Cancel Culture Comes to Conference of Presidents

"Jacobs . . . wants to place Klein and his group beyond the Pale as far as mainstream Jewish discourse and politics are concerned."

Dozens of Nigeria’s Igbo Jews Join Shavei Israel’s Zoom Webinar

"They have been apart for a long time because of the Coronavirus so it was great for them to see each other and know they're all okay, to bring them together in this way.”

Historic Presidential Collection by Artist Morris Katz Reintroduced in Honor of Jewish Heritage Month

"The artist famous for completing beautiful portraits within minutes spent an average of 200 hours on each Presidential Collection portrait."

Ruderman Foundation Condemns Bible Quiz Host for Ridiculing ‘Exile’ Jews

By the way, as is usually the case in these quizzes, the finalists were both Israeli teens, a boy and a girl, and the girl, Ruth Cohen, won. 

Jewish Women’s Renaissance Founder Lori Palatnik to Light Diaspora Torch on Independence Day

In 2008, Palatnik revealed that she had donated one of her kidneys to a stranger.

Jewish Philanthropist Boris Lozhkin Donates Protective Gear to Ukraine’s ENT Specialist

Lozhkin stressed that people from all over Ukraine apply to the doctors of the Institute, which employs the best Ukrainian specialists in the field of ear nose and throat.

Evangelical Leader Cardoza-Moore: COVID-19 Not Punishment for Jews for Rejecting Jesus

“Rick Wiles professes to be an Evangelical Christian Pastor, but he never quotes scriptures."

Rabbi Josef Neumann Who Was Stabbed on Chanukah in Monsey Dead at 72

The charges against his assailant are expected to be elevated to murder in the 2nd degree.

Watch: God Has Removed All Our Excuses to Stay in Galut

Watch Rabbi Marc Penner provide the most optimistic and Jewish commentary on the coronavirus infestation. It might just blow your mind.

Rivlin, Herzog Bump Elbows, Discuss Coronavirus Effect on World Jewry

My dear ones, as the special excitement of preparations for the Pesach holiday gives way to fear and anxiety, we embrace you and send our prayers for your welfare and good health.

Milan Jewish Leader Michele Sciama Succumbs to Coronavirus at 79

He was driven by "an overwhelming force, a fire that animated him and that forced those around him to share his planning.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Launches Virtual Mega Aliyah Event Featuring Real Aliyah Opportunities

The Aliyah group will provide online informational sessions to nearly 1,000 pre-registered participants in lieu of this year’s New Jersey mega Aliyah event.

Mayim Bialik’s Abbreviated Megillah

Mayim Bialik, of The Big Bang Theory fame, presents an abbreviated and somewhat hyper version of the Book of Esther story.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Resigns After Comparing Sander’s Win to Nazi Invasion

Matthews admired the late President Shimon Peres, but despised PM Benjamin Netanyahu and lumped him together with “bad guys” like Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

NJ Orthodox Schools to Share in $5 Million Grant to Teach Math, Science

When the match is made, the teacher, the private school, and the district superintendent work out schedule that does not interfere with the teacher’s public school classes.

Report: As NY State School Enrollment Declines, Yeshivas Are Up 62.2%

"Jewish schools have grown by 46.3% in the city and 106.7% in the rest of the state."

Conference of Presidents Hails Saudi Visit, Vows ‘Strength Through Unity’

Following the press conference, the group conducted a visit to the Mobileye factory in Jerusalem.

American Israelis Establish Yordim Party, Seek Share of WZC Budget

According to statistics from the Department of Homeland Security, between 1949 and 2015, about 250,000 Israelis acquired permanent residency in the United States.

J Street Co-Founder, Tlaib and Ilhan Defender, Picked as Bernie Sanders’ Jewish Liaison

So, expect more Bernie Sanders endorsements of "I'm not anti-Semitic, just anti-Zionist" politicians.

Exclusive: Kindness for Holocaust Survivor Cecile Low, z’l, Results in Mystery, History & Joyous...

"Her closest relatives are in Israel. We can't find them. They may never have met, but they are her closest kin." We need to find them . . .

Left-Wing Jews Oppose Additional Police Protection for Brooklyn Chassidim

“Anti-Semitism is on the rise. It is in the water. It is being fueled by a white nationalist administration."

Jewish Astronaut Wishes Happy Chanukah from the International Space Station

The ISS revolves around the Earth at about 17,500 mph resulting in it completing one revolution in about 90 minutes, and about 16 revolutions per day. That's a lot of candle lighting.

WATCH: Ranting Residents Blame Jews for Antisemitic Terror in Jersey City

"Four of your people that were dead, right? That's great. If they was dead, they got shot dead. That's great. . . Get the Jews out of Jersey City."

US Rabbis Call on Democrats to Withdraw Vicious Anti-Settlements Letter

The Coalition for Jewish Values said the letter took a consistently hostile position towards Israel, misstated historical facts, and called on the administration to violate US law.

Jewish Agency’s New Plan Heals Rifts, Fights Anti-Semitism, Pushes Aliyah, Adds Emissaries

Mapping the challenges and resulting actions were formulated through a global process, the first of its kind among the Jewish people.

Grotesque: Al Sharpton Gives Rosh Hashanah Sermon at East Side Synagogue

By now practically every Jewish newspaper in New York has condemned the notion that Sharpton, who is identified more than anyone else with the August 1991 Crown Heights Pogrom, should be preaching to Jews on Rosh hashanah.

Spain Terminates Applications for Jewish Spaniard Wannabes, 130,000 Get In

A whopping 132,226 Jews have taken advantage of the four-year repatriation program to apply for a Spanish citizenship at the ridiculous price of 100 euro.

High Security Awareness in US Synagogues over Holiday

“Even though Pittsburgh is a very safe community, there's just a lot of heightened concern."


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