How well do you know the Land of Israel?

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Azerbaijan Security Chief Killed in Attack on Embassy in Iran

In the video you can see one of the guards attacking and struggling with the gunman.

Bipartisan Congress Members Urge the UN to Sack Antisemite Francesca Albanese

Albanese has asserted that the “Jewish lobby” controlled the U.S. and has likened Israelis to Nazis.

Report: Holocaust Education Expanding in Africa, Arab Countries, and Where It Really Counts – Eastern Europe

The Report includes an extensive discussion about Cyprus, presenting it as a model to be emulated.

Ukraine: Russian Army Using Mobile Crematoriums to Hide Losses

"Cremations take place without any identification and accounting of the bodies of the deceased occupiers."

Rich Hi-Tech Leftist Trying to Start a Run on the Economy to Avenge Justice Reform

It's not clear how such a move, which will burden the company with more expenses in an era of cutbacks and economic crisis, will be viewed by the board of directors.

IDF and US Conclude Largest Joint Military Exercise Ever

The exercise included a large-scale live fire event with over 140 aircraft including B52s, F35s, F15s, F16s, FA-18s, AC-130, AH64s, 12 naval vessels, High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems.

Watch: IDF Blows Up Underground Hamas Rocket Factory

The terror factory was located just dozens of meters away from residential buildings and a hotel.

Iron Dome Shoots Down Rockets from Gaza

Multiple rockets were launched from Gaza, just before midnight on Thursday.

New Israel Fund Accused of Tax Scheme—Report

The NIF is incorporated as a foreign company in Israel and therefore its Israeli donors aren’t entitled to tax benefits.

Anti-Israel Protest Intended to Burn Torah Scroll Canceled in Stockholm

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Embassy in Sweden acted immediately and decisively to prevent the shocking and humiliating event from taking place."

‘Book of Names of Holocaust Victims’ Opens at United Nations Marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day

"We must remember these individuals not as faceless and nameless victims, as the Nazis viewed them, but as individuals with unique life stories."

Bring Out The Telescope

He could easily have found a hundred rationalizations for marrying this girl. The fact that she was wealthy and he was struggling didn't make the decision any easier for him, and let's not forget that she was willing to keep Shabbos.

Jews Must Fight For a Moral Country

When immorality is ensconced in law, a line is crossed.

Assaults on US Democracy, Election Integrity and the Constitution

As illegal migration, runaway inflation and the national debt all soar to unimaginable heights, no one seems to know who is actually running the country. Could a national digital currency be the government's newest Big Brother surveillance program?

The Return Of Aryeh Deri

Once the decision came down, the attorney general and the heads of the opposition insisted that Deri immediately resign or that PM Netanyahu fire him. Deri's response? I will not resign.

Democracy is a Threat to Democracy

The real enemies of democracy are the ones trying to save it

Broken Hearts, Not Broken Spirits – Interview with Chemi Goldin, Brother of Hadar...

Eight years later, Hamas still holds on to the bodies if Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, Hy”d.
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David Friedman, the Fight for Campus, & Remembering the Saintly “Baba Sali”

Yishai is on the road again! He speaks with former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman about the state of the Abraham Accords, and with Rabbi Schneur Oirechman of Chabad Tallahassee who is fighting assimilation, and with Florida State University student David Glasser who is dealing with antisemitism, and with Joel Griffith who celebrated Israel's new coalition with Young Jewish Conservatives at a swanky hotel rooftop in Miami.

Holy Food – Can Food Make You More Godly? – News From The Torah [audio]

As we start the Hebrew month of Shvat, join me for a discussion of how food can make you more spiritual and refined.

The “We” Legacy – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

How much influence do we have on young people? The imparting of our personal histories and celebrating both the foibles and accomplishments of those who came before us imparts feelings of connection, continuity and pride.

The Spiritual Child

Jews became famous throughout the ages for putting education first. Where others built castles and palaces, Jews built schools and houses of study.

The Quality Of Life

Axel Pflueger then turned to the head of the committee, acknowledged to be one of the most celebrated medical ethicists in the world, and inquired, What precisely are the criteria to determine one’s quality of life?

Open Letter Regarding Yeshiva Week(s) (Updated)

In truth, a more apt name would be “No Yeshiva Week,” as schools and yeshivas close while many students and their families go on pilgrimage to exotic locations,

Spirits In A Material World

The well-being of the soul is something inward and spiritual, but the well-being of the body requires a strong society and economy, where there is the rule of law, division of labor, and the promotion of trade.

Turning Curses Into Blessings

Where did it come from, this Jewish ability to turn weakness into strength, adversity into advantage, darkness into light?

Are You A Maccabi?

To be a Maccabi today means that you stand with pride for your people and your land. You live inspired. You refuse to allow the world to crush your spirit.

There’s Blood on Your Doorpost

Does Hashem need to "look" in order to know if there is blood on the doorpost?

Parshat Bo: The Bread of Freedom

The more we define ourselves as the actors rather than as the characters we play, the more our characters can actually succeed at fulfilling their unique roles in the story HaShem placed us in.


When we look around at the trees and flowers in our land, we should not take what we see for granted. Shevat is not only a month of blossoming and renewed growth, but the realization of a dream that persisted throughout the generations.

Essence Of Chametz

On a chemical level, chametz is a conundrum. The existence of fermentation is not sufficient to define chametz.

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