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    A Female Role Model of Humanity in Israel

    Boko Haram enforces a patriarchal oriented society in which women are treated as “sexual slaves.”

    The Troubling Timing of Obama’s Syria Epiphany

    The Syrian crisis has deteriorated into a regional sectarian war, increasingly creeping over Syrian borders and into Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, and Jordan.

    The Three Little Kosher Pigs

    Instead of building houses of bricks they have chosen to build a “big tent.”

    Al Sharpton and MSNBC – Perfect for Each Other

    In the last two days, Sharpton has declared--despite all evidence to the contrary--that there is "no evidence at all" connecting Holder to scandals .

    Mathematical Impossibilities May be What Trips up Democrat Plans

    Elementary logic says if there are coattails, there’s a coat. However, even as the down-ballot races went a bright, rosy red, we’re being asked to believe that those same voters didn’t want Trump. That defies credulity.

    Hezbollah’s Syrian Quagmire?

    "[Hezbollah] is no longer that party that defends the Umma [Islamic nation]; instead it plagues the Umma."

    Integrity in a Post-Christian America

    In 1943, integrity meant one's adherence to Judeo-Christian values; today, it means adherence to...something.


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