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    Supporters of Israel, Unite!

    Supporters of Israel are badly divided on several fronts. These divisions weaken a group that is already fighting an uphill battle against opponents of Israel who are far more numerous, better funded, and better organized. It is time for supporters of Israel to stop the infighting and to direct all their efforts in the direction where it is needed, in support of Israel.

    What the Heck Happened to American Jews?

    A substantial percentage of Jews refuse to stand up with their fellow Jews against antisemitism at a time when antisemitism is particularly virulent

    Gideon Levy is Drunk on Power

    Levy has the power to state the truth, but if he did, he would be just an average journalist that few people would pay attention to. So, he chooses to play to the large anti-Semitic crowd – look at me, he implies, I am an Israeli and a Jew, and therefore your best ally against the state that dares to be Jewish.

    Today’s Lebanese Patriot is a Lebanese who Stands with Israel

    Lebanon’s friends are the type of friends who make you think that you don’t need enemies. Ironically, except for its "enemy" Israel.

    Picking up the Pieces after Death of 2 State Solution

    In the 69 years of this history, Israelis’ support for the two-state solution, however, has slowly eroded. The main reason is the realization that the Palestinians never wanted it and are not likely to ever want it.

    The Problem with the Metal Detectors? They’re Jewish

    Metal detectors are used in many places in the world, including airports of course, but also Muslim places of worship. So why the big deal at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem?

    Edy Cohen, or the Truth about Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands

    Edy Cohen, was not born in Israel. He is a refugee from Lebanon. Unlike many refugees, he is not waiting for handouts or international sympathy. He has made a life for himself in Israel and advocates for Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

    Why We Arabs MUST Speak Up

    Brave words from an Arab who finds much in the Arab world disgusting, and much to be admired in Israel

    An Arab’s View of the Paris Peace Summit

    I am an Arab, lucky enough to be one of the few Arabs who live far enough, both physically and intellectually, from Arab thugs to be able to speak my mind. So I will speak my mind.

    The Atonement Not Occurring on Yom Kippur

    Ironically, the area where Christians and Muslims most need atonement and self-reflection is in the way that they have treated Jews over the centuries. Unfortunately, they lack a holiday like Yom Kippur

    An Arab’s Tribute to the Jewish Spirit on Israel’s 70th anniversary

    Arabs devote their energies to stifling human potential in their own ranks; Jews, on the other hand, devote their energies to building a nation and making it greater every day.

    The West No Longer Can Identify Evil

    This should have been obvious long ago, but better late than never.

    Strike Left-wing anti-Semitism Where it Hurts

    It is time to have left-wing parties that can eloquently, loudly, and proudly speak about the history of the Jewish people and about the many challenges that Israel has faced and continues to face.

    Anti-Semitism: Staring Straight into Darkness

    What makes someone an anti-Semite? Stupidity? Dark souls filled by all-consuming hatred? Probably a combination of both, but that doesn't matter because anti-Semites have and will always exist.

    Visiting Israel is a Privilege not a Right

    Israel has absolutely no obligation to let BDS activists enter the country. There is no automatic right to enter any country that one wishes to enter. It is a privilege that must be earned.

    Jews Should Live Wherever they Wish

    Jews should be able to live wherever they choose to live, period, including France, including Judea and Samaria, and even including the Arab world. Anyone who says otherwise is excusing and reinforcing anti-Semitism,

    Palestinian–and others–Should Learn from Jews about Anger Management

    This Jewish trait is perhaps the explanation behind the Jewish people’s longevity despite having faced discrimination, rejection, resentment, and violence throughout their long history

    Christians Punish the Defender of Christians in the Middle East

    By betraying the Jews of Israel, Christians are not only continuing a long history of anti-Semitism but also undermining tBy betraying the Jews of Israel, the world’s Christians are betraying the only state in the Middle East that protects Christians from extinction and are undermining their own heritage. heir own heritage.

    How Israel Would Become Palestine

    If Israel annexes the West Bank, the Jewish majority in Israel would be reduced immediately from 75% to about 57%, and the Arab minority in Israel would nearly double from 21% to about 40%

    Why the World Cares about 1982 Sabra and Shatila Massacre

    I am ashamed that the loss of Arab lives seems to matter to the world only if Israel can be blamed, even indirectly. Mostly, I am ashamed of what this event, like so many others in the history of the Israel-Arab conflict, says about the world’s bias against the only Jewish state.

    Yes, I Had Fun in Israel while Palestinians Were Getting Killed in Gaza

    It is not Israel that needs to change. It is not Israel that needs to be boycotted. It is the Arab world that needs to have a deep look at itself, how it behaves towards its own peoples and towards others, and how it needs to change.

    As an Arab, I am Disgusted by Jews–Who Oppose Google’s Israel Contract

    As an Arab, I wish that the Google Jewish employees would learn the history of the people that they claim to belong to.

    Jews: The Minority that Disturbs

    What is it about Jews that disturbs so much? What disturbs the world is that Jews are a minority that does not behave like a minority. Jews refuse to shut up, comply, and become invisible

    Pragmatism, Maximalism, and Religionism in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

    Arab states who had a central role in starting the conflict, may end up being the catalyst that finally infuses the pragmatism that is needed for a solution.

    The Fictional Abbas is an Excuse to Look the Other Way

    Everybody knows that Abbas is lying, but almost everybody pretends to believe it because it allows them to maintain some cherished myths

    Palestinians are Prisoners of their Own Narrative

    The world is going from wanting to help the Palestinians, but not knowing how, to giving up on the Palestinians.

    Let the Statues Fall!

    An alternative perspective on the toppling of legends.

    ‘Made in Israel’ means ‘I Love You’

    A picture may be worth a 1000 words but the real thing is much tastier and more fun!

    I Demand Lebanon be BANNED from the Olympics

    If countries like Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and others cannot put aside their hatred of Israel, or any other country, at least for the duration of the Olympics, they should not be allowed to compete.


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