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? Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Report: Trump to Concentrate on Gaza Strip in Lieu of Larger Peace Deal

A senior Egyptian source said "Trump and his people have proven that they are able to think outside the box and produce creative solutions."

A Guide to the New Palestinian Authority License Plates

Palestinian Authority adding the Alphabet to their license plates

Palestinian Authority’s Abbas Hospitalized Again, Officially a ‘Medical Checkup’

As happened last time, PA officials have initially denied the report and claim Abbas was sent for a "medical checkup."

Scientist Warns Ongoing Fires Threaten Long-term Health of Gaza Belt Ecology

"If the current situation continues ... it could cause a permanent change in the landscape. That means very extensive ecological damage."

Report: Germany Mediating Prisoner Exchange Deal with Hamas

Hamas insists that no information be given about them before the release of 54 prisoners who were released by Israel during the Shalit deal and re-arrested over the past four years.

Defense Minister Screams at Shabak Chief over Arabs’ Family Unification

Lieberman attacked, saying, "You've crossed the red lines," Argaman replied: "I don't work for you."

PA: Israel’s Blocking ‘Pay-to Slay’ a Declaration of War

The PA said it would file complaints against Israel at the International Criminal Court and U.N. Security Council.

Code Pink Launches Campaign of Lies to Keep Bob Marley’s Son from Performing in...

At some point, we should probably sit shiva for them. Hey, they say kadish for Hamas terrorists, don't they?

IDF Spokesman: Hamas Trying to Lure Soldiers With Mobile Phone App

Once again, the enemy is trying to lure IDF soldiers into downloading their spy app using fake profiles.

Knesset Passes PA Fiscal Retribution Law

The Defense Ministry said the PA pays over a NIS 1 billion annually as rewards for terror attacks.

Australia Stops Payments to Palestinian Authority Over Pay for Slay

The PA has made it clear they will not stop payments to the jailed terrorists.

Revealed: No One Monitors Thousands of Trucks Entering Israel from Gaza

The Lavi organization, which disclosed the data, is calling on Defense Minister Liberman to order a halt on exports from Gaza to the State of Israel.

Hamas Says No Deal On Missing Soldiers, Without Israel Releasing Hundreds of Jailed Terrorists

Hamas has been presented with three deals that address the situation in Gaza and rejected them all.

Palestinian Authority Presses for Protests Against Peace Plan, Sight Unseen

If a deal is reached with other regional Arab leaders without his participation, Abbas will undoubtedly whine that a "solution" was imposed on his people.

‘Summer of 2014’ – HBO Film Tells Story of Stormy Days Prior to War...

Produced in English, Hebrew and Arabic, this is ... possibly the largest international production ever to take in Israel.

The PA, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Caution Israel on Erdogan’s Meddling in Eastern Jerusalem

The Jordanians are afraid that Erdogan is trying to undermine the status of the Hashemite Kingdom as guardian of the holy Muslim sites in the city.

UK Prince Accepts Abbas’ Lies, Declines to Meet Jerusalem Mayor in Israel’s Eternal Capital

“I know I share a desire with all of you, and with your neighbors, for a just and lasting peace,” Prince William told youth in both the Palestinian Authority -- which he recognizes as a country -- and in Israel.

Wounded Gaza Terrorist Carries Suspected Grenades, Explosives into Barzilai Hospital ER

"Once we saw what it was ... we instantly evacuated everyone from the room."

Israel Pursues Prisoner Swap Deal With Hamas for Bodies of IDF Soldiers

Israel will not release the 46 arrested prisoners released in the Shalit deal, nor will Israel release prisoners with blood on their hands.

Report: Egypt Drafting Comprehensive Deal for Israel, Hamas

Al-Akhbar cites sources in Hamas that reject the free harbor idea if it includes continued Israeli inspections.

IDF Attacked Parked Car, After Making Sure Kite Launchers Were Gone

For future reference, keep this in mind: we will know that the IDF is serious about stopping Hamas when Arabs start getting killed in those attacks (God forbid).

Israel Defense Forces Launch Counter Attack Against Hamas Fighters in Gaza

Israeli fighter pilots also carried out three air strikes in response to the ongoing arson kite and balloon bomb attacks emanating from Gaza.


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