Reverse Tashlich: Young Jewish Teachers Clean Up Beach on 10 Days of Awe

So far, more than a thousand young people have participated in the "Teachers' Trip" project.

Earthquake Shakes Crete, Felt in Israel

Israelis across the country reported feeling the tremor.

Umm al-Fahm Detectives Liberate Captive Bunny, Release Her to the Wild

When it became clear that her physical condition was relatively good, Kabasa returned her to the wild in the fields of Jezreel Valley.

Israel’s Small Crater of the Negev Officially Declared a Nature Reserve

Some of the area is located within the site of the Israel Nuclear Research Center facility, which required complex negotiations.

Meretz Environment Minister Silent as PA Polluters Spread Lies & Dirt about Israel

At the Glasgow Climate Conference the PA PM falsely accused Israel of polluting the environment - watch the truth.

Israeli Study: One Must Get Close, Touch & Smell Nature to Create Happiness

"Thought must be given to how to encourage people to go outdoors and enhance their nature experience.”

Autopsy on Whale’s Carcass Raises Suspicion of Death by Oil Pollution

Materials derived from oil pollution were found in the autopsy and were transferred for testing.

Clergy From Around the Planet Gathered to Pray for the Environment at Megiddo National...

According to the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible, Megiddo (Armageddon) is the prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times.

Clean Thine Beach

They collected thirty bags of plastic trash, which is most dangerous to animals and fish.

Environmental Protection Ministry Probing Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Leak

“This is a very serious incident which illustrates how dangerous and harmful the transportation of fossil fuel in Israel . . . can be,”

Happy Cows Invade Empty Nature Preserve Near Haifa

The country was under curfew for the last Passover holiday.

Study: Israel Can Expect ‘Devastating’ 6.5-Magnitude Earthquake in Coming Years

"The geological record does not lie. It could be in ten years or several decades, but it could also be next week, and we need to constantly be prepared for that.”

Israel Holds First Inter-Ministerial Committee Meeting on Earthquake Recovery Plans

A powerful earthquake in Israel is not a question of whether it will happen, but when,” says the director general of the Prime Minister’s Office.

McDonald’s in Brazil is Using Trays Made from Israeli Trash

The project will begin with restaurants in the Brazilian cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Brasilia, and Manaus in the Amazon.

Nature & Parks Authority, Police, Raid Home of Israeli Arab Lawbreaking Hunter

The Border Police and the Nature and Parks Authority this week signed a joint operations agreement to fight crime in the areas of mutual interest to both organizations.

10 Tons of Baby Wipes Block Israel’s Main Pumping Station

“The wipes are not biodegradable at all, and form huge clumps. They get stuck in the systems and pumps and clog lines."

Maybe Consider Nahal Ayun for your Honeymoon?

The stream originates from the springs in the Marjayoun valley in southern Lebanon.

Wild Mountain Goats Invade Eilat Hotel Under Lockdown

Nature abhors vacuum, including the silent vacuum of the coronavirus lockdown.

En Afek Nature Reserve on a Perfect November Morning

On this Friday morning, a camera crew assembled to shoot a mysterious sequence under the magical light of the new sun.

Israeli Scientists Discover Light Pollution Makes Crickets Chirp in Daytime, Could Disrupt Life Cycle

Artificial light at night affects the length and quality of sleep, leads to high mortality, and changes the activity cycles of many creatures, say researchers.

Giant Manta Ray Spotted in Eilat Bay

Mantas are the dream of every diver who enters the water, but in Eilat such an observation is rare.

Israeli Scientists Track Source of Summertime Jellyfish

Findings showed that the nomadic jellyfish polyps originate from the coasts off the shallow eastern end of the Nile in Egypt (rather than in the river itself).

Next Step Taken in Creation of Israel’s Largest-Ever Solar Field

The installation, to cover an area of 750 acres, will be built in the Negev city of Dimona.

Time Lapse Sunrise Over the Kinneret

A time lapse video of the sunrise at the Arbel Nature Reserve National Park.

Israelis Are Getting Ready to Go Back to the Beach

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri announced the beaches will reopen officially to the public on May 20.

Israeli Pipeline Company Embroiled in Conflict Over UAE Oil Deal

An agreement penned a year ago has encountered growing opposition from environmentalist groups and Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Israel Identifies Ship Responsible for Dumping Iranian Crude Oil on Tel Aviv’s Beaches

The ship turned off their tracking system near Israel, dumped hundreds of tons of Iranian crude oil off of Israel's coast, and sailed to Syria and back to Iran.

Kinneret Rising

The Kinneret rose 2 centimeters and is currently 209.98 meters below sea level. 

Ten Dolphins Visited Eilat Then Crossed Over to Egypt Without Incident

The false killer whale has been known to approach and offer fish it has caught to humans diving or boating.


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