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    Trends in Anti-Muslim and Anti-Semitic Attacks Post-9/11

    In 2019, an average American Jew was roughly three times more likely to suffer a hate crime than an average Muslim

    Two States for Me, None For You

    The root of the Israel-Arab problem hasn't changed in 68 years: Arab refusal to recognize the Jewish right to national self-determination in our ancestral homeland.

    The Making of a Gadol 2.0

    A Gadol B'Yisroel must be publicly accepted as a rabbinic leader, someone the Torah world turns to with confidence knowing he is God fearing and his views on Halacha and Hashkafa are authoritative

    Too Much Disturbing News About ISIS and Arab Terror Threats‏

    Countries like Turkey, Europe and even the US have proven fertile ground for recruiting terrorists

    Nishbar Li–I’ve had Enough, I Won’t Take it Anymore.

    Uniformed soldiers were nearby, but they aimed and fired at the pregnant woman. Do I need to add anything? This is who (or what) the Palestinian Arabs are

    Banning the Rabbanut from Performing Weddings

    The proposal is to teach the Rabbanut a lesson in customer service and customer retention.

    Recognition of Acquiring Disputed Land in a Defensive War

    The world should stop mis-characterizing the disputed land as “Palestinian territory”

    My Solution for Gaza

    While I am no fan of the two-state solution, I think I have a solution for the Gaza strip. Let me make it perfectly...

    Remembering Amalek

    Perhaps decades ago we could have simply wiped out the PLO and reached some kind of understanding with traditional leaders among the Palestinian Arabs. Perhaps not. But today the “Palestinians” have taken on the mantle of Amalek. They must be defeated and disarmed, and those who see themselves as our enemies must be permanently expelled from the land of Israel.

    Should Israel Strive to Thrive or to Please the Americans?‏

    The best locations for more housing is Yesha and Jerusalem because of convenience and low land cost

    The Manufactured Outrage over “Annexation”

    To say you support Israel’s security and right to exist yet reiterate as a mantra “two-state solution” is self-contradictory.

    A Tear for a Star

    My little birds have left the nest

    Yom Yerushalayim Question: The Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Muslims Said Jerusalem Is Jewish, So...

    To the ancient Muslim, Greek, and Roman pagan authors, Jerusalem was a Jewish city. Their text indicates the unanimous agreement that Jerusalem was Jewish by virtue of the fact that its inhabitants were Jews, it was founded by Jews, and the Temple located in Jerusalem was the center of the Jewish religion.

    New Elections in Israel will Gain Little

    The shelf life of parliamentary government is about 2 years, hardly enough time to get anything done

    Don’t Be the Battlefield for Somebody’s Proxy War

    Israel’s next war, which may be fought on several fronts simultaneously, has the potential to hurt many more civilians than any of her previous wars, both in Israel and among her immediate antagonists,

    Keith Ellison: The Latest Step In the Democratic Party’s Abandonment of Israel & Its...

    Ellison convinced 53 other Democratic members of congress to sign the infamous “Gaza 54” which falsely accused Israel of humiliating and wreaking “collective punishment” on Gaza

    New Study: American American Jews Disappearing

    Is there a future for non-Orthodox American Jewry? The study found besides Orthodoxy, fewer Jews are getting married, those marrying are marrying later and having fewer children and intermarriage rates are increasing.

    Will We Have a Wintery Rosh Chodesh Kislev?

    I decided that it's best to start the week off with our group prayers at one of the holiest sites in the HolyLand, Shiloh.

    Finish the Job

    His question is actually one that many people have been asking lately. Why not simply finish the job with these terrorists?

    Goodbye World, I’m Off to the Mountains!

    Rabbi Kook’s advice is to set out correcting the transgressions of the past which are within the person’s reach to correct. This will set into motion a snowball of t’shuva whose inner force will lead him to correct matters more and more difficult, until he succeeds in redressing all wrongs.

    A Soldier’s Mother: A Piece of Home in a Distant Land‏

    For 5 whole minutes today in Europe I spoke Hebrew; light shone into my world-home in a distant land

    Aliyah and the Gifted Child

    "Everything we have done and learned regarding the gifted students has also come from speaking to more experienced Olim, not through the system."

    Hate and Poison Wrapped in Cotton Candy

    This is why the moderates don't matter. They lose. Whether in London or Gaza it is the extremists with their hate, threats of violence and ostracism that rule the streets. Events like PalExpo is designed to create more of them. This is the truth of the PalExpo.

    The Beauty (and the Beast) of Chasidus

    Even the subject of sexual relations is discussed quite candidly and in my opinion quite beautifully.

    “Ethnic Cleansing” in Israel and the Israeli Territories

    The US and UN have no time or interest for Israelis stating simple truths about ethnic cleansing. If you want the world's applause, you'd best be served by denying facts as the Palestinian Arabs do.


    Why is the world obsessed with what isn't there and, even if it were, would do no harm.

    When the Wall Falls

    The ancient synagogue in Meron is located on a hill above the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Like other Galilean synagogues from the Byzantine era, its entrance faces south, towards Jerusalem. But what makes this synagogue special is a story from its later history.


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