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    Listen: Moshe Feiglin Takes Down the BBC

    Moshe Feiglin calls out the lies of BBC News.

    Truth About Latest Israel ‘Settler’ Controversy: Hebron IS Occupied Territory

    Hebron’s actual "occupation" began 87 years ago when Arab terrorists massacred the city's Jews

    IsraAID Combats Gender-Based Violence in South Sudan

    The Israeli humanitarian organization IsraAid works with the South Sudanese government to stop the abuse of women.

    Simchat Torah and Creativity

    My difficulties persisted until I met a beggar outside a restaurant after Tisha B'Av 12 years ago.

    Muslim Extremism; An Open Letter to World Leaders

    Israel is fighting the war that none of the Western world has the ability or courage to fight.

    May the Government of Israel Truly Protect our Heritage‏

    I pray each member of Knesset will represent the interests of the State of Israel & ALL its citizens

    What Type of Jews do WE Want to Be?

    While the Jewish community reacts to hate when it's banging at the door, it makes the fatal error of ignoring the root causes in the futile hope it will all blow over

    The Short Vort: Oxymoronic

    Rabbi, please use your pulpit and your column to spread the message that we ‘older-singles’ have feelings too. We all know we are single; however, we still have lives and we still are human beings!”

    “Ramadan Kareem”

    Ramadan is SUPPOSEDLY a month of introspection & repentance; yet attacks on "Infidels" skyrocket

    Why Today’s Syrian Refugees are not Yesterday’s Jews

    To make a comparison between today's Syrian refugees and Jews fleeing Nazis is a travesty of truth

    For A While Gaza Actually Was Another Singapore — Before They Blew It In...

    The truth is that for a while, in the 1970's, Gaza rivaled -- and even surpassed -- Singapore, now Hamas says with pride it has no interest in becoming another Singapore.

    The ‘Donald’

    Despite the potential horrendous consequences, I find the prospect of Hillary vs. Trump fascinating

    Disputed Territories: The Census of 1967

    In Gaza, the Egyptian data from 1965 had about 100,000 additional people, or 25% more than the Israelis counted.

    No False Alarms

    The Jewish Press Online welcomes columnist Jacob Freedman, M.D., and his family to Israel and wish them a safe and "uneventful" aliya.

    The Blessings of the Land of Israel‏

    Our Land is full of the blessings of the L-rd- what once was barren land now is full of plant life

    Hate Israel, But Don’t be Stupid About It

    Long ago, I became a believer in the "You can't fix stupid" movement. Intelligence is not something that you can control. It is an innate part of your being. Stupidity, however, can be cured by education. So, what it comes down to is accepting that some people don't want to be educated. Some refuse to see Israel as it really is.

    “Your name shall be Israel forever more”

    UNWRA facilities both inside of Israel and in Arab regions (Gaza) harbor terror cells and missiles

    One Woman’s Journey from Morocco to Israel

    Once Moroccans rose up against the French in their struggle for independence, the situation dramatically deteriorated for Moroccan Jews

    We Respect Women!

    I told him every Jewish household begin their Shabbat meal by singing Aishet Chayil-A Woman of Valor


    I knew I was witnessing an historic moment. Many praised it as the best of Zionism. I knew it wasn't

    Yom Kippur -The Day of Reckoning

    This piece partner- no it was not a spelling mistake- they desire piece after piece of our Land.

    An Open Letter to the Pope

    As the leader of the world's Catholics, I implore you to make a public statement condemning the UNESCO vote denying the historical connection between the Temple Mount, the Western Wall and Judaism

    Rock , Paper, SCISSORS-No Magazine

    When an Arab terrorist enters the editorial offices of Haaretz, sing Kumbaya in 4 part harmony.

    Terror to be Accounted for, Not Rewarded

    No money should go to terrorists or their families; anyone involved in terror must pay the price

    The Short Vort: Yakov “Lives”

    I am advocating a halachically acceptable and Torah mandated embrace of values and concerns in harmony with Torah views even if the beneficiaries of these movements and causes are primarily non-Jews.

    Are You Completely Nuts? Three Answers to Aliyah Questions

    For everyone who doubted whether or not making aliyah it was worth it, know that there is nothing to inspire personal growth like waking up each morning as a Jew in the Land of The Jewish People.

    A Settler (Me) in Nabi Saleh, the Tamimis, T’ruah and Breaking the Silence

    A few times a year I take an extreme left-wing tour in Israel. These tours aim to show why settlers, the IDF, the occupation etc. are all evil. What I didn't appreciate on the tour was being lied to by the Leftist organizations, T’ruah and Breaking the Silence

    E-1 Contiguity Fallacy Returns

    The media claims that Jewish construction in E1 preempts the creation of a contiguous Palestinian state, but that is not the case.


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