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Trump Ahead, because He Voices What People Think/Feel

Seems the "One and Only" Donald Trump voices the thoughts and emotions of America's "Average Joe"

Shiloh Musings: How Dangerous is it Here in Israel?

Arab terror attacks aren't Israel's greatest danger- Traffic accidents kill more people by far

Olmert off to Jail- No Remorse

Who could predict Olmert veering Left, spearheading the Disengagement and convicted of corruption?

Shiloh Musings: Why is The Republican Party Shooting Itself in The Foot to Lose?

The Bush-Republican Party would rather lose the WH than support the people's choice, Donald Trump

The World According to Anti-Semites

Anti-Semitism is the underlying source of numerous/all acts against Israel and Jews around the world

Let Them Have The Kotel- If We Can Have Har Habayit!!

It's time for Jews to have full religious and civil rights to hold Jewish Prayer on Har Habayit!!

Shiloh Musings: The Myth of Israel’s Foreign Allies

A "YES" vote to the UN Partition Plan on Nov.29, 1947 did not constitute being an ally

Shiloh Musings: Bernie Sanders: Good for Israel or Jews?

the "situation," in Israel as I do, don't vote Democrat. And I strongly doubt that they'd change their minds to try to put a Jew in the White House.

Shiloh Musings: P.A. Cop Shoots Israeli Soldiers, Act of War?

It's about time that Israel stops deluding itself about negotiating peace with the "Palestinians"

Shiloh Musings: Has Labor’s Herzog Suddenly Gotten Smart?

Did you notice that Herzog said unilateral withdrawals are dangerous?! Maybe he is catching on!

Opening Night! Very Off Broadway

A new play telling the exciting story of Avaraham Stern-man of letters and man of action!

Shiloh Musings: What Do They Have Against Rami Levy?

If Rami Levy paid his workers more 2 things would happen: Higher prices; he'd probably go bankrupt

Shiloh Musings: Bibi vs Boogie: Good Cop vs Bad Cop?

When Jews cannot live in homes legally purchased in Israel, there is a problem.

Shiloh Musings: This Wave of Arab Terror Won’t be Over So Quickly

Things began getting bad for Israel when Begin gave the Sinai to Egypt in the Camp David Agreement

Shiloh Musings: Yet Again-Terrible Arab Terror!

The terrible terrorist murder of Dafna Meir is so deja vu, isn't it? Again the world is silent

Israel vs Sweden: Hotobelli Earns her Votes!

After condemning Swedish FM Wallstrom, Hotoveli's performance as our Deputy FM has shown improvement

Shiloh Musings: Ordinary Americans Like Israel

I believe there's no country Israel can ever count on completely, including America

Shiloh Musings: Will it be Trump versus Clinton?‏

Will Trump go for a wily politician to counter his outsider status? Who will Clinton go choose?

Brazilian Chutzpah, More of The Same…

Brazil is being so rude and chutzpadik about the appointment of Dani Dayan as Israel's Ambassador.

Shiloh Musings: Mainstream Media Distort Reality‏

Headlines should focus on the fact Arab terrorists aim to kill Jews & destroy the State of Israel.

In All Honesty…

Do you know any young Jews who write like this or a school that trains students to write like this?

Demand Civil Rights for Jews in Israel!

In today's Israel, the "others" are treated better than we Jews by the unjust Justice System!

The Myth of the “Demographic Threat”

With the growth in Jewish birthrate and aliya, the Jews of Israel are NOT in demographic danger here

Israel Suddenly Unpopular with Presidential Wannabes

A "requirement" of those campaigning to be President was visiting Israel-Trump& Carson just canceled

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