Israeli Scientists Identify Cause of Sea Urchin Deaths in Red Sea

“The scene underwater is almost surreal: seeing a species that was so dominant simply erased in a matter of days … thousands of skeletons rolling on the sea bottom, crumbling.”

Gaza Zoo Lions Starving but Owners Refuse to Let Israel Care for Them

In a different zoo in the Strip, in Gaza City, in 2017, the owners painted donkeys to resemble zebras.

KKL-JNF Program Takes Jerusalem Haredi Kids Out into the Forest

Forest deputies are involved and active residents of the community, both in the construction process and in planning and accompanying the community forest.

Stray Dogs Attack IDF Fighters in North Gaza; Nature & Parks Official: Shoot Them

There has already been a tragedy of a Bedouin toddler who was bitten to death by a stray dog from Gaza.

IDF Soldiers Rescue Protected Birds during Operation in Shechem

Poachers often resort to disabling the finches by breaking their wings or legs, transforming them into bait to attract their companions.

Watch Black Whip Snake Dying after Trying to Devour a Hedgehog in Shoham

"At the end of the match both the hedgehog and the snake met their deaths in this tragic encounter."

Wild Boars May Decide the Vote for Mayor of Haifa

Mayor Kalisch-Rotem will appoint a Pig Czar.

It’s Not Autumn Yet, But the First Squills Are Already Popping in Israel

“I hope the images will help cool down the people of Israel a little, ahead of a particularly hot week."

U. of Haifa Researchers Predict Few Jellyfish this Summer

"We say this carefully, and the reality can still change, but if you look at the past cases, this is the reasonable assessment as of this moment."

Israeli, American and Australian Corporations Collaborate on Climate Tech Insurance Venture

Extreme weather events have become more frequent and severe, leading to increased property damage, crop losses, and business disruptions.

Knesset Eretz Israel Caucus in Binyamin: Environmental Damage Means Failure to Govern

"Illegal garbage dumps and illegal incinerators are polluting the environment we all share."

Ram Calves Born in Arava Nature Preserve Experience their First Rain

To the brand-new ram calves who until this week had known only sunshine and dry sands, the rain was a wonderful surprise.

Watch: Heavy Rains Revive Israel’s River Falls – And They’re Gushing!

We just received from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority two amazing videos.

Israel Rescue Teams Ready to Go After 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 1300 in Turkey...

A rescue mission of Israel's Home Front Command is preparing to leave for Turkey to provide aid in the disaster area.

Watch: School of Nasrallah Fish Spotted in Eilat Bay

The Nasrallah fish knows how to fight back and inflict pain on an enemy, which explains its name (also because of the whiskers).

10,000 Would-Be Shtreimels Roam Ohio’s Countryside

Each shtreimel may be made of up to 30 sables, minks, martens, or foxes.

John Kerry Shakes Hands with Nicolás Maduro – Will He Collect the $15 Mil....

The State Department said the handshake was "unplanned,” and “immaterial," despite its denouncement of Maduro only days earlier.

Gaza Strip Officials Resign over Disastrous Flooding

Gaza officials blame––you guessed it––"repeated Zionist aggression."

64 Vultures Released into the Wild Ahead of Yom Kippur

“We wish the vultures a long and beautiful life."

Motorists Start the Week with Sinkhole Across Tel Aviv’s Major Highway

It was a miracle this happened on Shabbat when traffic in Israel is relatively tame.

Watch Live the World’s Most Crowded Assembly of Migrating Birds

More than half a billion birds pass through the Hula Valley each migration season, autumn and spring.

Jellyfish Swarm in Israel Unusually Intense as 9 B’Av Approaches

It has been established that the swarm of “meduzas” arrive on Israel’s shores around Tamuz 17 and floats away after 9 B’Av.

Mystery: What Caused the Deaths of 4 Mountain Goats in Mitzpe Ramon?

"The mountain goats were taken to the autopsy lab at the Beit Dagan Veterinary Institute to examine the circumstances of their deaths."

Parks Inspectors Rescue 5 Migratory Birds of Prey from Wastewater Treatment Plant

After being rescued from the foul-smelling pools, the inspectors transferred the birds to the nearby Yotveta Nature Reserve.

Court Fines Trans-Israel Pipeline $485,000 for Polluting Nahal Zin

Plants dried up and died, and the animals that relied on these plants were harmed.

Bar Ilan U 3D Printing Method to Curb Coral Reef Devastation

"We introduce a novel customizable 3D interface for producing scalable structures, utilizing real data collected from coral ecosystems."


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