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Shiloh Musings: Priority Must be to “Let West Bank JEWS Live as Normal Lives...

The failed "land for peace" policy is the cause of the Arab terror we suffer from to this very day.

Shiloh Musings: Stop Trying to Placate The Arab Terrorists aka “Palestinians” sic

There's absolutely no negotiating "peace" with Palestinians; PEACE is antithesis of what they want

Shiloh Musings: Words, Words, Words, aka LIES!‏

Politicians are just actors saying lines they think will bring more votes or better poll standings

Shiloh Musings: Syrian Refugees, Not Emma Lazarus’s “Tired and Poor”‏

In Israel we feel much safer than those abroad and have safety concerns when traveling overseas

Shiloh Musings: Israel’s One-Sided Love Affair with the World‏

French media has been ignoring various solidarity acts in Israel when reporting on world's reaction

Shiloh Musings: Soldiers all Over and More‏

The presence of so many soldiers is just a deterrence. Terrorists, like muggers, choose "easy marks"

Not All Terror Victims are Equal‏

While Israel copes with many terror attacks but in no case has the world shown much sympathy.

Shiloh Musings: Temple Mount, Essence of Jewish Rights

One does not need to be a PHD in World History to know that Judaism predates both Christianity and Islam and that Islam is...

What a Terrible Start to The Week and Jewish Month‏

No doubt that many Europeans are terrified of all the Arab refugees/streaming flooding into Europe

Intifada-Dirty Schmatta-It’s War!

A third intifada? No-It's just more episodes of the same war Arabs have been waging for a century.

Israel Must Stop Underestimating the Arab Enemy!‏

The Nation of Israel dangerously underestimates the terrorist enemy known as "Palestinians" (sic)

Ran Baratz Lesson: Facebook Never Forgets

Media expert Ran Baratz is learning the BASIC lesson of pr: Facebook and the Internet never forget.

Executing Arab Terrorists on The Spot: Good or Bad?

What I'm saying is that there is nothing wrong in shooting a terrorist to kill him.

Israel Must Stop Underestimating the Arab Enemy!

The Arabs tell the truth when they say that they are out to destroy the State of Israel!

Rabin Conspiracy Theories, Realistic?

The assassination has been used to condemn Israel's pro-Jewish Life in-all-the-Land-of-Israel Right

Has the “Wave of Terror” Waned?

There's a limit to how long Israelis will stay home, we're already back in the streets even at night

Arab Terror and Its Supporters Are Equally Guilty!‏

Zionism brought not only Jewish People returning to Biblical Holyland, Arabs came for $ opportunity

Bibi Capitulates Yet Again!‏

Why should we keep The Temple Mount safe for a bunch of vicious anti-Jewish/Israeli terrorists?

American Jewish Organizations as Zionists– New to Me!‏

In the 1960's NCSY promoted Torah observance, Shabbat, kashrut etc but not aliyah, moving to Israel.

Making Plans with Fear in the Air

Whatever government "branders" decide to call Arabs daily killing innocent Jews it's a war of terror

Arabs are Guilty, NOT Israel!

How long will it take for Israelis to understand that we are NOT the cause of the Arab terrorism?

Too Many Terror Victims-Need Scorecard‏

Arabs who attack/promote/sympathize with attacking Jews (especially MKs) must be prosecuted fully!

Bernie Sanders and the Jewish Issue

"91% of US voters say they're willing to vote for a Jew. Other statistics are less encouraging"

World Ignores Terror Murder of Henkin Couple‏

I was hoping for condemnations of the murdering terrorists...and was met with deafening silence

5775 Had a Bloody Terrorized Start and 5776?‏

Only when the people of the world reject & condemn Arab terrorism will the terrorism begin to cease

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