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    Just a Thought…

    When my cousin Rabbi Kupinsky was beheaded by Arabs this year in Har Nof his killers were celebrated

    Confused in San Bernardino

    After watching CNN coverage of the San Bernardino shootings, I'm very confused.

    My Jewish Allergy to Germans

    I have a thing about Germans. I cannot stand to see or hear them. It isn’t intellectual, not something thought out, but a gut reaction: it literally turns my stomach to be in proximity to them, to Germans, even through the media of film.

    On the Brink of the Next War

    Once again, yet again, it is time to make it very clear to our enemies that the choice is theirs. They can live with us in peace, or they will know no peace.

    Valkyrie Brünnhilde, The Fat Lady Sings: Ted Cruz Drops Out (With Video)

    Cruz did the right thing, despite the nastiness coming out of the Trump camp he showed himself to be a man of class. He will be back.

    Tunnel Vision

    Hamas' tunnels were destroyed as were plans for their unparalleled terror attacks on Rosh Hashana.

    A Settler (Me) in Nabi Saleh, the Tamimis, T’ruah and Breaking the Silence

    A few times a year I take an extreme left-wing tour in Israel. These tours aim to show why settlers, the IDF, the occupation etc. are all evil. What I didn't appreciate on the tour was being lied to by the Leftist organizations, T’ruah and Breaking the Silence

    Saving Our Teens From the Lion’s Den

    To prepare our teens for when they enter the lion’s den of the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic college campus, our students need first hand exposure to the settlements.

    To My Facebook Friends: “I Apologize!”

    Jews do not go quietly to their deaths anymore.That confuses those who wax nostalgic.

    The Story of Israel’s Independence

    This is Judah’s manifest destiny. This is the uncanny persistence of his youth, the anthem of his old.

    SHLOMO CARLEBACH’S SONG words and music by Ben Reuven

    A musical tribute to the internationally famed Jewish troubador, Shlomo Carlebach by famed Jerusalem troubador words and music by Ben Reuven

    Some People Just Can’t be Helped

    The ‘Palestinians’ have contributed nothing to the world except violent terrorism since they invented themselves in order to oppose Jewish sovereignty some 60 years ago.

    We are Responsible to Protect our Heritage Eternally

    Israel as the Jewish State insures freedom of worship and security of Jews here and around the world

    Yom Kippur -The Day of Reckoning

    This piece partner- no it was not a spelling mistake- they desire piece after piece of our Land.

    The Family That Lights Together Stays Together

    I still recall every year on the fifth night of Chanukah as I distribute the “Chanukah gelt” to my own children, the happiness and contentment which filled me on that blissful night decades ago when our family burned the midnight Chanukah oil together with love and affection.

    Recalling the Hassidic Rebbe who Pioneered Aliya

    To those who belittle what hassidim contribute to Israeli society, take a look back at the history books and remember that it was a hassidic rebbe who pioneered mass aliya.


    Sabraman: Israel's first superhero, combining the courage of the Sabra and the faith of Abraham.

    Holding On: A Poem by Alexandra Gross

    And he whispers one last time, I love you mother.

    Implement the Grave Responsibilities of the Government‏

    What do we want from government? True leadership that realizes placating others is not the solution.

    The Stores Were Closed

    The stores that closed on the night of Tisha b’Av did so out of love, not fear. They love their people and they closed to be part of the Jewish nation regardless of the loss of profit.

    Purim and the Right to Bear Arms

    Four Jews who will not celebrate Purim this year are Yitzhak Ames, Talia Ames, Kochava Even-Haim, and Avishai Schindler - all murdered by Hamas.

    I’m Coming Home

    I don’t wish to sound alarmist, but I no longer feel welcome in my own country. I’m frightened, and it’s only getting worse. There is always a snowball effect, you see, with these things. It usually starts small.

    Let’s do the TRUMP!!

    A musical offering in honor of America's newly inaugurated 45th President, Donald Trump

    When Arabs Murder Jews We Need to Say So

    None of the Israeli news outlets saw fit to mention this dynamic: that of an Arab terrorist, attempting to murder a JEW.

    Draft of Halachik Questions to be Asked of the Haredi Rabbanim of the Bet...

    Part of the author's ongoing series concerning the state of affairs in Bet Shemesh, To be continued...


    The real question is not why we suffer or experience tragedy but how we should respond.

    Crypto Currency Ridicules and Makes Coin on the Holocaust

    {Originally posted to the author's website} Some things are too sickening to digest properly, and I can rarely remember being as horrified by an item...

    The “Rabbi” and the Wizz

    Neo-Nazis claim that Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is in fact a Mossad agent named Elliot Shimon

    The Mystical Meanings of the Anonymous Hacking Attacks

    Unbeknownst to the hackers, the 28th of Nissan, in some ways, is the most auspicious time of the year to counter and transform the threats and trials leveled against the Jewish people.


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