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An Israeli raid targeted a building in a populated area in the Tyre district in Lebanon, June 14, 2024.

Israel launched a rocket from the Mediterranean overnight Thursday, targeting a three-story building in southern Lebanon. Lebanon’s National News Agency reported that a woman was killed and at least 7 people were injured in the Israeli raid on a building in the town of Janata, in the Tyre region, 21 kilometers from the Israeli border.


Local media said that searches for victims or survivors are still underway under the rubble. Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath TV reported that the building was rented by Hezbollah. According to Al Manar, the attack was an assassination attempt against a senior Hezbollah commander who was injured but managed to escape alive.

The attack followed the IDF killing of Talib Sami Abdullah, another senior Hezbollah official in Lebanon. He was killed as a result of an Israeli airstrike in the town of Joya in the Tyre district. The attack was aimed at a “summit meeting” of the terrorist organization’s senior officials which took place in a private residence. In addition to Sami Abdullah, three other senior members of Hezbollah who were with him were killed.

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