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Autumn, Elections And Birds

Most of the time we don’t even notice the magnificent canvas above our heads.

Fischer And Spassky: Two Infamous Jewish Anti-Semites

An incredible child protégé and a world chess champion, Boris Spassky (1937- ), best known for his “Match of the Century” loss in Reykjavík to Fischer, will always be inexorably tied to the latter.

All Smiles

Today's smiles are in the merit of my friend and I made a conscious effort to smile throughout the day.

From Lawrence To Har Nof, Rambam Sophomores Go Big For Terror Victims

“We had been in our first-period class for less than three minutes, and the website was already in-motion,” Rabbi Young told The Jewish Press.

‘For Zion’s Sake I Will Not Hold My Peace, And For Jerusalem’s Sake I...

The following statement is issued by the Presidium of the Rabbinical Alliance of America.

From Here To Eternity

Sixty years may have gone by since World War II, but nothing much has changed.

An Open Letter To An Older Single

Get the word out. Tell everyone you know that this Joe is ready to march down the aisle!

Li-Lac Chocolates: “Once You Taste Fresh Chocolate You’ll Never Go Back…”

Demetrious’ insistence on handmaking his chocolaty treasures with only the highest quality ingredients paid off in customer loyalty...

Victims Of Terror: A Family Caught In Terror

Keeping my hands on my head, I looked up to see four or five balls of fire exploding in the sky.

Helen Keller And The ‘Jewish’ Seeing-Eye Dog

Not as well known, however, is Keller’s involvement with Jewish and Israeli communities.

Bonjour, Goodbye: Is French Jewry Headed Toward Its Final Expulsion? (Part II)

There were many French Jews who jumped at the chance to shed their ancient identity and assimilate.

The Birth Of A New Force In U.S. Jewish Communal Life

As Rabbi Shemtov stood on the stage and looked out at the attendees, he told them that “Rather than take photos with your cellphones, take a mental photo and keep this Shabbat in your mind and take it with you throughout your life.”

Rabbi Moshe Twersky, Z”TL: An Angel Of Hashem [hy’d]

It is difficult to write about such a holy person, for I fear I will not accurately portray his greatness...

Bonjour, Goodbye: Is French Jewry Headed Toward Its Final Expulsion?

It was a land of opportunity, a place where someone who wasn’t afraid of a little hard work, or the challenges of adapting to a different climate and culture, could prosper.

A Taste Of Israel At Ronald McDonald House’s Kosher Kitchen

It seems ironic to use the words “Ronald McDonald” and “kosher” in the same sentence, but venture out to New Hyde Park and the two go hand in hand.

Lauder Honored For Regeneration Of Jewish Life In Poland

In 1989 he hosted a dinner for 157 young Jews with the late Rabbi Chaskel Besser and the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation in Poland was born.

George Bush, James Baker, And The Jews

Undoubtedly the greatest manifestation of his antipathy was his infamous declaration: “[Expletive] the Jews. They don’t vote for us anyway.”

Decision Time: Demystifying The School Selection Process

“You don’t just choose a school, you choose a community,” said Erik Kessler, director of admissions, communications and human resources at The Moriah School.

A Time For All Things

Sukkot is an eternal time of joy, and if we are worthy, of plenty.

The Song Of A Harp

Our harps have 22 strings. This gives musicians a wide musical range and yet stays within Biblical parameters.

Americare: Helping Holocaust Survivors Throughout Their Golden Years

“I knew it was a great idea, a win-win situation for everyone,” said Burstein.

Hannah Senesh’s Final Correspondence

In 1943, Jewish Agency officials recruited her to join a clandestine military project whose ultimate purpose was to offer aid to beleaguered European Jewry.

Amid Ukraine Civil War, Will Chassidim Make Pilgrimage To Rav Nachman’s Grave?

As optimistic as Menachem Rosenberg is – and he said he is going to Uman – he’s sure that this year, most of the travelers will not tour other religious sites or places in Ukraine.

For These We Cry: Rabi Elazar ben Shamua

His entire life was dedicated to Torah and he became a pivotal figure in the transmittal of the Oral Torah to the next generation.

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