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What Else Did Trump Have to Say about Bibi?

Trump exposed what Netanyahu really wanted for the future of the Land of Israel.

Report: US Urging Saudis to Normalize Relations with Israel, Join Abrahamic Agreements

Jared Kushner met with Jake Sullivan in January and encouraged him to push Saudi Arabia to join the Abraham Accords.

Biden Claims He Visited Pittsburgh Synagogue after the Shooting, Synagogue Director Insists He Never...

The Republican Jewish Coalition suggested Biden “flat out lied about visiting” the Tree of Life synagogue.

Biden May be Ready to Sacrifice Abraham Accords for Iranian Deal

The new president also made sure to staff his foreign policy ranks with old Obama hands, including John Kerry who has come to represent American anti-Israel attitude even more so than President Obama.

Biden Abandons Middle East Peace

Lip service aside, the administration’s moves make clear that for Biden and his advisers, Arab-Israel peace is an impediment to their ideologically motivated efforts to empower the PLO and Iran.

Schumer Will Pause Trump’s Trial for Shabbat

Schoen could stay at the Trump International hotel which is a 24-minute walk from the senate building, according to Google Maps.

So Long, Ambassador David Friedman, and Thanks for All the Fish*

"...over the years I have met many ambassadors from many countries, including from the US, our great ally, but I can say that there was never a better ambassador than David Friedman..."

‘We Were the Most Pro-Israel, Pro-Arab/Muslim Administration I Can Think Of’

Senior Trump adviser Jared Kushner and U.S. special envoy Avi Berkowitz talk Abraham Accords, Israeli-Palestinian peace and Iran in a special interview from Morocco.

US-Israeli Delegation Makes History in Morocco, Signs Diplomatic and Economic Deals

Morocco is home to one of the Diaspora's oldest Jewish communities, Jews first settled in Morocco when it was part of the Roman Empire. The country later became a haven for Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition.

Amid Warnings of Mid-East Peace Deals Collapsing, Trump Official Promises More States Are Joining

On Tuesday, representatives of Israel and the United States are paying an official visit to Morocco, during which agreements will be signed for cooperation between Jerusalem and Rabat.

At Tree-Planting Ceremony, Kushner Says Jerusalem ‘Core of Solution’ to Mideast Peace

“The peace agreements that we have made are planted seeds that will sustain life and bear fruit if tended to correctly,” said the senior advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump.

El Al to Operate First Direct Israeli-Morocco El Al Flight on Dec. 22

A joint U.S.-Israel delegation led by senior Trump adviser Jared Kushner and Israeli National Security Advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat will be aboard.

Israeli Government Approves Transfer of Collected Tax Money to Palestinian Authority

Last July, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud announced that the Palestinian Authority would stop working under the agreements with Israel.

Calling BDS Groups ‘Cancer’ Pompeo Says Trump Will Cut their Support

“We want to stand with all other nations that recognize the BDS movement for the cancer that it is.”

Abbas Returning to Good Boy Tactics in Anticipation of Biden Presidency

This is what the Palestinian Authority can expect from the Biden-Harris administration.

Fake News? Jared Kushner Asked Father-in-Law Trump to Concede the Election

President Trump declared: "I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands."

Trump Senior Adviser Avi Berkowitz: Annexation Not Off the Table

During law school, Berkowitz taught an undergraduate class called “Road to the White House,” years before he would campaign for Donald Trump.

Watch: Ben Shapiro Interviews Jared Kushner

Jared talks to Ben about the accomplishments of the Trump presidency, and makes the case for four more years.

Ramallah PM: US, Israel, Rich Arab States Caused our Financial Crisis

Before the Corona, the PA predicted its GDP for 2020 would be $16.1 billion (compared to Israel's $340 billion). This figure has been downgraded to $13.6 billion.

Man of the Year 5780: Jared Corey Kushner

This year’s choice came as a surprise to us as much as to anyone else, since the winner was not even in the running until a few short weeks ago – or was he?

In Lengthy Press Teleconference Kushner Steadfast on F-35 Sale to UAE, Palestinian State

Arming an Arab country with weapons that are equal to the IDF's and claiming Israel has embraced the idea of a Palestinian state, might constitute the greatest threat to Israel's security since Jimmy Carter.

Kushner Believes Netanyahu, Trump, Will Reach Agreement on F-35 Sale to UAE

The IDF's unwavering superiority doctrine of the past 72 years could be talked away from Netanyahu – according to Kushner.

Joe Biden’s Plan for Arab Americans Stresses 2-State Solution, Condemns BDS

Biden will not reverse the embassy move – it's there to stay. He will not mess with US military aid to Israel. But he just has to win Michigan in November.

Pompeo, Netanyahu Obliterate Kushner’s Part in UAE Peace Deal

Netanyahu's main purpose in Monday's press appearance was to eliminate any doubt regarding the preservation of the IDF's technological superiority.

Ignoring Netanyahu’s Protests, White House Craves Advanced Weapons Sale to Emirates

The sale would contradict a deeply embedded doctrine regarding Israeli security, namely that the IDF must be technologically superior to all the other countries in the Middle East (the “qualitative military edge” doctrine).

Kushner: US Won’t Approve Israeli Sovereignty ‘For Some Time’

According to the White House, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also agreed to the borders of a Palestinian state.

Kushner, Bin Zayed: Israeli Relations with UAE Depend on Palestinian State

In short, Thursday night's announcement has the potential of making pro-settlements Jews miss the Oslo accords, which at least awarded Israel complete control over Area C.

Samaria Council Head Invites Trump’s Envoy on Reality Tour

"Any time you want, we will be happy to host you and get introduce you to the places and people the whole world is talking about."

Bibi Urgently Denies Bolton’s Assertion about Kushner’s Inadequacy

In February 2018, the Washington Post reported that US intelligence services claimed that officials in the UAE, Israel, Mexico and China had discussed ways to manipulate Kushner.


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