeless in Gaza" shows the under-reported unprecedented efforts by Israel to minimize Gaza's civilian casualties and how Hamas works to maximize them.

The Most Important Article that You Didn’t Read about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Palestinian mindset veteran Israeli peace negotiator Michael Herzog described raises the question if ANY Israeli gov't could come to terms with the currently constituted Palestinians leadership

The Book You Must Read

How do you capture the essence of a larger-than-life person?

The Flawed Nature of US Security Guarantees

US security guarantees in exchange for Israel's withdrawal from the dominant sites in YESHA, would create a short-term false sense of security while dramatically eroding Israel's posture of deterrence

Take Names in the Propaganda War

The International Apartheid Week began its thirteenth annual hate-fest of lying propaganda this week. It’s aim is to circle the globe with calls on college campuses to end the Jewish State.

Amnesty International: Empty Slogans and Half Truths

Amnesty International refused to add the war on anti-Semitism to its agenda's vocabulary. It also refuses to use the word "terrorist" describing Palestinian attackers as "victims"

Misunderstanding the Causes of anti-Semitism

There is no single explanation for anti-Semitism. Sometimes it stems from religious or political reasons, sometimes economic or personal factors. Anti-Semitism has no single cause and no single cure.

Peace Process is Dead as a Doornail

Like a breath of fresh air, the official congressional delegation chaired by Cong. Ron DeSantis (R-Fl), came to Israel for 1 day to explore the feasibility of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem.

INTO THE FRAY: Trouble with Tunnels

The real problem, largely unaddressed by this week Comptroller’s report, is that cowered by the tyranny of political-correctness, Israel’s leaders, have abandoned pursuit of military imperatives.

Savta Senior’s Secret To Happiness

Pointers on how to lead a more happy, joyful and peaceful life from several wise women. A must read for lowering blood pressure and increasing smiles.

Introduction To The Zehut Platform

From the Zehut Party platform preamble: "We want a State of liberty, run in accordance with Jewish culture and morality, and striving for the vision embodied in them."

Move the Embassy? Yes!

The wisest course of action is for Trump to devise a strategic policy based on reality not myth; a strategy that puts America first, strengthens Israel, and works with all of our regional allies

Kiruv Was His Calling

Torah was central to the life of Perry Fish (Z"L). His influence on some 20000 Shabbos guests that came through the warm and loving home he built with his wife Debby is inestimable-and will be missed

Politics And Our Perception Of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is politically and theologically promiscuous, penetrating the nationalist right and the progressive left, creeping into churches and leading the thundering discourse of political Islam.

Netanyahu told Trump to Postpone Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem

Netanyahu requested Trump postpone moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.. Trump, however, very much wants to relocate the US Embassy and will probably do so within the next several months.

Threats and Vandalism Targeting Jews: Time for Leadership, Pres. Trump

That law enforcement hasn’t identified the perpetrators is a big “tell” here. It tells me this is a suspicious development, not legitimate evidence of a spontaneous wave of anti-Jewish crimes.

Anti-Progressivism is not Anti-Semitism: Shame on Those Who Smear Sebastian Gorka

In an era where Democrats embrace openly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel leaders and movements, the Jewish left has launched this witch hunt against individuals - like Trump, Bannon, and Gorka

Condemning Anti-Semitic Acts and the Vandalized Cemeteries

It is critical to determine who is responsible for these seemingly coordinated attacks and threats against Jewish cemeteries and sites.

Beth Medrash Govoha Is Entitled To Equitable Treatment

This, even though BMG otherwise qualified for the grant at least as much as other grantees that had no religious affiliation.

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