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Smotrich Firm on Justice Portfolio, Expects Pushback from Supreme Court

Smotrich noted that "trust in the judicial system is at an unprecedented low according to all public surveys and studies."

Tlaib to Visit Grandmother, Signed Commitment to Keep Low Profile

At this point, Tlaib is planning to visit between Sunday and Friday of next week.

Regev’s ‘Loyalty Law’ Facing Defeat from Within the Coalition

On Sunday, coalition MK Rachel Azarya (Kuanu) joined the growing opposition to the Regev bill, and called for removing it from the Knesset agenda.

Trend Continues: Netanyahu, Right Bloc, More Likely to Forge Coalition Government

Avigdor Liberman and Orly Levy-Abekasis do not pass the 3.25% vote threshold. It should be noted that one of them (not Orly) was the genius behind the decision to raise the threshold.

It’s War: Likud Attacks on Liberman Suggest No Wedding Tonight

"If people have not yet understood that we are a faction with principles and that we will not give them up, they have a problem in comprehension."

IDF Kills Project Mixing Men and Women in Tanks

"A tank shell weighs 25 kilograms and women are not allowed to carry weight over 15 kilograms for fear of Uterine prolapse."

For the First Time in More than a Decade, Israel Could Replace Its Prime...

Gantz could win a whopping 69 endorsements to the president, making him the next prime minister of Israel.

Leftist Journalist to Pay $7,000 Reparations to Hebron Resident He Called ‘Nazi’

Someone should now tell Israeli leftists to be careful in their attacks on Otzma Yehudit and avoid references to the history of Germany between 1933 and 1945.

Latest Miskar Poll (4,500 Respondents): Bibi 31, Gantz 28, Feiglin 8, Bennett 7

It is possible that future historians will point to the April 2019 elections as the turning point in Israeli politics, where the country joined the deep-right trend of the Western world.

Minor’s Attorney, Shin Bet, Clash over Conflicting Versions of Duma Plea Deal

The Shin Bet statement quite clearly either contradicts the earlier version of events as reported in the Israeli press, or alters the components of the story to produce a new, possibly misleading version.

Liberman Predicts Labor Will Carry Bibi over 61-Seat Threshold

"He (Netanyahu) has nothing to do with the right, he promotes only two principles: his own ruling with God's grace and his cult of personality."

NY Consul Leaves Fundraiser after Bezalel President Attacks Israel’s Free Speech

"I do not have the patience—and I speak diplomatically—for those who slander the State of Israel abroad in order to find favor and raise money," Dayan said after the incident.

Pro-Bibi Newspaper Leaks Suspiciously Campy Version of Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’

Suspecting that this is nothing more than a fabrication, released by someone in Israel to test public reaction, we're offering a translation of the document, and, hey, you be the judge.

J Street’s Tip Sheet to Debating Democrats: Talk about Settlements and Occupation

Instead of working to mend the ties of the Democratic party with Israel, J Street rejoices in making the split even wider.

Makor Rishon Poll: It’s All Bibi, with Kahlon Gone, Bennett at 8 Seats

The really clever idea of this week goes to Bennett and Shaked, who lured into their list businesswoman, Silicon Valley winner and owner of the Hapoel Beer Sheva soccer club, Alona Barkat.

Shas to Petition Court over Ban on Separate Seating at Afula Concert

Sahas pointed out ultra-Orthodox taxpayers also deserve to enjoy events in their city of residence.

Labor Union Chief Quits Histadrut to Join Benny Gantz in Knesset Run

Nissenkorn said he would join the party list in running for the next Knesset, albeit saying goodbye to Histadrut “with a heavy heart.”

First Survey Shows Bennett’s Gamble a Huge Success (for Now)

The ruling party, Likud, would have dropped from 30 to only 25 Knesset seats, while the Religious Zionist party abandoned by the two mavericks would drop from 8 to 5 seats.

Liberman Posts Hate Video Calling on Haredim to Enlist – Featuring IDF Veteran

There's nothing quite like featuring the photo of exactly the wrong Rabbi in your hate campaign.

Supreme Court President Launches No Holds Barred Attack On Netanyahu

Over the two decades or so since Hayut was appointed to the high court, that august body has acted as the 121st member of Knesset.

Reform Movement Seeks to Disqualify Otzma Yehudit

Otzma Yehudit responded: On the day Jewish blood is spilled and depraved individuals kill a soldier, the Reform movement chooses to ask for our disqualification."

Transport Minister Katz, Speaker Edelstein First, Bibi’s Nemesis Sa’ar in Top 5 with 60%...

The real results are expected later on Wednesday morning (Israeli elections are conducted with paper ballots).

Report: Likud Members Deny Plan to Dismiss Netanyahu If Rightwing Bloc Falls Short of...

MK Gideon Sa'ar (Likud), considered Netanyahu's heir apparent, said "attempts to stick a wedge into the Likud leadership will not succeed."

Bennett: Netanyahu Plans Coalition Government with Gantz

"At 10:05 PM [Tuesday, after the voting ends], the prime minister says, 'The time has come to unite the people, we call on Benny Gantz to join the coalition."

On Eve of 9 B’Av Religious Zionists Purge Otzma Yehudit

On the morning after that tense game of chicken between Ben-Gvir and United Right, it has become clear that refusing to accept Otzma's demands was not a United Right failure, it was their strategy.

Ehud Barak Preaches Satmar’s ‘Three Oaths’ Line Against Zionism

Does Ehud Barak understand that sticking by the Satmar agenda against his foes in the religious-Zionist parties is highly unusual?

Columbia U Catching Flak for Inviting Anti-Semitic PM Who Insists Jews Rule World by...

Mohamad wrote in his book “The Makay Dilemma” (1970): “The Jews are not merely hook-nosed, but understand money instinctively.”

Lauder Urging Sanders’ Campaign to Dump Sarsour

Sarsour shared a platform with and praised Rasmea Odeh – a Palestinian-Arab terrorist responsible for murdering Jewish students.


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