Rightwing News Website’s Investigation Sends Convicted Terrorist to Isolation

In recent years, dozens of terrorists imprisoned in Israel have been placed in solitary confinement and punished after being exposed by Hakol Hayehudi.

German Left Protests Trump’s Threat to Designate Antifa a Terror Group

On the German right, Alternative for Germany (AfD) party members expressed gratitude and support for Trump and demanded action against Antifa in Germany, too.

Candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells It Like It Is So Much, Even the GOP...

Yours truly sat down and watched the entire 9+ minutes of the Politico video, and I disn't detect even a hint of anti-Semitism.

Bennett Cabinet to Debate Lapid’s Objection to Ban on Naturalizing PA Arabs

Rightwing coalition and opposition members quietly worked together to find a compromise for the citizenship law, but Lapid wants to make sure it fails.

First Survey Shows Bennett’s Gamble a Huge Success (for Now)

The ruling party, Likud, would have dropped from 30 to only 25 Knesset seats, while the Religious Zionist party abandoned by the two mavericks would drop from 8 to 5 seats.

Orthodox-Jewish Professor Accuses CUNY Faculty of Exclusion by Meeting Friday Night

One witness told investigators that the leftist professors discriminated against Lax "because he would 'bash' the PFC every time he showed up to an event."

Likud MK: Opposition Will Support Any Move that Safeguards Israel’s Security

"We in the opposition will support any move that safeguards the security of the State of Israel's residents."

Ben Gvir, Students, Protest School’s Meeting of Bereaved Jewish and Arab Families 2 Days...

False equivalence is a powerful tool, especially in brainwashing ill-educated high school students.

PA Exploiting Minister Horowitz to Get to Bennett, Horowitz Exploiting PA for Political Gains

The Palestinian Authority wants very much to have a meeting directly with Naftali Bennett.

Labor Chairman: Disengagement from Gaza was ‘A Correct Move’

The majority of Israelis view the disengagement as a disaster which led to the takeover by the Hamas terror organization in Gaza.

Netanyahu Pushing Haredim on Corona Fines while Infections Remain High with No End to...

Meanwhile, as time passes since the outbreak of the pandemic in Israel, the average age of the deceased is decreasing.

5 Ways to Break the Bibi-Gantz Stalemate

There are no simple solutions to Israel's tight deadlock, other than Israel Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Liberman waking up from his 4-month drunk and saying, "I did what?"

What’s Up Doc: Jill Biden Shellacked over Dissertation

"If Melania Trump had an Ed.D. and insisted upon being referred to as 'Dr. Trump,' the same peoples feigning outrage would laugh her out of the room."

Jews Who Prayed on Temple Mount Disguised as Muslims Arraigned Today – Are Israel...

If the court allows this to go on, it should make for a fantastic Supreme Court petition on the nature of prayer and the boundaries the state may impose on it.

Police Ignore Court Ruling, Detain Jew Who Bowed on Temple Mount

One wonders what else Israel could liberate in the face of the next Arab rage.

Someone Tell Gantz: Justice Minister Nissenkorn Jumps Ship to TA Mayor Huldai’s New Leftwing...

Meanwhile, it's expected that if Nissenkorn does not hurry up and announce his resignation from the post of Justice Minister, Gantz will do it for him today.

Sanders Has Huge Lead in Iowa Ahead of Feb. 3 Caucuses

Darling of the left, filmmaker Michael Moore declared that only Sanders can beat President Trump in November.

3 Polls Show Right-Wing Bloc Ahead, Without Bennett in the Coalition

While not as dramatic as Thursday night's poll, they do confirm the trend in Netanyahu's favor for building a post-election coalition.

By a Nose: Republican Senator Takes Down Ad Depicting Jewish Opponent’s Enlarged Schnozzle

On July 24, the Cook Political Report upgraded the Senate race in Georgia to a toss-up.

Poll Shows Peace Deal Didn’t Improve Netanyahu’s Election Prospects

Yamina and Yisrael Beiteinu, should they choose to form a bloc, would have 28 seats together, enough to force Netanyahu to acquiesce to any imaginable demand on their part.

Israel Signs Deal to Purchase 3 Submarines from Thyssenkrupp

Apparently, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's objection to establishing a commission of inquiry stemmed from his fear of losing the submarines deal.

Relax, Eric Adams Will Probably Beat Maya Wiley Maybe

We could go like this until July and still not have a final answer – especially as more than 200,000 absentee ballots are still waiting to be counted.

Energy Minister Halts Expansion of Israeli Natural Gas Exports, Blocks Explorations in 2022

"We will use the coming year for a series of moves that will advance the transition to renewable energies."

‘Chief Rabbi of Gaza’ Hoaxes Leftist NJ Candidate and ‘Dean of Movement Building’

"Thanks to a generous funding grant from Ifnotnow and Jewish Voice Live, I’m writing a sequel to the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion.'”

Lauder Urging Sanders’ Campaign to Dump Sarsour

Sarsour shared a platform with and praised Rasmea Odeh – a Palestinian-Arab terrorist responsible for murdering Jewish students.

Yamina MK: Joining Netanyahu’s Cabinet Would be Humiliating

Like Smotrich, and, indeed, the entire Religious-Zionist camp, Sofer has a full belly of Netanyahu's maneuvers.

Update: Appointment of Terrorist-Defending Lawyer to Military Court Committee Now Frozen

Lea Tsemel has represented a long list of terrorists. Families of terror victims expressed their outrage at her appointment.

When Benny Met Mahmoud: DM Reveals Details of Israel’s Costly Concessions to the PA

Gantz also reassured the chairman that Israel will uphold its commitment to expanding Arab construction in Area C.


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