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Slice of Life: When Richie Prayed at the Kotel – before ’67

“I’ll probably never be there again.” Was Richie WRONG!

Saudi Sheikh: Driving Damages Women’s Ovaries

Sheikh Saleh bin Saad al-Luhaydan is a judicial and psychological consultant.

Saudi Arabia Slams Obama

The shift away from the U.S. is a major one, a source close to Saudi policy said.

More evidence that the EU is anti-Israel….

The definition of CHUTZPAH: The EU trying to steal as much land in Area C as it can to give to Palestinians and wanting to sue Israel to be compensated for its (the EU's) illegal actions

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People Celebrates the 73rd Anniversary of Palestinian...

That last day of November, 1947, is a microcosm of the entire 73 years since. The Jews remain enthusiastic that they have a state, want Arabs in Israel to be treated equally and still want to be on friendly terms with the Arab world. The people who claim to represent the Palestinian Arabs continue to make decisions that hurt the actual people they pretend to be defending.

No, Ukraine is NOT Gaza

Only Israel-hating morons think it is

Pals Freaking Over Normalizing TV interview with Benny Gantz

Palestinian factions have denounced the interview, calling it "illegal" and "normalization."

Biden Administration Embraces Antisemitic Conference

Biden's White House embraces the 20th anniversary of the infamous and antisemitic UN Durban conference. Not even Obama supported this farce. Pres. Obama with Biden as his VP boycotted the 10th conference

American Studies Association Endorses BDS (Poster)

You truly need to be an academic to be so stupid as to endorse this.

1920s British Inadvertently Helped Jerusalem Become Central to Islam

Tthe Dome of the Rock is ubiquitous in Palestinian political life today because the British thought they would get goodwill from the Arabs of Palestine if they helped repair the long-ignored site. Instead, it was used to fuel antisemitism and create Palestinian nationalism - which were, and remain, joined at the hip.

Latest gimmick: Abbas to sue UK over 1917 Balfour Declaration. Sign my petition!

The "Palestine Return Center" started a petition to the UK Parliament to apologize for Balfour and compensate all Arabs of Palestinian descent, likening the "nakba" with the Holocaust.

Modern, Woke Antisemitism Disguised as Jewish Studies

Here's an experiment: Ask 10 of the Jewiest Jews you can find, the ones with black hats and beards, get them drunk, and ask them if they would prefer that their daughter marry a white gentile or a Black Jew. 

West Point Scholar: ‘IDF Strike of the Al Jalaa Tower was Legal’

I've noted before that the legal analyses given by NGOs like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are not only biased against Israel but they betray an ignorance of the laws of armed conflict.

Best Articles About Arafat Polonium Report So Far

The world’s media have leapt to conclusions based on this finding, even though there is ample ambiguity after the passage of so much time.

Israel-Haters Who Pretend to Care about Gaza Hurt Arabs

Why are there so many articles about 2 million Gazans who don't have adequate water and so few about the other 72 million people in the region who have the exact same (or worse) problem?

What do the Nazi-collaborating Grand Mufti and Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi have in common?

Like the Mufti, Ahlam Tamimi is popular in the Arab world. The US wants to maintain friendly relations with Jordan. Instead of acting like a superpower, giving a message to the world that the US will pursue justice, the Biden administration is continuing the policy of sending hundreds of millions of dollars annually to Jordan to prop up its "moderate" king. 

John Kerry Supported Anti-Israel Extremists in 2009

Kerry expresses his “strong support” for the “humanitarian” delegation and asks that “every courtesy” be given them.

Introducing New Human Rights Organization: ASHREI

I don't know where this will go or if it will gain any traction.

From Pharaoh to Space Lasers: Blaming Jews is the Original Conspiracy Theory

Jews have been blamed for conspiracy theories from the very first moment of becoming a people.

A Muslim Storms the Kotel and Joins in ‘Talmudic Service’

Notice that the Jews have no problem with a Muslim praying at the Kotel

The absurdity continues: 41% of Palestinians in Palestinian Territory are “Refugees” from Palestine (update)

If they are Palestinian and live in what the UN and their leaders call the State of Palestine, where exactly are they refugees from?

Faux Peaceniks and Real Terrorists=Perfect Storm of Jew-hatred

The attackers find strength in numbers, they see that they have the Left on their side, they are riled up by thousands of lies about Israel by speaker after speaker and tweet after tweet

Karl Vick’s Revisionist History of Oslo

Karl Vick is clearly unaware that Rabin never advocated a Palestinian Arab state. He never advocated dividing Jerusalem.

Ten Most Hateful Points About Kerry’s Post-Abstention Speech

Kerry gave a racist speech pretending to be noble. It was a speech about booting the Jews from Jerusalem, again, as if it were inevitable and right. In short, there was much in the speech to denigrate

Does Moroccan King Mohammed VI Realize he Affirmed Jews’ Rights to Worship on the...

this statement includes an assertion that every member of the three major monotheistic faiths should have full access to their holy spaces in order to worship there. Which means that Jews have the full right not just to visit but even to pray at the Temple Mount, the holiest spot in Judaism.

Trump won. Now What?

What is undeniable is that Trump's campaign was genius, and the genius was his, not his advisers or handlers. The question is, what will he actually do as President?


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