A Successful Operation – Lessons Learned

Lessons learned from Operation Shield and Arrow.

Israel at 75 – The Future is Bright

Huh! Not worried about the protests? Not worried about the hatred in the eyes of the left? Not worried about the lack of unity among the people?

Ari Fuld on Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut – 5777 (2018)

Last night, I was asked to sound another alarm as we held a special Teffilah (prayer) for the opening of Yom Haatzmaut (Israel Independence Day celebrations).

Rabbis Efrem Goldberg and Shay Shachter on the Israel-Diaspora Connection

The rabbis discussed how to strengthen the connection to Israel for Jews still in Galut.

Ari Fuld on Yom HaShoah

Ari Fuld's broadcast for Yom Hashoah - May 5, 2016.

Arabs Riot Overnight in Al-Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount

After 13 relatively calm days during Ramadan, except for a shooting incident on Saturday, Islamic officials in the West Bank (Juda & Samaria) and...

Two Sides Won, and the Anarchists Lost

Yesterday, a small group of anarchists and power-elites held the entire country hostage, shutting down the country as the economy and security of the nation hung in the balance.

The Community Organizers Miscalculate

Until now the protesters drowned out any other voices, but the Haredim of Bnei Brak got them to start talking.

Stories of a Madman

Rav Nachman of Breslov has some stories that can get us through the anarchy crisis.

Lies My Community Organizer Told Me: Protesting Yourself Out of a Job (Part 2)

The wife of On ben-Pelet saved him from Korach's revolt where he had nothing to gain and everything to lose.

How it Happened: A Response to Rabbi Moshe Hauer

The town of Hawara got what they deserved and the next time a brick is thrown, the response will be even more severe.

Lies My Community Organizer Told Me: Unicorn Utopias (Part 1)

What if the hi-tech companies leading the battle against judicial reform had darker motiviations behind their actions?

Retire in Israel? There’s a Better Way!

I have spoken to thousands of people about making Aliyah and have received some very interesting reasons why – even though they would love...

Iran Sending Hezbollah Terrorists to Ukraine to Assist Russia with Drone Attacks

The Hezbollah terrorists heading to Ukraine have gathered in the village of al-Dimass, located west of Damascus, in case you were wondering.

ChatGPT and I Discuss Selecting Supreme Court Justices

It's interesting that American activists oppose the judicial selection process they have in the US... when it comes to Israel.

How to Properly Analyze the Hamas Threat to Ben-Gvir’s Temple Mount Visit

This is a well-known tactic that Hamas frequently uses to avoid having to act on their threats.

Ari Fuld on the Real Miracle of Chanukah

Ari Fuld uncovers and explores the real miracle and lessons of Chanukah.

I Was Robbed of 70% of the Land of Israel

This is the kind of information that most people simply don't know and those that do, are too dishonest to discuss it. It is important for you to read and then share it out. It's time to reclaim the narrative for the sake of truth!

Ari Fuld on the Passing On of Leadership – Parshat Vayelech

We're going to talk about something that is probably one of the most practical pieces of advice for today. We're talking about handing over leadership.

When Are You Making Geulah?

It's simple, when Jews move back to the Land, the “Geulah” – the redemption – gets much closer!

Grab Onto the Rope!

I want to tell you about a dream I had this past Shabbat on Tisha B'Av..

Ben Shapiro and the Non-Binary ‘Aliyah’ Option

Don’t demand an immediate “yes” from Diaspora Jews, help them make their own way to a connection with Israel.

The Family Purity ‘Scandal’ in Israel: An Open Letter to Guy Pines

At the end of the day, you and all your fellow “secular Israeli coreligionists” are my family, and I will always welcome you home.

Zionists Don’t Need To Justify Their Existence

Why would I need to justify where I live or the policies of my government? I’ve never seen a similar talk given by people who live in other countries unless they were an official spokesperson of their government.

From Sadness and Mourning to Celebration – How and Why

Every year I am concerned that I will not be able to make the transition between the memories and pain of Memorial Day to the celebration of Israel’s Independence.

Dear Orlee, Oy!

It is heartbreaking that a Jewish woman, smart enough to gain admission and rise to a leadership position at Harvard wouldn’t recognize that BDS will never lead to Palestinian advancement or peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Ari Fuld on Remembering Yehoshua Friedberg [video]

I don't want to go to a memorial service, I can't stand military funerals and I can't forget. I hate this! Too many thoughts...

Ari Fuld on the Holidays | Passover: Freedom vs. Responsibility – 5778 (2018)

Ari Fuld discusses: What are we celebrating on Passover and what are the lessons to be learned?

Who Watches the Watchmen?

What politician, judge or investigative committee is going to try and fight this spying knowing that their deepest secrets will be exposed by the police?

The Hardest Column I’ve Ever Written

Was it really fair, I asked myself, to seek my own closure and need to fulfill my mitzvah of tochechah at the expense of her self-confidence?


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