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    How to Explain “Racist” Netanyahu’s Unprecedented Support of Arabs?

    Netanyahu is a politician, and for the past decade, he's been a very good one. His political instincts are what helps him accomplish his vision for Israel. His vision for Israel is a state where the Arabs are treated as equals and given all the same opportunities as Jews in a Jewish state.

    J-Street’s Panel on Antisemitism Excused – and Even Allowed – Antisemitism

    This J Street panel was a disgrace for a supposedly Jewish, supposedly pro-Israel organization that pretends to care about antisemitism.

    The Bahrain Workshop: Its Assured “Failure” is its Success

    Only when Palestinians understand that the world has changed and that they can no longer rely on automatic, reflexive support from their fellow Arabs can they even start to consider going back to the table with Israel.

    How the Obama State Department Lied with a MAP

    The idea that the maps prove that Israel is gobbling land and making peace impossible is a pure falsehood.. The Obama map is a lie.

    Does Hanan Ashrawi Think Nikki Haley is Unmarried?

    After decades of being able to attack Israel with no opposition, the PLO has no idea how to handle someone like Haley who actually announces the fact that the Palestinian emperor has no clothes

    The Only Remaining People Under Military Occupation in the World

    Mahmoud Abbas shamelessly lied to the President of the United States in front of the entire world.

    Of Course, the Latest Stabber was Incited to Kill Jews

    Incitement doesn't radicalize every young person who hears it, but it does plant the idea of killing Jews as an obligation on some people and 'magically' turning these murderers into 'heroes.'


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