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    Failing Negotiation 102: Europe

    EU countries prematurely recognizing "Palestine" will effectively halt direct peace negotiations.

    J Street Pushes to Make Israel a Partisan Issue

    Israel's PM Bennett had to smile while being treated as a mere tool in Democratic politics

    No Jews Allowed in Palestine

    Neither Jordan nor Egypt have laws that forbid the sale of land to Jews nor have they made statements that Jews are unwelcome in their respective countries. Meanwhile Palestinians neither permit the sale nor permit the presence of Jews.

    Facebook’s Censorship IS a Problem

    Censorship is a cruel hack that silences opinions and stories that stray from today’s new strictly-enforced orthodoxies.

    Purim 2024: Fighting

    We yell “Happy Purim!” As we munch our gar’inim Handing IDF foods in olive green bags.

    UNRWA Is Hamas’s Iron Dome

    ‘Shield’ is an English word which is both a noun and a verb. As a verb, it means to protect something, and as a...

    The United Nations’ Select Concern for Arson in the Middle East

    According to the UN, in the unique case of Israel, where there is smoke evidently there is no fire.

    When the Democrats Opposed the Palestinian “Right of Return”

    It is remarkable to witness how Obama's tenure was so pro-Palestinian, that people have forgotten that the Democratic Party also was against the “Right of Return” before he took office.

    Ever-Elections, Never-Elections and Controlling Elections

    Such is the state of elections today: Israel forever holding elections, Palestinians never having elections and the United States attempting to control the election outcome.

    Israel’s Nation-State Basic Law Advances a Two-State Solution

    In 2018, the State of Israel declared itself the Nation-State of the Jewish people. The public declaration has been made. The Jew is out of the closet. Deal with your anti-Semitism if you want to live next to Israel, and strike treaties and do business with the Jewish State.

    Thomas Friedman: Peddler of Racist Fiction and Adolescent Fantasy

    Thomas Friedman, the three-time Pulitzer Prize winner for Middle East reporting seems to never be shy at demonstrating his complete ignorance, his willful naivete, and racist views on the region.

    Importing Peaceful Ideas to the West Bank

    Arabs from the West Bank have a more nuanced attitude towards Israel. Their opinions change depending on current events.

    Rep. Keith Ellison Refuses to Condemn UN Resolution Aganist Israel

    Ellison, who is running to be the new chair of the Democratic National Committee was amongst the minority of Democrats who voted against the effort to condemn the UN censure of Israel. Not surprising

    Israel, THE Liberal Country of the Middle East

    Israel's probably the most liberal country from Western Europe to Australia and down to South Africa

    Gimme that Old-Time Religion

    Judaism & Islam had amazing historical finds in July; NY Times thought only 1 important-Guess which?

    Obama’s Foreign Policy

    Obama’s foreign policy is viewed by both liberals and conservatives as deeply flawed

    Hamas, CAIR, DSA, Within Our Lifetime, SJP Are All Gunning For Jews

    Jews have enemies, and they are public and proud about gunning for Jews. Some are deranged individuals but others are members of organized groups...

    Obama’s Friendly Pass to Turkey’s Erdogan

    The White House treats Bibi to condemnation & threats, yet showers racist Turkey with benign neglect

    Pope Francis in Turkey

    Contrasting its coverage of the pope's visit to Israel, the media chose to ignore problems in Turkey

    A Whoopi Goldberg Teaching Moment: Jews, Race and “The Other”

    Black people insist on holding the mantle of Victims of Preference, and cannot let such a security blanket drop for a moment, even when discussing the Holocaust on broadcast television.

    Times’ Terrible Take On Failing Hasidic Schools

    Headline NY Times probably preferred, "Hasidic Jews Stealing YOUR $" but, somehow, resisted, and chose to just make it a major point in the text

    Ending Apartheid in Jerusalem

    Discrimination still exists in Jerusalem and it is practiced against the Jews of the city.

    A Musical Tribute to American Servicemen on Veterans Day

    FirstOneThrough Veterans Day music video with song by Dire Straits

    An Inconvenient Truth: Palestinian Polls

    Palestinian poll figures show a growing support for attacking innocent Israeli civilians

    The Battle for Jerusalem

    Abbas called for hard labor/life imprisonment, or death for any Arab that sold land to a Jew.

    On Heretics and Slanderers

    There is a gap in the Jewish people, just as there was thousands of years ago: there are those that believe in traditional rabbinic Judaism and those that reject it. There are those that seek to slander and malign fellow Jews to the world and those that condemn such actions.

    The United Nations “Provocation”

    Palestinians (and Jordanians) often use the term “provocation” regarding Israeli action in Jerusalem


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