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Shiloh Musings: Education Rip-Off

Of course, no good yeshiva high school will take boys missing English and Math, and whatever school would accept them would have to put them in remedial groups. In most cases, the students never really catch up.

Shiloh Musings: Why is The Israeli Supreme Court Supporting Criminals?

Israel's Supreme Court by equating illegal aliens with Jews who tried to flee the Nazi regime, claim that welcoming the illegals is what Judaism teaches. Such a comparison shows no accurate knowledge of history and less of Judaism.

Shiloh Musings: Grateful to be Living in Israel–as World Falls Apart

True, no place is 100% perfect, but I'm perfectly happy living in Israel.

Shiloh Musings: Is Bibi on His Way Out?

If Bibi had been strong about keeping the new security devices in place, the latest polls would have shown his Likud taking seats from Jewish Home, Yisrael Beiteinu, Yair Lapid and Kulanu. But he was not,

Shiloh Musings: 9th of Av Warning

The State of Israel still refuses to be sovereign on not only the Temple Mount but the entire Land of Israel.

Shiloh Musings: Bibi and Likud Right? No, Wrong!

Gd willing, there will be a miracle, and we'll finally have a true, reliable Jewish Leader who fears nothing but Gd Almighty. Gd willing, there will be a miracle, and we'll finally have a leader who will impose fully Israeli Sovereignty over the Entire Land of Israel

Shiloh Musings: Must Keep Temple Mount Metal Detectors for Arabs

There is nothing at all to negotiate here. And there is absolutely no need for any foreigners to come to help mediate. The metal detectors must remain in place, and Arabs must undergo exactly the same security inspections as anybody else!!

Shiloh Musings: Israel Should Just Leave The UN!

An advantage of leaving the UN would be Israel banishing all those UN employees and those who work for organizations dedicated to besmirching, maligning and undermining the State of Israel. We'd be safer cutting all ties!

Shiloh Musings: Why THREE WEEKS to Commemorate Holy Temple?

We, Israel, must remember that we can't rely of foreign countries for our security. Our greatest victories were when we had no foreign allies, because we have Gd.

Shiloh Musings: Missing Soldiers, “Our Sons”

The Goldin family claims that in order for their son's body to stop being an asset to Hamas, Israel needs to stop "giving Hamas candies." I agree with everything the Goldin family is saying

Shiloh Musings: Premise of “Jerusalem Bill” Horrendous

They keep talking about this "Jerusalem Bill." Those in favor claim it will protect Jerusalem, but I think that the very premise behind the bill is a greater danger.

Shiloh Musings: Ramadan Terror

With the last week of Ramadan, and then the Eid al-Fitr festival unfortunately the chances are great that Arab/muslim terror attacks will increase

Shiloh Musings: Amateur POTUS, Blame Primaries System

The US Government is being run by total amateurs to the political system. I expect more anarchy and chaos until whoever wins the 2020 Elections takes charge.

Shiloh Musings: Looks Like Theresa May Miscalculated

Too bad that British PM May didn't consult with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu before calling for snap elections who is suffering from a similar mistake of being overly optimistic about results.

Shiloh Musings: 1967 War Could Easily have Resulted in Israel’s Destruction

There was no plan for liberating Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Sinai and the Golan. All that just "happened." G-d did it. Can you give any other reason why we won in such an amazing way?

Shiloh Musings: Arab Terrorist Prisoner Hunger Strike, Who Won?

Public Security Minister Erdan claims that the Arab terrorist prisoners didn't gain anything from their hunger strike, the Arabs claim otherwise. Considering leaked details, the Arab version may be more accurate.

Nice Zionist Patriotic Booster, Moskowitz Prize for Zionism 2017, 5777

The Moskowitz Prize has evolved over the years. It used to be that three people got the main prizes.This year instead of a variety of awardees, there was just one, the incomparable Moshe Arens

Shiloh Musings: Trump’s Visit to Jerusalem- Will the Chaos Get Worse?

So, will Trump's visit be worse than the usual visit of a foreign leader, or after all the negative hype, will it be better?

Shiloh Musings: Simple Reason Why World Won’t Accept Israeli Rule Over Jerusalem

Our true enemy is the anti-Semitism that has existed from the very beginning of Judaism.

Shiloh Musings: Many Mistakes and Distortions in JPost’s Feature on Hebron

The Jerusalem Post's Friday edition had a big feature about Hebron, the Jews, Arabs and history. There are so many misleading distortions and mistakes...

Shiloh Musings: Time to Declare Independence From United Nations

In response to the UNESCO vote, Israel should move all of our embassies to cities of our choice, as long as they're not the country's stated capital.

Shiloh Musings: Celebrating Israeli Independence Day, 5777, 2017

Yom Ha’atzma’ut, Israeli Independence Day is not merely a celebration of a historic event but transforms into a spiritual holiday when recognizing Gd's hand in everything that has happened to the Jewish People

Shiloh Musings: Le Pen, Shechita and French Jewry

Unlike anti-Semitic hypocrites in other countries, Marine Le Pen, French National Front (FN) political party leader, has asked French Jewry to sacrifice easily available kosher food to try to squeeze Muslims out of France.

Shiloh Musings: An “Only in Israel Story,” The Arab Bus Driver

"There's no place like home..." Ask the Arab bus driver for Egged who liked America but LOVES his native country, ISRAEL!

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