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An Arab’s Tribute to the Jewish Spirit on Israel’s 70th anniversary

Arabs devote their energies to stifling human potential in their own ranks; Jews, on the other hand, devote their energies to building a nation and making it greater every day.

Diasporism, a Bad Idea Whose Time has Come

The Diaspora is a dead end for Jews, both physically and culturally. You can make a case for the continuance of Jewish communities in the Diaspora, and you can find many areas in which Israel needs to improve. But the necessity and centrality of the Jewish state to the continued existence of the Jewish people is indisputable.

Independence Day

We’ll prevail. It will be terrible for us, but more terrible for our enemies. Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel was not reconstituted after thousands of years to be lost after only 70.

From Sadness and Mourning to Celebration – How and Why

Every year I am concerned that I will not be able to make the transition between the memories and pain of Memorial Day to the celebration of Israel’s Independence.

The Hero Of Israel’s 1948 Rebirth Was An American

Truman didn’t make his decision to support the nascent State of Israel because of politic--there was loud opposition from the State Department--but like so many of his policies, he supported Israel because he thought it was the right thing to do

70 Years Young

A love letter to the nation by Jordana Brown

Jerusalem of Peace

A musical tribute to his beloved home, by Jerusalem's foremost troubadour, David Herman.

Case for Regime Change in Iran

Iran’s fingerprints have been found on terrorist attacks all over the world, including Latin America and Europe. With Iran out of the equation, many problems though not solved, would be at least simplified.

Yehoshua Friedberg – 25 Years of a Nightmare Called Yesterday

When the siren screams, I close my eyes and I can clearly see Yehoshua's body, lifeless! 25 years might have gone by but the wound is fresh and it is a nightmare that never ends.

Shiloh Musings: Lesson in “Middot,” Poper Manners, 2 Bus Stories

Traveling on public transportation here in Israel is a great barometer of the state of our society. I see some fantastic good most of the time

Inspiration from Zion: Last Night

The policy laid out by POTUS is a refreshing change: we will help but your destiny is in your hands, no more nation building but at the same time, action in response to evil.

Day and Night Intermingled

The sharp transition caused by the observance of Yom HaZikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) followed in immediate succession by Yom HaAtzmaut is very difficult emotionally, and also deeply profound.

Is Aliyah, Moving To Israel the “Elephant in the Room” for Jews Who Live...

I grew up like most Jews, totally ignorant of the concept of "Aliyah." I also didn't know about Shabbat, kashrut and most of the Jewish Holidays.

Who Bombed Syria’s T-4 Base And Why Did They Do It?

This attack had nothing to do with Assad’s chemical attack and everything to do with Iran.

PreOccupied Territory: NGOs Can’t Hear Dying Syrians Over Sound Of How Awesome Hamas Is

“Chemical weapons? No, that couldn’t be right. Obama and Kerry promised Russia would take care of removing Assad’s stockpile.”

No, it isn’t Kent State on the Mediterranean*

Hamas benefits greatly from civilian casualties, which support its narrative of victimization and provide its supporters with fodder for “lawfare” against the IDF and diplomatic sanctions against Israel.

Is This the Last War?

The attack in Douma appears to have finally pushed the proverbial trigger of war that has been building up for the past few years.

The Political Storm Over African Migrants

The position of the government is that only a small number deserve refugee status, and the rest are illegal immigrants who should leave the country one way or another. The majority of Israelis (66% of Jews and 50% of Arabs) agree.

Inspiration from Zion: Free Gaza

When the agenda is to delegitimize and, ultimately destroy Israel, nothing matters. Not truth, not facts. It does not matter that these demonstrations were nothing close to peaceful. It does not matter that the only Gazans killed were males, over 18 years old, active in terrorist organizations. It’s still a 'massacre.'

Hamas Instructs #PAsbara Division to Downplay Victims’ Terrorist Backgrounds

The #PAsbara ploy is to confuse Social Media Justice Warriors (you know, the ones saying Kaddish).

Why President Trump Should Pull Out Of The JCPOA (The Iran Deal)

The lack of real inspections in Iran is just one of the items America was misled about by former Pres. Obama, former Sec'y of State Kerry and their cronies when trying to sell the JCPOA to America

Right of Return: The Lie that Kills

Palestinian deaths and injuries are the responsibility of Hamas that is cynically leading its own people to their deaths in an attempt to gain media sympathy, but they are also the responsibility of every world leader who has appeased the Arab leaders and refused to state the facts as they are.

Inspiration from Zion: Last Request – Rabbi Avichai Rontzki

The last thing Rabbi Rontzki did was to request of the Nation one thing: That when we meet someone during the day, pass someone in the hall, ride in the same elevator etc, we smile and say “HELLO”

Blaming the Wrong People

Admittedly, the optics are bad. Viewing this event out of context does make Israel seem trigger happy. But it is imperative to look at the historical context of this situation and see who is really to blame for the very real suffering of Palestinians living in Gaza.

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