MK Simcha Rothman Returns from US Trip Confident of His Defense of Israeli Judicial...

“It was the first time they heard the story straight, without the big bias,” MK Simcha Rothman said.

Bipartisan Congress Members Urge the UN to Sack Antisemite Francesca Albanese

Albanese has asserted that the “Jewish lobby” controlled the U.S. and has likened Israelis to Nazis.

YU Pushing through Legal Process to Supreme Court Vindication on LGBTQ Club

Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett wanted to grant YU the right to deny the gay students’ club.

Right-Wing Woke Trips 2 Israeli Leftist Professors

I don’t want Israel’s right-wing to plead its case through such provocations that only help ignite more strife and even violence.

Smotrich ‘Disappointed’ by Justice Hayut’s ‘Embarrassing’ Arguments

I recommend that you sit through his obligatory niceties at the beginning, and hear his sharp cuts.

Survey Shows Massive Public Support for Minister Levin’s Judicial Reforms

The democratically elected officials are fulfilling the will of the people that voted them in.

Justice Minister’s Reform Numbers Fleshed Out, and Why Alan Dershowitz Is Unhappy

Perhaps Alan Dershowitz should first spend a week in an outpost outside Yitzhar, Samaria, and see how much help the Supreme Court sends him.

Netanyahu Appoints American Born Knitted-Yarmulke Wearing Settler Yossi Fuchs as Government Secretary

Anyone who believes Netanyahu is planning to sabotage Minister Levin’s reform should consider his appointment of Yossi Fuchs as Government Secretary.

Minister Ben Gvir Visits Renovated Prison: Happy to See Terrorists’ Conditions Were Not Improved

"I was happy to see that the prison service does not intend to improve their conditions."

Likud Transport Minister Vows to Cut Taxes on Electric Cars

Regev also said she plans to cancel the travel tax, charging electric car owners based on their mileage.

Russia, Ukraine Prefer Netanyahu over Lapid – But Can He Love Them Both Equally?

Zelensky declared: "I don't want them to balance between Ukraine and Russia. This is a bloody war."

Smotrich in WSJ Op Ed: Bet You Didn’t Know I’m a Free Market Liberal

We seek to appoint judges in Israel in a process similar to America’s.

MK Simcha Rothman: 6 Facts About our Right to Choose Amendment

This legislation has no special connection to the LGBT, just as it has no special connection to Islam, or to skin color.

Spreading Unabashed Lies, 330 US Clergy Ban Ben Gvir, Smotrich

What follows are despicable lies, which go unchecked by JTA.

Tel Aviv Municipality Hangs Giant Declaration of Independence, Fibs about What It Says

Here is what the declaration actually says about equality, in the complete context of the item.

Chief Sephardi Rabbi Attacks Reform, Conservative Jews for ‘Uprooting our Torah’

Rabbi Yosef said that observant Jews must object to anything related to the Reform.

Did Gafni Just Propose Integrating Haredi Yeshivas into the IDF?

Torah soldiers will earn the same as any other IDF recruit, NIS 2,463 ($720.26) per month.

Nikki Haley Speaks to Jewish Dignitaries, Mulls 2024 Run

Asked if Trump was her friend, Haley answered: "Friend is a loose term."

Ben Shapiro Objects to Twitter’s Banning of Kanye West: He Didn’t Incite Violence

"People who are treating [West] seriously for their own purposes are sick, deviant."

Survey: Majority of Israeli Jews Support Harsher Treatment of Arab Terrorists

The steepest rise in the demand for an iron fist response has taken place in the traditional-religious population.

Ahmad Tibi: Israeli Reporters in Qatar Think All Arabs Are Like Israel Lover Yoseph...

For future references, you should know, Tibi says Arabs hate you...

Summing Up his Year in Office Bennett Praises Mainly Mansour Abbas

In the end, Bennett’s government did not fail over misinformation, but over information.

Trudeau’s Conservative Rival Promises Moving Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem

Canada’s next federal election will take place in October 2025, so this check can’t be cashed for about three years.

Religious Zionism: One Thing Is True about our Coalition Negotiations – Likud Lies

Netanyahu et al aim to trample, humiliate and diminish Religious Zionism.

Biden’s Press Secretary Kindergarten Teacher of the Year: ‘I’m Not Calling on People who...

“Since when is it disrespectful for a journalist to question someone in power?"

David Baddiel’s ‘Jews Don’t Count’ a Primer on Popular Antisemitism

“Viewers of David Baddiel's Jews Don't Count were left in tears last night after seeing primary school children taking part in a security drill in London.”

UTJ Chairman Goldknopf: Expanding Jewish Settlements the Only Response to Arab Terrorism

While Shas leader Aryeh Deri is eager to do Bibi’s biddings, UTJ is no one’s errand boys.

MK Rothman: No Need for Special Law to Protect Separating Men & Women –...

"This is stipulated in the law explicitly, and not in Iran. Feel free to check at your leisure."

Anti-Israel Activists Protest Israel Real Estate Expo in New Jersey

Still, despite the noise and roadblocking outside, Israeli exhibitors told that the event was a success.


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