Open Letter to Oshrat Kotler

Go to the homes of the murderers of the Fogel family. Of Ori Ansbacher. Ari Fuld. Koby Mandell, and so many others. That's where the animals are, Ms Kotler.

The Fictional Abbas is an Excuse to Look the Other Way

Everybody knows that Abbas is lying, but almost everybody pretends to believe it because it allows them to maintain some cherished myths

Hang Arafat Irfaiya!

The leaders of the PLO and Hamas, who have programmed the murderers and who pay them, are also guilty of murder. Indeed Irfaiya and the other monsters are no more than hitmen. The root of the problem is planted higher up.

Elections are Coming and Bringing a Season of Madness

I don’t think there is a harder job in the world than being Prime Minister of Israel. There’s no room for mistakes. If he screws up, he – and the nation – pay the price right away. At the same time, the constraints placed on the PM by the exigencies of the coalition system, the too-powerful Supreme Court and Attorney General, and the intrusive and hostile media, limit what he can do. He bears all the responsibility, but has insufficient authority to do his job.

Remember: Even The Best of Election Polls are Inaccurate

We should vote carefully, according to which party, or candidate we honestly feel will do the best job. And then pray that Gd will give them wisdom.

Rep. Omar: Sorry That I Hurt Jews, BUT AIPAC is Still a Problem

Time will tell if Democratic Party leadership will continue to point out the Antisemitism in their ranks, I am not optimistic. As for Rep. Omar’s half-apology. Based on the fact that she used her apology to demonize AIPAC, it is doubtful she is really chastened.

J-Street Gave MORE $ to US Candidates than REAL pro-Israel PACs

J-Street is stunningly hypocritical: It brags that it is the largest "pro-Israel lobby" in the US and that its money influences Congress!

Ori Ansbacher: Light, Freedom and Jewish Sovereignty

Ori’s murder is different because it wasn’t just a horrific attack on her, it was an attack against our nation. It wasn’t an attack on a woman who happened to be a Jew, it was an attack on a Jew who happened to be a woman. It was an attempt to erase the Jew from Israel.

Remembering Amalek

Perhaps decades ago we could have simply wiped out the PLO and reached some kind of understanding with traditional leaders among the Palestinian Arabs. Perhaps not. But today the “Palestinians” have taken on the mantle of Amalek. They must be defeated and disarmed, and those who see themselves as our enemies must be permanently expelled from the land of Israel.

New Party Just Aggregator Of Other Parties

“Being an aggregator and posing as something original isn’t even original,” he added. “Tzipi Livni did it first.”

Larry’s Letters: this Missive’s Message meant for Michigan Congresswoman Tlaib

The dual-loyalty canard tossed by the Congresswoman photographed awith a flag from a non-existent, never-was country-Palestine

Larry’s Letter to the Editor: Loser’s can’t Negotiate

Larry's letter to the editor is a new blog-sometimes satiric, sometimes serious-that the Jewish Press Online is running. We will start with the serious and obvious...Stay tuned

ADL: Threat to Jews

The ADL doesn’t have the time and the space to confront anti-Semitism, because it’s too busy with more important things. And those things are not the threats to Jews; they are the agendas of the radical Left.


For some inexplicable, fokokt reason, instead of annexing and declaring full sovereignty over all of that miraculously liberated Land, like any normal country would do, Israeli leaders decided to hold it to use as "payment" for "peace" with our enemies. On the whole, our enemies haven't taken the bribe.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day ‘Never Forget’ Is Being Forgotten

While President Trump and some others remember, too many others are forgetting “Never Again.”

The Doctrine of the Strong Jew

I have a theory about Jew-hatred. An important component of it is contempt for Jews as physical beings. Anti-Semites think of Jews as powerful in occult ways, but they also see us as weak, not capable of asserting ourselves physically and fighting back. A good way to reduce antisemitism is to fight the enemies of the Jewish people aggressively.

150 out of 181 Gaza “Return March” Fatalities were TERRORISTS

At least 85% of those killed were terrorists. The mainstream media did not share this "trifling" fact

Friedman’s Lens and Sisyphean Mud

I believe that the ultimate source of this enmity is the principle – literally an “article of faith” in the Muslim Middle East – that a sovereign Jewish state in the region is an abomination to Allah, and it is their religious duty to destroy it

Despite Prior Exposure, Women’s March 2019 Is Still Inherently Anti-Semitic

When you single out Israel for supposed “oppression” and ignore Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, North Korea, Russia, etc. then it’s pretty clear what the motivation is.

Tuvia Grossman and the Covington Catholic School Fiasco

If the media didn't learn from Tuvia Grossman, why will it learn now from Covington Catholic High School?

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Was A Zionist

MLK believed everyone should be able to live in peace and freedom, no matter how they worshiped God, or the pigment of their skin. He was a fighter for civil rights, and a fighter for Jews and Israel

Sex, Lies, and Judicial Appointments

Where is democracy, if an unelected elite, especially one that is diametrically opposed to the will of the electorate, is given almost unlimited power to run the affairs of the nation?

American Jews and Israel: Can the Marriage be Saved?

The earthquake that could propel the American Jews into our arms would be the mushrooming of anti-Jewish attitudes in the Democratic party and the broader society. Could it happen? Something similar seems to be occurring in Europe.


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