Jerusalem Deploys Sheep to Fight Fires, Terror-Arson Suspected in Central Israel

The heat wave and terror-arsonists have been responsible for some large fires in Israel.

Gaza Zoo Lions Starving but Owners Refuse to Let Israel Care for Them

In a different zoo in the Strip, in Gaza City, in 2017, the owners painted donkeys to resemble zebras.

IDF’s Tel Aviv Headquarters Goes Solar, Plan Includes 50 Bases Countrywide

Upon completion of the overall works, the plan is expected to save about NIS 16 million ($5 million) annually.

Update: 1 Killed, 8 Injured in Nachal David Rockslide at Ein Gedi

Nachal David was closed immediately and visitors to the site were evacuated.

US Govt to Invest Millions to Improve Water on Long Island

State funding is also aimed at helping to address thousands of substandard or failing septic systems and cesspools that cause significant water quality impairments locally and statewide.

TAU Study: Heart Patients Live Longer in Green Environments

The study examined thousands of post-bypass patients and found that those who live in a “greener” environment are at a lower risk of mortality.

Kinneret Water Level Hits 16-Year High Point

Israel’s largest freshwater source is only 7.3 inches short of maximum capacity, with more rain forecast for later this week.

Flames Destroy Moshav Mevo Modiin, Netanyahu Asks for International Firefighters as Fires Spread in...

Israel's Firefighting Commission has banned people from lighting fires outdoors "while these conditions prevail at reserves and parks in Israel.”

Pod of Dolphins Escorts Nature & Parks Authority Inspectors

"After a pregnancy of about a year, the puppy is breastfed for about 20 months."

More Blessings for Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

As happened last year, the water level in the lake is approaching the so-called "upper red line."

Israel’s Ministry of Transport and Road Safety Unveils Plan to Reduce Car Use by...

The goal is to persuade Israelis to do much more walking and cycling, and to take the bus and train when traveling.

Israel Requests International Assistance as Wildfire Continues to Rage in Jerusalem Hills

It is believed the wildfire was caused by arson -- possibly arson terror.

Haredim Will Bear the Brunt of Government’s War on Disposable Plastic Utensils

Of course, if the finance and environmental protection folks really want to clean up Israel, and at the same time repress Haredi families even more, they should go after disposable diapers.

Europe’s Deadly Heatwave, Wildfires Spreading to Israel, Mediterranean

Hundreds have died and tens of thousands of acres have burned to ash in Europe. Wildfires also began in Israel last month.

Report: Tanker that Caused Environmental Disaster on Israel’s Beaches Owned by Syrians

The initial information about the connection between the ship, Syria, and Oryx Shipping Ltd, was revealed on March 4 by the Lloyd’s List Intelligence website.

Lebanon Blames Israel for Mediterranean Oil Spill

Lebanon's caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab blamed an Israeli ship for the oil spill.

Israel to Export Natural Gas to Egypt, Energy Minister Holds Talks in Egypt

Natural gas exports to Egypt are expected to reach seven billion cubic meters annually over the next decade.

Going Green: Israel to Convert Most of its Public Transportation to Electric Power by...

The Ministry’s goal is to convert 60 percent of the inner-city buses within the next six years.

Clergy From Around the Planet Gathered to Pray for the Environment at Megiddo National...

According to the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible, Megiddo (Armageddon) is the prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times.

Watch: Keeping the Kinneret Always Topped Off

No more worrying about the (Sea of Galilee) Kinneret's water level dropping below the red line in drought years or from overpumping.

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Prompts New York to Hand Out N95 Masks

“The best way to stay safe right now is to stay indoors.”

17 Healed Sea Turtles Go Back into the Mediterranean

80% of these turtles were diagnosed as suffering from blast injuries.

New York City Air Quality ‘ Unhealthy’ Due to Canadian Wildfire Smoke

City residents were warned to limit their time outdoors, particularly those with respiratory illnesses, heart disease, children and adults over 65.

Watch: Hatchling Turtle Trapped in Car Tracks on Way to Sea

Israel bans driving cars on the beach. The vehicles leave behind sockets and grooves in the sand which are obstacles to little turtles.

German Airmen Prepare JNF Trees for Planting on the Shmita Year

The event was a show of the strength of the German-Israeli relationship.

Kinneret Rising

The Kinneret rose 2 centimeters and is currently 209.98 meters below sea level. 

Weekend Visitors in Western Galilee Brook Leave Behind 130,000 Bushels of Trash

This waste becomes an environmental and ecological hazard that harms the local springs, plant species, and wildlife.

Kinneret Up One Meter Since Winter’s Start

More than half that volume of water came from just the past 5 days of rain.

A Pod of 15 Dolphins Spotted Off Ashkelon’s Coastline

The common bottlenose dolphin is the most well-known species of the family Delphinidae.


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