Israel Health Ministry Issues Measles Alert

The exposure to the measles virus took place on the train starting from Ashkelon departing at 07:29 am and returning to Ashkelon at 4 pm.

Swine Flu Strikes Israeli Jewish Community in Uman

"We are managing here on a day-by-day basis, even with a number of very difficult cases, even a few fatalities, God forbid,... with first aid kits."

Israeli Humanitarian Aid Continues in Indonesia

IsraAid is working to restore access to safe water for some 1,400 people who saw 206 homes destroyed and 140 severely damaged by the disaster.

Breast Cancer Grows By Recruiting Cells From Bone Marrow

The study suggests that targeting these cells with new therapies could be an effective way of treating the disease.

Clowns Take Over Israeli Maternity Ward

The medical clowns Florina and Dr. Till came to spend a morning of laughter and conversation about pregnancy, the experience of childbirth, and post-natal emotions

HIV Carriers Allowed to Enlist in IDF

Another change: overweight recruits will be allowed to undergo stomach-shortening surgery, go on a six-month leave and then be reevaluated as potential combat recruits.

Israeli Medical-Marijuana Company Plans Nasdaq Listing

“We consider ourselves a pharma-grade cannabis leader and the major market for pharma players is Nasdaq,” said InterCure controlling shareholder Alex Rabinovitch.

NYC Health Dept. Issues Mandatory Exclusions for Non-Vaccinated Students

Unvaccinated children may not attend school -- regardless of whether anyone in the school has contracted the illness -- until they are vaccinated or until the outbreak is declared over.

Measles Outbreak Spreads to London, UK Jewish Communities

The outbreak is believed to have followed travelers returning from Israel after a visit for the Jewish holidays.

Israeli Epigenetic Map May Lead to New Therapeutic Solutions to Hearing Loss

Israeli researchers say understanding the expression of and controlling the genes involved in hearing are milestone discoveries.

French Medical Clowns Visit Tiberias Facility Using Clowning to Treat Sex Abuse Victims

Merkaz Tene is the first facility of its kind in the world to integrate the treatment of victims of sexual violence and medical clowning.

NBA Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo Visits Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan

Mutombo, who played 18 seasons for the NBA, spearheaded and helped fund the creation of the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital in 2007 – the first modern medical facility to be built in decades on the outskirts of his hometown, the Congolese capital of Kinshasa.  

40 Arab Doctors, Interns, Pharmacists Arrested over Forged Diplomas

Using these fraudulent documents to apply to the Israeli health ministry, the suspects received licenses to engage in the medical professions in Israel, police said.

Israeli Child Hospitalized with Brain Infection Due to Measles

More than 2,000 cases of measles have been reported this past year in Israel alone.

FDA Approves New Drug to Kill Solid Cancer Tumors

"What makes Vitrakvi unique is that it works regardless of where the cancer came from as long as it has the specific mutation.”

Israeli Cyber Researcher to Speak on Defense Against Medical Equipment Hacking

Hacking a system is the first step in determining vulnerabilities and creating solutions.

Training Program for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Opens at School of Dental Medicine

A pilot program launched by Tel Aviv University and AKIM helps students find jobs and change attitudes about people with special needs.

Israeli Scientists Show Tropical Fish Can Control Their Gut Microbes to Survive Extreme Temperatures

"Microbes and their hosts work together in a 'survival of the fittest' as part of the natural selection process."

Israeli Couple May Divorce Over Children’s Vaccinations

The wife, equipped with medical articles she had picked up on Google, vehemently refused to vaccinate.

Measles Outbreak Continues in US, Europe

The outbreak has also traveled across the Atlantic to eastern Europe as well.

Immunization Bill Imposes Economic Sanctions on ‘Anti-Vaxxers,’ Option to Ban Children from School

The death of an 18-month-old infant in Jerusalem earlier this month was the first recorded death from measles in Israel in 15 years.

Babies, Mothers Exposed to Measles at Maayanei Yeshua Hospital

It is unclear how the child's father managed to bring his six-year-old into the department against hospital rules.

Groundbreaking Research: Israeli Scientists Can Create Personalized Tissue Implants

"With our technology, we can engineer any tissue type, and after transplantation we can efficiently regenerate any diseased or injured organ."

Barzilai Hospital Moves Pediatrics to Bomb Shelter

The city of Ashkelon has come under heavy attack from Hamas, with at least two Israeli civilian deaths and numerous injuries reported.

Netanyahu in ‘Excellent Health’ Says Doctor

Deputy Minister Ze’ev Elkin served as temporary Prime Minister during the time Netanyahu was under sedation.


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