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The Lid with Jeff Dunetz

    What Rep. Tlaib Forgot To Mention: 212 Killed – 1,149 Wounded

    Monday’s Tlaib/Omar presser was a horrible display. Two members of Congress were expressing their Antisemitism in public, aired live by major media, their hate speech supported by their fellow Democrats. Although as far as acting goes one of the two members of Congress had provided an award-winning performance, but she left out one important point...

    The Anti-Semitic Blood Libel: It’s Not Just For Passover Anymore

    Passover is the celebration of our freedom as a people, and the blood libel is NOW an around the year problem. "In every generation..."

    President Trump Delivers a Spectacular Speech, Dems Too Partisan To Care

    In his first speech to congress, President Trump who isn’t known as a great speaker, delivered a spectacular speech that surprised in both content and delivery.

    Upcoming Anti-Trump Protest Leader is Palestinian Terrorist

    Rasmea Yousef Odeh, spent a decade in an Israeli jail for being the ringleader in terrorist bombings, including one that murdered 2 Hebrew University students while she was a member of PFLP

    Worldwide Coven of Witches To Cast Spell On Pres.Trump Fri. Night

    While we were celebrating Shabbat, other faiths were at work. Witches cast spells and potions against POTUS


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