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    Judicial Reform in Israel

    Israel will be redeemed through the justice the Torah demands and not political pragmatism.

    The Tailor and the Kaftan

    The State of Israel is Am Yisrael’s beautiful garment and the “tailor” represents all those who helped build and develop every aspect of Israel’s physical needs over the last 75 years.

    Vengeance Upon the Nations

    What was their reason for mentioning the gathering of the exiles after the blessing of the years?

    Zeus and Lebanon’s Stability

    It is only a scant few months when headlines blasted across Israel and world media on the controversial signing of the US-brokered maritime border deal between Israel and Lebanese governments.

    Hatred of Torah (Part 1)

    The hatred of the am ha’aretz in Israel today towards the talmid chacham, is really his hatred of Torah that the religious person chooses to live by and give his allegiance to.

    In the Myriad Assemblies

    The thunderous crowd dutifully repeated the Sh'ma affirmation in Jerusalem...

    Waiting Until ‘The End’?

    The phenomena of those against “climbing the wall” of Satmar tradition, has permeated a major segment of our people, who insist on waiting for Redemption, i.e., Moshiach, rather than participate.

    Two Nations…

    Will civil marriages split Israel?

    For These Things I Weep . . .

    With poetic license, I offer my interpretation of Megilat Eichah.

    Geopolitical Tension and A.I.

    Scanning the media today, one can hardly miss noticing the two ominous scenarios threatening our world’s very existence, physically and mentally.

    O Justice, Justice, Wherefore Art Thou Justice?

    The underlying disagreement in judicial reform is the glaring proof of “the footsteps of the Messiah”

    Despair of the Seculars

    "The seculars in Israel, are interested in eliminating the Jewish being entirely without a trace of Torah." -- R. Chaim Zimmerman, zt'l

    A Heart of Flesh

    We are privileged to be living through one of the greatest moments in modern Jewish history with a pro-Torah government without a Heart of...

    End of Zionism

    The servitude to all the evils we are witnessing in today’s democratic and liberal society, is now gasping its last breath.

    Two-Part Natural Redemption

    Before the Moshiach will come, justice will return to Israel, followed by righteousness.

    Role of Settlements

    A halachic perspective on settlement.

    The Face of the Generation

    The frantic masses worry what will happen “if there is a halachic state? I challenge, where will you be when there IS an halachic state of Torah?

    ‘Shame! Shame!’

    The protesters aren't battling against judicial reform...

    The Poor Souls Are Afraid

    Their souls are crying out for attention, but there is an echo of empty existence inside.

    Role of State – A Taste of Reb Chaim, zt’l

    One of the major arguments in [certain] religious circles against the State of Israel is that it was founded and is run by the “Tzionim”.

    Islamic Frogs

    From the River to the Sea, Plishtim will be Free!

    Kfar Darom First

    While the whole world is talking about “the day after”, now’s the time to think of today, even as the battles in Gaza are still raging, a surprise initiative. Time to return the dignity of Settlements and “teshuva” for the shame of the Disengagement.

    From Camels to Light Rail

    When we made Aliya in 1971, we were told that the place to buy furniture was on Herzl St, Tel Aviv. So off we went...

    Hatred of Torah (Part 2)

    Our generation has failed to adequately explain the pivotal place of Yeshivot today in the Redemption.


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