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    THIS is the HORRIBLE Thing Gal Gadot Wrote About Palestinians?

    Gal Gadot is the hot topic on many fronts-including anti-Israel sites

    Abusing the Law: ‘‘Combating International Islamophobia Act’’

    The US House of Representatives approved a bill last week that seeks to combat Islamophobia around the world - but not within the United...

    Leftover Obama Middle East ‘Experts’ would Prefer War to a Trump Proffered Peace

    Did it never occur to these "experts" that Abbas was using his people as an excuse not to make peace, and that in fact the people want to end this useless situation already if only he would accept a couple more of Israel's security demands? I

    More evidence that the EU is anti-Israel….

    The definition of CHUTZPAH: The EU trying to steal as much land in Area C as it can to give to Palestinians and wanting to sue Israel to be compensated for its (the EU's) illegal actions

    The Beginning of the End of the Honor/Shame Culture-Part I

    Honor/shame relies to a large degree on the ability to lie - both to others and to oneself.

    The IHH Shot Guns on the Mavi Marmara…and We Have Photos!

    Since it is the two year anniversary of the Mavi Marmara incident, it is reasonable to remind people: IDF soldiers were shot on board the ship, and the IHH terrorists shot first.

    Biden Administration Embraces Antisemitic Conference

    Biden's White House embraces the 20th anniversary of the infamous and antisemitic UN Durban conference. Not even Obama supported this farce. Pres. Obama with Biden as his VP boycotted the 10th conference

    Are BDSers Hypocrites, Antisemites, or Both?

    Uh-oh. Does the CuBox-I computer go on the boycott list or not?

    Will Jordan End the 25-year Land Lease Under its 1994 Peace Treaty with Israel?

    There has been mounting pressure in Jordan to not renew this lease, and multiple parties have banded together to pressure the government to end the agreement.

    Another Fishy claim: “Holocaust refugees were sheltered in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria”

    I cannot even find an anecdote of Jews who somehow managed to sneak into Egypt, Syria or Lebanon, which is not proof it didn't happen...but if it did, it doesn't sound like it was anything close to these Arab countries sheltering European Jews.

    Ten Most Hateful Points About Kerry’s Post-Abstention Speech

    Kerry gave a racist speech pretending to be noble. It was a speech about booting the Jews from Jerusalem, again, as if it were inevitable and right. In short, there was much in the speech to denigrate

    Iran’s Supreme Leader: Zionists Are Behind all Intra-Muslim Problems

    I particularly like how he positions the Syrian regime as a Muslim nation when it has been largely secular and anti-Islamist.

    The Great Kuwait Zionist Potato Scare

    ale of Israeli goods is a violation of Law 21 of 1964.

    A Father Speaks Out: The Murder of Malki Roth and the Refusal of Jordan...

    Malki will never be a statistic but an inspiration. And in remembering her, we also realize that she and the savage who engineered her death are not—as several dull journalists said to me at various points in the weeks after the massacre—two sides of the same coin

    How the Obama State Department Lied with a MAP

    The idea that the maps prove that Israel is gobbling land and making peace impossible is a pure falsehood.. The Obama map is a lie.

    Does Moroccan King Mohammed VI Realize he Affirmed Jews’ Rights to Worship on the...

    this statement includes an assertion that every member of the three major monotheistic faiths should have full access to their holy spaces in order to worship there. Which means that Jews have the full right not just to visit but even to pray at the Temple Mount, the holiest spot in Judaism.

    Over 100,000 Palestinian Arab Patients Treated in Israel in 2015

    Problems with Obamacare or the new Republican coverage plan? That ain't nothing compared to Israel's plan for Arabs and terrorists.

    Barack Obama’s Condescending “Friendly Advice” to Israel

    Obama's language assumes that Israel is not adhering to international law. That is condescending and false.

    Abbas a ‘Leader’ Who Cannot Make a Decision

    Why is the Arab League seemingly aware of this event but there is nothing from the Israeli side?

    Michigan Students Soundly Defeat Divestment Motion

    A Hillel student spoke against the anti-Israel resolution, but also called Israeli actions "shameful."

    Breaking News: Abbas Calls Vehicle Ramming “Terrorism”

    The hypocrisy of Abbas: Evidently in Spain it is a "ram" while in Israel it is legitimate resistance.

    A Random Example of the Amnesty Report’s Dishonesty

    This one page, when read honestly, proves not only Israel's liberalism but also Amnesty's illiberalism. 

    Western-funded NGO Claims Salaries to Palestinian Terrorists are a HUMAN RIGHT

    The list of funders to PCHR is impressive including the European Union, numerous individual European countries, George Soros' Open Society Foundations, Christian Aid (UK), Oxfam, Trocaire, and many others. All of these funders and nations are indirectly supporting financial incentives for murdering Jews.

    Why Sudden Silence when Erdogan Says he Plans to Open an Embassy in Jerusalem?

    Turkey intends to open an embassy in East Jerusalem. Even though all the arguments against the Trump declaration apply even more so to the Erdogan declaration--silence. The Europeans who stumbled over themselves to condemn Trump are silent on Erdogan. The UN and NGOs aren't saying anything.


    Apartheid is a term used purely for propaganda purposes when applied to Israel

    Palestinians Know if UNRWA Disappears, so does their Fake “Refugee” Status

    Palestinians think there's a slippery slope between losing a cent of UNRWA benefits and the benefits disappearing altogether. in other words, Pals would have the same definition of refugee applied to them as the 50 million real refugees in the world today.


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