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    Listen: Moshe Feiglin Takes Down the BBC

    Moshe Feiglin calls out the lies of BBC News.

    What the Statue-Toppling Left is REALLY Out to Topple

    And why the Left really wants to destroy America.

    From Hebron to Pittsburgh… to Monsey

    Over Shabbat many ex-JDL’ers shared stories about what they did to protect Jews in Philadelphia, Miami, Toronto and even in Ottawa.

    Zina the Hounded- the Hatred that Never Wants to Talk

    'Palestinianism' isn't about Palestinians, it is about Jews and Israel. Zina is just an example of a far bigger problem. One that holds people captive, trapped in a conflict and with no permission to escape. Palestinianism has even held millions of people in refugee camps for three generations.

    WATCH: VP Mike Pence’s Amazing Speech Destroyed Palestinian Claims

    What we have here is nothing short of an ongoing revolutionary change in the relationship between the United State of America and Israel.

    If Someone Compares You to Korah, It’s Not a Death Threat

    When Uri Regev spins Rabbi Amar's statements to mean the Rabbi aspires to see all Reform Jews dead, he, too, is engaging in the same sort of grandiose and cynical populism of Korah.

    For A While Gaza Actually Was Another Singapore — Before They Blew It In...

    The truth is that for a while, in the 1970's, Gaza rivaled -- and even surpassed -- Singapore, now Hamas says with pride it has no interest in becoming another Singapore.


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