Photo Credit: Courtesy of IAF Spokesperson
The test F-35I at IAF Tel Nof Base.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed carrying out an airstrike in southern Lebanon on Monday which killed a key operative in Hezbollah’s rocket and missile program.

Killed in the airstrike was Muhammad Mustafa Ayoub, a key figure in the Rocket and Missile Department of Hezbollah’s Nasser Unit. He was struck in a vehicle in the southern Lebanese village of Selaa and was directly involved in Hezbollah’s escalating rocket fire in recent weeks.


The IDF added that fighter jets struck other Hezbollah targets in the southern Lebanese area of Meiss El Jabal.

Also on Monday, US envoy Amos Hochstein arrived in Jerusalem in a bid to lower Israeli-Hezbollah tensions. He met with President Isaac Herzog, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant among others. The President’s Office said Herzog and Hochstein discussed “the urgent need to restore security to the northern border and the residents to their homes.”

Around 60,000 Israelis living in northern communities were forced to evacuate in October when the Hezbollah terror organization began daily rocket and drone attacks. Leaders of the Iran-backed terror group have said they will continue the attacks to prevent Israelis from returning to their homes. Since October 7, the Hezbollah attacks have killed 10 civilians and 15 soldiers.

Israeli officials have been calling for Hezbollah to be disarmed and removed from Southern Lebanon in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

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