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How to REALLY End the Occupation

13 Shevat 5777 – February 9, 2017
The fundamental issue and biggest problem is that the Israeli government tacitly accepts the idea that Judea and Samaria are occupied territories – in other words, land that belongs to somebody else

Resolution 2334 and the Women of the Wall

14 Tevet 5777 – January 12, 2017
Many Women of the Wall members applauded the passage of UNSC resolution 2334 demanding Israel return to pre-67 borders. WoW has no problem with the Kotel in Arab hands, just no separate prayers!

The Truth is a Minority Opinion

14 Kislev 5777 – December 13, 2016
A great, quick overview of the Jewish legal claim to Israel.

The Third Lebanon War will be the Last Lebanon War

11 Kislev 5777 – December 11, 2016
Hezbollah's stated goals since its founding in 1985 were the elimination of Western influence, the assertion of Islamic (Shiite) dominance over Lebanon and the destruction of Israel. Nothing's changed

The Rabbi and the Court

28 Heshvan 5777 – November 29, 2016
The Left, having been emasculated at the ballot box, now uses the Court to achieve its aims and it is attempting to do so again with the appointment of Rabbi Karim to the post of IDF Chief Rabbi

Trump, be a MENTSH

21 Heshvan 5777 – November 22, 2016
Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for millennia, whether we controlled it or not. Trump has a chance to recognize it as Israel's capital and end the hypocrisy of 3 administrations

Foreign Leaders Eulogize Peres – for the Wrong Reason

29 Elul 5776 – October 2, 2016
The funeral should have been held on the day Peres died, as is customary in Judaism. Then it would have been impossible for most of these political celebrities to be here.

American Military Aid: Bad for America; Worse for Israel

18 Elul 5776 – September 21, 2016
A major reason for Israel's indecisiveness is the increasing influence and control over Israeli decision-making by the US – whose government, at the same time, has become less and less supportive.

Shimon Peres

17 Elul 5776 – September 20, 2016
Peres has always been a Zionist and does not believe that there is an irreconcilable conflict between the Jewishness of the state and democracy, nor that one should be sacrificed for the other

Aftershocks of 9/11

12 Elul 5776 – September 14, 2016
If America goes down, so does that thing called Western civilization. Unfortunately, the American political system has failed: there is no great leader anywhere near the horizon.

Mrs. Keret’s delusion

8 Elul 5776 – September 11, 2016
The European-supported Left in Israel works to encourage Israelis to feel guilty toward Palestinians, and to make Palestinians more angry at the Jews.

It’s the Narrative, Stupid

2 Elul 5776 – September 4, 2016
Virtually all Palestinians believe a false narrative designed to combine with the features of the Arab and Muslim culture in such a way as to create endless, insoluble conflict with the Jewish state.

The Crook vs. the Demagogue

20 Av 5776 – August 23, 2016
Trump's chance came from a combination of circumstances: The economic slaughter of America's working class and Obama's contempt for this group. PC mania, and a grossly dishonest/disliked Dem candidate

Taking the First Step to Ending our Unhealthy Dependence

11 Av 5776 – August 15, 2016
Obama is easily “infuriated” by Israel but the problem in the US-Israel relationship is America has trouble treating Israel as a sovereign nation.

The Shape of Things to Come

27 Tammuz 5776 – August 2, 2016
Israel is doing better than ever but the relative stability of the post-WWII period – or even of the longer Western ascendance over the Ottoman empire – may be coming to an end

Islam is Not a religion

14 Tammuz 5776 – July 20, 2016
It is not a human right in the West to espouse, as does Islam, an ideology that embraces conquest and destruction of Western civilization. Islam is not merely a religion, it is an ideology.

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