Generals’ Party Capitulates as So Many Have Done, before a Masterful Netanyahu

Bibi understood, with the mystical foresight of a hunter, that Gantz did not have it in him, Gantz did not have the killer's instinct, the total dedication, the unbound desire.

It Took 12 Hours: Bar Ilan U Cancels US Trip of Professor Who Claimed...

Kedar claimed that a senior politician who wanted to sabotage the Oslo Accords was likely behind the murder.

Commander Winter, Chastised for Reciting Shema in Gaza Battle, to Lead Paratroopers Division

Gantz and his successor, Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, were determined to bury Winter's career.

Attack on IDF Soldiers Added to Lawsuit Against Anarchist Pollak

Pollak was recorded in no less than 12 incidents, including as part of a group of rioters who threw stones at IDF soldiers, rolled burning tires towards the soldiers, and fought with Border Police.

Security Prisons to Cut Terrorists’ Luxury Canteen Products by 50% following Civic Group’s FOI...

Warning: reading the list of luxury foods bought by the PA for their terrorists behind bars might cost you your diet -- and your lunch.

AOC, Leftycrats to Pompeo: If Israel Annexes – Off with their Aid

One sour note: the AOC letter was also signed by Rep Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) who represents the Lower East Side of NY.

J Street’s Tip Sheet to Debating Democrats: Talk about Settlements and Occupation

Instead of working to mend the ties of the Democratic party with Israel, J Street rejoices in making the split even wider.

Bennett Refusing to Address 500-Cop Storming of Yitzhar Homes

One of the evicted residents was a pregnant woman in her ninth month. Honenu recorded police grabbing her infant girl.

Amid Uproar, Stark to Remain Conference of Presidents Chair for Another Year

Due to the controversy, Dianne Lob will first serve as chair-election, a newly created position.

Ballistic Report: Cop Fired at the Ground, Shrapnel Killed Ethiopian Man

Despite the ballistic report, which only confirms the way the policeman shot Takka, it is not clear how the incident happened.

Smotrich: Rabin Festival Now the Bonfire of Endangered Extreme-Left Tribe

Smotrich told Army Radio on Sunday that the memorial services for Yitzhak Rabin do not belong to his heirs, they belong to the nation.

Poll: 31% Want Ayelet Shaked to Lead Religious Right, Bennett: 16%, Rafi Peretz: 7%,...

According to this morning's poll, should such a slate emerge, the public at large believes Ayelet Shaked is the best candidate to lead the unified religious right to victory.

Latest Poll: Liberman Gone, Feiglin to Decide Fate of Right-Left Blocs

With 4 seats, Feiglin could tip the Bibi vs. Gantz balance to Gantz 62, Bibi 58. With more seats -- the sky would be his limit.

In Effort to Concede Presidency Dems Attack Trump for Eliminating Iranian War Criminal

The men and women who are eager to take on Trump next November have decided to make it easier for him to wipe the floor with whomever they send to the ring.

Knesset Passes ‘Norwegian Law’ to Help Ministers-Rich Blue&White Party Add MKs

The new law is a double edged sward for Gantz, seeing as close to half of his original slate is currently in the opposition, under MK Yair Lapid's leadership.

Only 10 Arab MKs Recommended Gantz

Blue&White told the Joint Arab List they reject their demands to repeal the Nationality Law, and the law that boosts enforcement of measures against illegal construction in the Arab sector.

Smotrich Defines Himself by Secular Attacks on his Faith

Clearly, it's a strategy, and one which obviously rings true with the voters Smotrich is looking to bring back home.

Did the NY Times Just Pick the Perfect Metaphor for the Barriers Against Peace?

The "deal of the century" will compensate local Arabs with billions of dollars in investments in their economic and civic well-being, for the fact that they will remain an autonomous canton, but not a state.

Duma Arson-Murder Minor Defendant May Not Do Prison Time

The court's decision to postpone the sentencing and the inquiry with the community service administrator suggests the court may be looking at keeping A out of prison.

Report: Bibi Weighing Union with Bennett, Shaked

Bennett, along with Ayelet Shaked, were among those Bibi threw to the dogs, after they had run the campaign that brought him back to power after 10 years in exile.

Bennett on the Attack: ‘Gantz Doesn’t Know How to Win’

"The question is who will be in the cabinet alongside Netanyahu – Gantz or Bennett. Ganz is a good man, but his strategy of playing to draw is dangerous for Israel."

Free Democratic Party Proves Germans Just Don’t Have a Sense of Humor

Alas, the second spelling correction in the video changes "Sieg Hail” to the correct, Nazi-approved "Sieg Heil."

First Elections Poll Is Out: Bibi Stays, Labor Sinking from 24 to 9

Habayit Hayehudi headed by Naftali Bennett receives 11 seats in the new poll, compared to 8 in the current Knesset.

Senate Anti BDS Legislation Stops 4 Votes Short of 60

The bill's opponents included Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

All 15 Joint Arab List MKs Endorse Benny Gantz for PM

On Sunday afternoon, should the representatives of Labor, Meretz and Israel Beiteinu all recommend Gantz as well, then Gantz will have to be the president's choice.

IfNotNow: Disrupting Trump’s Pro-Jewish Speech Was ‘Living Out Our Values’

The stunts performed by IfNotNow clowns in their campaign to push their anti-Israel agenda do more to push US Jews into the arms of the GOP than do a hundred presidential speeches.

Shaked Insists on 5-Party Rightwing Slate, Including Otzma Yehudit

Shaked's casual text was Shaked's rebuttal to Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, whose sweet manner and French accent often makes his listeners forget that he represents an extreme-Haredi line with questionable notions regarding Israeli society.

Report: Knesset Speaker Edelstein Preparing to Run for Likud Leadership

Edelstein has recently also launched an initiative aimed at preventing third elections.


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