KKL-JNF Celebrates International Forestry Day at Dubai Expo

On the occasion of International Forestry Day, the Jewish National Fund revealed these rare historic images.

Environment Ministry Halts Leviathan Gas Rig Operations Before First Gas Flow

"The tests have shown that no risk is expected for residents of the coastal communities at all stages of operations, including at the time of the initial tests.”

Earthquake Shakes Cyprus, Felt in Israel

Cyprus lies in a secondary earthquake-prone zone, but tremors of such magnitude are uncommon.

Kinneret Only 35 Inches from Becoming Full Again

Heavy snow fell on the Hermon mountain overnight, adding 15 centimeters (6 inches) of snow to its lower level, just in time for the thaw. 

Israel is Blessed with Winter Rain: Water Level Rising in Lake Kinneret

The water level is now standing at 211.77 meters, just 2.8 meters from the top red line.

Abundance of Blessings as Water Level Rises Steadily in Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

The water level of the lake is now standing at just four feet from full capacity.

Israelis Are Getting Ready to Go Back to the Beach

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri announced the beaches will reopen officially to the public on May 20.

Watch: Israeli Natural Honey Making without the Bees

By isolating the properties of real honey and producing it without the bees, there are more bees left to pollinate plants to their little hearts’ content.

A Pod of 15 Dolphins Spotted Off Ashkelon’s Coastline

The common bottlenose dolphin is the most well-known species of the family Delphinidae.

Good News: Water Still Rising at Lake Kinneret

On Sunday, Jan. 5 2020, the level of the lake stood at 211.48 meters below sea level, just about halfway between the upper and lower red lines.

Bill Proposed to Fully Subsidize Dishwasher Purchases for Families with 4 Children in Response...

MK Porush pointed out that the sector that is likely to be hurt most by the new tax is the observant Jews.

Suspect Arrested in Golan Eagle Poisoning

Eight eagles have died and two others are fighting for their lives after they ingested poison on the Golan Heights.

Massive Fire Spreading from Outskirts of Jerusalem, Tzur Hadassah

"It is too early to determine what caused the fire; we will conduct a comprehensive investigation."

Continued Good News at Lake Kinneret

Over the past week, the level of the lake rose 6.3 inches, bringing the water level to just 4.5 feet from full capacity.

Israeli Elderly Emerge from Isolation in ‘Nature Tuesday’ Program

The Nature Tuesday initiative has been reactivated as part of the struggle against loneliness.

Lebanon Blames Israel for Mediterranean Oil Spill

Lebanon's caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab blamed an Israeli ship for the oil spill.

On the Way to Green Fuels? Israeli Scientists Grow CO2 Consuming Bacteria

Israeli scientists of the Weizmann Institute of Science have developed bacteria that survives solely on carbon dioxide (CO2) from their surroundings, instead of their regular food.

Lake Kinneret Just 32 Centimeters from Full Capacity

On March 30, 2020, the lake was 36 centimeters from the upper red line; April rain brought the lake to within 12 centimeters of full capacity.

Flames Threaten Jerusalem Outskirts, Again

As happened last week, firefighters suspect both blazes were set deliberately.

West Nile Virus-Infected Mosquitoes Found in Samaria

This is not the first case of West Nile virus-infected mosquitoes found in Israel this year.

5.2-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Cyprus, Just 240 Miles from Israel

No warning issued in Israel • IDF Home Front Command offers guidelines on how to stay safe.

Israel Identifies Ship Responsible for Dumping Iranian Crude Oil on Tel Aviv’s Beaches

The ship turned off their tracking system near Israel, dumped hundreds of tons of Iranian crude oil off of Israel's coast, and sailed to Syria and back to Iran.

Eilat Coral Reef Survives Climate Change, Future Looks Good for Next Generations

"Corals around the world are already suffering mass mortality as a result of anomalously high water temperatures."

Clean Thine Beach

They collected thirty bags of plastic trash, which is most dangerous to animals and fish.

Israeli Aqua Tourism Spreading to Dolphins

One of the dolphins was spotted showing her pup how to float on the water in order to breathe. Dolphins are mammals.

Sierra Club Reverses Course, Decides to Reinstate Israel Trips after Talk with Rabbi

“The Sierra Club, historically a pioneer in promoting an environmentally clean world, has suddenly become an anti-Semitic polluter by caving to extremist anti-peace groups who seek to demonize, delegitimize and eliminate the democratic Jewish state,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper.

University of Haifa Researchers Say 45% of Israelis Admit to Polluting Natural Treasures

When the average Israeli is asked why they pollute they reply: "Because there was no trash can." When asked why others pollute they say: "because they enjoy it."


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