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Prophecy Coming to Life!

Making the Desert Bloom-Just look at the pictures...

Good Luck, Prime Minister Bennett

I would guess that you wouldn’t have thought that I would write such an article, but I did…

Missing the Point

The job of Jews living outside of Eretz Yisrael is to do whatever it takes to start living inside!

You Let Them Vote? So Let Them Win!

The Arabs of Israel must become similar to “green card” holders in the USA. Someone with a USA green card can register his kids in public schools, obtain a driver’s license and even get social security and medicaire benefits. The one thing they cannot do, however, is vote in federal elections.

Pharaoh, Please Forgive Us

Did anyone change their daily routine or – just like the ‘ol Pharaoh - are we still the same ‘ol Yossi, Rivka, Sarah and Chaim?

Standing in the Same Spot

Someone asked Eli why we stopped at this spot to read these verses in Shmuel Aleph. He smiled and then said words that I will never forget...

The Pollard Photo-op

Rabbis, politicians, community leaders, activists and successful businesspeople paying their respects to Jonathan Pollard. Where the heck were these people when he sat in prison for 30 years?

In Israel, Elections Are Just the Beginning

If you think that elections in Israel are finally over… think again, because the fun is just about to begin! The only part that’s over is election day

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APPealing, APPropriate, APProved

The Fight is Part of the Mitzvah

To deserve Israel is to fight for her.

The Revenge We Are Waiting For

Today’s anti-Semite has become very clever. He/she no longer says they hate Jews. That’s not nice and very politically un-correct. The buzz word these days is called “Anti Israel”.

75 Reasons Why I Love Israel

It is very common to read about the problems in Israel and to hear the criticism. How about pausing that for a while and trying to focus on the good?

Two Important Lessons from the Holocaust

With Yom Ha’Shoah being commemorated this week, what lessons did we learn from that tragic era?

How Lucky We are to be Outdoors

The Jewish people went from being an outdoor nation to becoming indoor communities, but the Torah world is definitely returning to the way it was… under the heavens, together as one nation

What Have We Really Learned from Yom Ha’Shoah?

Many years ago, a major debate erupted in the new and young State of Israel...

Bibi Did NOT Win the Elections

It has been my prediction all along that Netanyahu will turn the Knesset upside down just to leave Ben-Gvir out of the coalition.

Israel at 75 – The Future is Bright

Huh! Not worried about the protests? Not worried about the hatred in the eyes of the left? Not worried about the lack of unity among the people?

Pharaoh, Please Forgive Us

Plague after plague… but this time it wasn’t sent to Pharaoh, it was sent to us.

The Ninja Who Said Sh’ma

Israel is a Jewish state--heck, even our Ninjas are Jewish!

Please Take Care of this Today

A major injustice is occurring in Israel that I wanted to bring to your attention.

Going the Wrong Way

Make time to learn with your children. Sit with them, not just on Shabbat, but during the week as well and light their neshamas on fire! Make Torah fun for them and show them you genuinely care about their connection to Hashem. Show them how you are growing closer to Hashem and they will want to do the same thing!

What’s Really Going on in Israel

First the good news. Pesach is next week and despite the nonsense and all the noise, 98% of Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael will sit and enjoy the seder.

How it Happened: A Response to Rabbi Moshe Hauer

The town of Hawara got what they deserved and the next time a brick is thrown, the response will be even more severe.

Do You Trust The Polls?

Sometimes the longshot does win.

Real Jewish Unity

My wife and I were eating Friday night Shabbat dinner in one of the Israeli hotels, when we noticed a family sitting next to...

A Message to American Jews: Don’t Run Away

I cannot stand with those people who are posting – all over social media – that Jews need to “leave America NOW, before it’s too late!”

Crown the King or Corona the King?

I will get right to the point. This Rosh Ha’Shanah, we are focusing on the wrong thing. Instead of worrying how many people are...

You Can Become Mashiach

For 2,000 years we have been waiting for some hero to ride into town and simply “save the day”. Unfortunately, this is not a Jewish concept.

Retire in Israel? There’s a Better Way!

I have spoken to thousands of people about making Aliyah and have received some very interesting reasons why – even though they would love...


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