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    Why all the Miracles?

    So much is spoken and written these days about Emunah but I beg to differ. What is needed is Bitachon – strength and resolve in the future and the courage to take on those challenges

    From One Mask to Another 

    In 1991 while waiting for a SCUD, I didn’t follow the rules and instead drank a BUD… but in 2020 I am ready for the TASK by caring for neighbors and wearing my MASK. 

    From 5 Million More to 1 Million Less

    Every ethnic group in America is growing, except the Jews.

    How to Achieve Jewish Unity

    People throw around the term “Jewish unity” all the time, but what does it mean and how do we achieve that important goal? Do we have to agree with everyone?

    If I Were the Israeli Ambassador

    Recently, Israel’s Ambassador to the USA, Michael Herzog, was summoned to a meeting with Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman...

    Missing the Point

    The job of Jews living outside of Eretz Yisrael is to do whatever it takes to start living inside!

    What Have We Really Learned from Yom Ha’Shoah?

    Many years ago, a major debate erupted in the new and young State of Israel...

    The Healing Powers of Iyar

    The beginning of the month of Iyar saw us build the state and the end of the month saw us liberate the Temple Mount.

    Crown the King or Corona the King?

    I will get right to the point. This Rosh Ha’Shanah, we are focusing on the wrong thing. Instead of worrying how many people are...

    Learn How to Use Your Jewish Fist

    Jackie Mason made a joke recently that there are 3 things we can always count on: Death, Taxes and Anti-Semitism...

    Jewish Blood and Jewish Judges

    Many of my friends have bitterly complained against these protesters, and their actions, but I strongly disagree.

    You’re Focused on the Wrong Thing

    This past week, I read more articles and heard more jokes about Ben & Jerry’s than I have in the last 100 years… ok,...

    Why Didn’t We Listen?

    We had two great Rabbinic leaders who were crystal clear in what the State of Israel needed to do to defeat the enemy, but their words fell on deaf ears...

    Your Nation is Calling

    The world can’t figure something out; Why are Jews in the Diaspora helping Israel in enormous proportions and – even more unbelievable – why,...

    The Last Shabbat of the Year

    What’s wrong with us? The year is ending – and life is racing by – and all we want to do is finish the spiritual stuff as fast as possible so we can devour some chicken?

    Israel at 75 – The Future is Bright

    Huh! Not worried about the protests? Not worried about the hatred in the eyes of the left? Not worried about the lack of unity among the people?

    The Fight is Part of the Mitzvah

    To deserve Israel is to fight for her.

    We Need to be the Light

    Whether we like it or not, the eyes of the world are on little, tiny Israel. The NY times and CNN report about Israel as if we are the size of Russia and China combined!

    When Are You Making Geulah?

    It's simple, when Jews move back to the Land, the “Geulah” – the redemption – gets much closer!

    Two Important Lessons from the Holocaust

    With Yom Ha’Shoah being commemorated this week, what lessons did we learn from that tragic era?

    Good Luck, Prime Minister Bennett

    I would guess that you wouldn’t have thought that I would write such an article, but I did…

    75 Reasons Why I Love Israel

    It is very common to read about the problems in Israel and to hear the criticism. How about pausing that for a while and trying to focus on the good?

    Fighting Like Judah the Maccabee

    The Jewish people need to stand proud and begin educating the world - even the founding of America was inspired and motivated by many of our Jewish leaders and warriors.

    You Let Them Vote? So Let Them Win!

    The Arabs of Israel must become similar to “green card” holders in the USA. Someone with a USA green card can register his kids in public schools, obtain a driver’s license and even get social security and medicaire benefits. The one thing they cannot do, however, is vote in federal elections.

    Israeli Elections Round 5

    I will try to explain the complicated Israeli political process in less than 300 words.

    Beware the PLAN-demic Jewish Cult

    People have been convinced to stop following the Covid safety guidelines. This has resulted in many people getting sick and even dying and I hold this group accountable for their deaths!

    Spy News

    Stop listening to the media and open your eyes to the truth; Life in Israel is wonderful!

    Conquer Gaza Now

    Conquer Gaza now! I guarantee you that not one existing member of the Knesset will say those three words, but that is exactly what needs to be done

    Peace by Piece

    Discussion on the Trump Peace Plan reminds me of a multiple-choice test: A) I like the plan B) I do not like the plan C) I'm in the middle D) None of the above. My answer is simple. It is a definite, positive “D” – “None of the above”. Let me explain....


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