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The Marrieds, the Majority and the Minorities of the USA

{Originally posted on author's site, FirstOne Through} Liberal political pundits are making broad declarations about the 2014 US elections. They refer to a country that...

The War Against Israel and Jewish Civilians

An average Jew is three times more likely to suffer a hate crime than an average black, and twice as likely to be attacked as an average Muslim

New York Times: “Throw the Jew Down the Well”

In the NY Times desire to see Abbas succeed, they turned deaf to his various statements and actions.

UN Breakthrough? “Hamas Continues to Directly Threaten the Security of Israel”

Mladenov: The issue of (Arab) incitement runs to the heart of the current climate of tension and fear

Eyes Wide Shut

Days after the election, Clinton supporters took the streets and – despite the obvious facts – declared that the democratically elected Trump was not their president.

Obama Supports Anti-Semitic Palestinian Agenda of Jew-Free State

Would Obama stand for a housing policy that barred blacks from living in Washington, DC?

The Undemocratic Nature of Fire and Water in the Middle East

Peres was clear: Any Palestinian government that included Hamas did not seek peace with Israel

ObamaCar to Address Garage Inequality

What do you call a little satire on "snow"? A Snow-tire,,,

John Kerry’s Hypocrisy: “Can You Deliver?”

Despite Abbas lacking ANY authority, Kerry continues pressuring Israel to negotiate with him

Organized and Disorganized Anti-Semites

Either way, Antisemitism is pervasive and pernicous

Helping Refugees: Shutting the UNRWA, Funding the UNHCR

Global resources flow to young and capable descendants of Arabs who left Palestine over 60 years ago

Is Israel Reforming the Muslim Middle East?

One is left to wonder, where does the New York Times get its information?

Reviewing the Rhetoric of Palestinian Arabs and Israelis

Nickolay Mladenov, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process praises Abbas’ condemnation of Palestinian terrorist attack which killed Israelis, but makes no mention of Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders that repeatedly called for calm after the murders.

The Cultural Appropriation of the Jewish ‘Promised Land’

The “promised land” is commonly used as a metaphor for a perfect society. Let’s strive for that perfection by acknowledging that its foundation is the Jewish State of Israel.

The United Nations’ Remorse for “Creating” Israel

The Palestinians pivoted from condemning the Jews’ goal of self-determination to the libel of 'colonialization' that created “racism” and “incitement.”

Jamaal “How Low Can You Go Man” Bowman Makes False and Vile Comparison

Disgustingly Compares Israeli Actions in Jerusalem To A ‘Military Coup’, ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ And A “Genocide”

Anti-Israel Lobbyists Dwarf Pro-Israel Lobbyists

As AIPAC kicks off its 2019 conference in Washington, D.C., it is worth reviewing some basic statistics about this pro-Israel lobbying group.

Trump’s Term: Lowest Tally of Israeli Deaths From Palestinian Terrorism

Despite the tragedies, the last four years have been the safest ever.

Promised Land to Promised Home‏

God's 3 part promise for Israel: to the Avot; a plentiful land; the eventual return home by all Jews

Biden Disrespects Israel and Netanyahu After Election

Biden uniquely snubbed the new leader of the Jewish State. He treated the country as a vassal to take orders...meanwhile, leaders from the around the world had no issue congratulating Netanyahu and discussing collaborating with the Jewish State.

The Many Lies of Jimmy Carter

Carter’s adoration of Hamas, underlines his insanity. He imagines and hopes for a world that doesn’t exist, and makes suggestions that are dangerous for civil society.

Evicting 70,000 Dead Settlers From Jerusalem

The PA has not clearly articulated whether its demands for "East Jerusalem" requires the uprooting of the over 70,000 dead Jews on the Mount of Olives,

Israel’s Nation-State Basic Law Advances a Two-State Solution

In 2018, the State of Israel declared itself the Nation-State of the Jewish people. The public declaration has been made. The Jew is out of the closet. Deal with your anti-Semitism if you want to live next to Israel, and strike treaties and do business with the Jewish State.

My Terrorism

In France and most of the world, Jews do not get starring roles in the rage on behalf of victims.

Sanders Accuses Israel of Deliberately Killing Palestinians

Sanders does not believe that Israel is just defending itself from terrorism, he believes that Israel is deliberately trying to kill Palestinians.

On History and Civilization from the Bible to Columbus

Important events should be marked by their history and consecrated by the related timeless message, whether in regards to man or land.

Israelis Targeting Terrorists, Palestinians Targeting Civilians

There is no moral equivalence between the actions of Palestinians attacking innocent Jews and Israel defending its citizens.

Today’s Inverted Chanukah: The Holiday of Rights in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria

This Hanukah the world again watches evil in the MidEast as Palestinians & ISIS slaughter "infidels"


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