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    Yitzhak Rabin’s Vision Of Peace Wasn’t What The Liberals Claim

    Truth be told, nobody really knows what would have happened if a crazy zealot didn’t strike him down 26 years ago? Oslo might have been over long before the intifada, and Arafat might have been sent back to his hiding place under a rock in Tripoli where he belonged.

    Upcoming Anti-Trump Protest Leader is Palestinian Terrorist

    Rasmea Yousef Odeh, spent a decade in an Israeli jail for being the ringleader in terrorist bombings, including one that murdered 2 Hebrew University students while she was a member of PFLP

    Have You Forgotten 9/11/01 The Day That Changed The World ?

    Just about everyone remembers where they were when they found out about the attacks on 9/11/01. But too many Americans including too many of the leaders of the Democratic Party have forgotten the collective national pain, the reasons we were attacked, and desire a return to the appeasement that made the terrorists strong.

    America Must Know The Truth About JCPOA Before Biden Forces Us Back Into It

    There are dozens of other Iran nuke deal-related documents which are not even classified secret but which the Obama administration has nonetheless refused to release. There are broad suspicions those documents contain embarrassing concessions to Iran

    Liberal Freak-Out About Trump Missing PDBs Stems From Fear He May Actually Be Successful

    The Left is having a cow because President-Elect Trump chooses not to get the President’s Daily Briefings (PDB) every day. Is that REAL reason behind their alarm?

    Denied & Covered Up Since 2001: NY Radio Stars Blamed 9/11 On Israel &...

    You want a REAL 9-11 conspiracy? Try WFAN radio's coverup of announcers Francesca and Russo's anti-Semitic, fact deprived commentary blaming both Israel and American Jews for the attack on America.

    U.S. Constitution: The Counter-Revolution That Changed The World

    As we celebrate 2022 Constitution Day, “We the People” are in danger of losing the protections outlined in that counter-revolutionary document

    Women’s March Was Hijacked By Anti-Semites

    {Originally posted to the website, The Lid} By Faye Higbee and Jeff Dunetz Saturday’s Women’s marches like similar progressive protests since Trump’s inauguration was infused with...

    June 7th 1981-Operation Opera: The Reason Saddam Hussein Didn’t Get The Bomb

    Just imagine a world with Iraq or, God forbid, a terrorist with their hands on a nuclear weapon. If it wasn’t for Menachem Begin, a Prime Minister with guts to give the orders to protect Israel, knowing (but not caring) that a world would absolutely freak, and the heroes of the IDF who flawlessly performed their mission, this scary world have happened already.

    The Anti-Semitic Blood Libel: It’s Not Just For Passover Anymore

    Passover is the celebration of our freedom as a people, and the blood libel is NOW an around the year problem. "In every generation..."

    Why Don’t Mainstream Media Demand Democrats Denounce Farrakhan?

    Farrakhan’s hateful words Sunday were reported by the media but his relationship with Democrats was not treated the same way as when a bigot announces support of President Trump.

    Women’s March Founder: Israel’s Creation A Human Rights Crime

    Anyone who supports the Women’s March organization must recognize that it is led by Jew haters.

    Christian, Muslim, And Jewish Faiths Recognize Jerusalem Is Jewish-Why Won’t Biden?

    Any Muslim, Christian, or Jew who denies that Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people is denying the scripture of their own faith.

    Obama’s Written Promise Made Iran Sanctions Snapback Provision Useless

    The promise made to Russia, China, and Europe in writing said that if sanctions were re-imposed –their companies would be “grandfathered.”

    American Colleges Throw Hate At Thanksgiving

    On the fourth Thursday of November, I will be talking about all the blessings I’ve had in my life, and that includes living in the best damn country in the world

    The Bill of Rights 226 Years Old Today And Under Attack

    The importance of the Bill of Rights is a list of limits on government power. It is designed to keep government off our backs by setting lines over which the government cannot pass. Progressive’s today attack numerous amendments.

    OUTRAGEOUS! Famous U.S. Liberals Now Openly Calling For Overthrow Of Government

    The right wing has used harsh terms, but only the most fringe have argued for the government's overthrow or the upending of a lawfully elected administration. Sadly the same can't be said for liberals

    Pres. Biden, How Dare You Compare Me To Hitler

    MAGA pushes personal freedom and keeps the government out of the lives of Americans. That’s the opposite of Fascism.

    Why Isn’t MSM Reporting Richard Falk’s Hatred Of America, Israel, & Jews May Be...

    Falk’s support of false and hateful charges about Jews isn’t limited to his praise of one anti-Semitic book. As UN Watch, Falk’s blog is loaded with “crude anti-Semitic comments”

    NY State Attorney General Let Clinton Foundation Hide Foreign Donors

    New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman does not believe that justice is blind. Rather, it seems he believes justice is his tool to score "Progressive" political points.

    The AOC Mess: Why The Holocaust Should NEVER Be Used As Weapon Of Political...

    Two days after she made her inappropriate comment. Dominik Tarczynski, a member of the Polish Parliament, invited her to put her brain where her mouth is. He extended what he called an “olive branch of education,” inviting her to visit the worst of Hitler’s concentration camps in Poland so she can in learn the why it’s so wrong to inappropriately use the Holocaust for political purposes. AOC declined the invitation.

    R.I.P. Rabbi Abraham Twerski: How He Helped Save The Life Of My Friend’s Son

    When a Jewish family needed help with drug abuse, Rabbi Abraham Twerski answered the call.

    The Spy Who Changed The Face Of The Middle East

      Eli Cohen was a true hero. May his memory always be for a blessing. 

    Biden Blew it on Mid-East Peace

    Biden's Debasement Of The Abraham Accords

    Liberal Hero Linda Sarsour Blames Her Bad Image On Jewish Controlled Media

    That the New School invited an anti-Semite like Linda Sarsour to speak at an event entitled “Anti-Semitism and the Struggle for Justice” is crazy enough; the fact she used the opportunity to spew an anti-Semitic stereotype, pushes it into the Twilight Zone.


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