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    Trump won. Now What?

    What is undeniable is that Trump's campaign was genius, and the genius was his, not his advisers or handlers. The question is, what will he actually do as President?

    Looks Like UNESCO May Become Even MORE Anti-Israel

    UNESCO chief Irina Bokova, who received death threats for denouncing the resolution denying the Jewish/Jerusalem connection, is stepping down. 4 Arabs are on the shortlist of 9 to replace her.

    Ancient Jewish Pilgrimage Site that Palestinians Bar Jews from Visiting

    So we see that Jews lives in Halhul in the Middle Ages, they venerated it for much longer as the burial place of a prophet, and it is clearly an important Biblical site.

    Roger Waters to Present Award at Amnesty International Event

    Waters consistently calls for the boycott of the only country in the region to respect basic human rights.

    The Difference Between Excuses and Reasons for Jew-hatred

    Since the Jews were in Egypt, there has been Jew-hatred. The entire time, the Jew-haters justified their hate with reasons that sounded reasonable to...

    Over 100,000 Palestinian Arab Patients Treated in Israel in 2015

    Problems with Obamacare or the new Republican coverage plan? That ain't nothing compared to Israel's plan for Arabs and terrorists.

    Activists Blame Israel for Gaza Power Problems

    A real boat that will try to leave Gaza in March and fight "against the Israeli blockade."

    The EU and US Cannot Condemn Abbas’ Blood Libel

    State Department spokesman John Kirby, spoke surreally about the vicious libel by Abbas but didn't come close to condemning it.

    Terror Groups ❤️ Amnesty International

    and, it seems Amnesty International ❤️ Terror Groups-a ❤️ match made in Durban

    What the Media DOESN’T Tell you about Huwara

    The dangers of driving through Huwara have been known for a while. To reduce friction, since 2019, Israel has been building a bypass road specifically to avoid this problem.

    Vaccine Vitriol: Hating Israel more than Valuing Palestinian Lives

    The ONLY inquiry Palestinians are demanding is why the PA almost bought vaccines that they claim were of "inferior" quality. The PA, naturally, has to defend its "honor" by canceling the deal. 

    Jew-hatred is Different from ALL Other Hates

    Stop using this massacre as an excuse to pin this on ideological and political enemies. Every group has Jew-hatred associated with them in one way or another.

    No Matter What Happens with Trump, Obama’s anti-Israel Narrative will Take a Huge Hit

    With Trump's election, Americans will inevitably view the Middle East , and specifically Israel, differently because no one that shares Obama's worldview will remain in the White House.

    What was Joe Biden’s role in pushing UNSC 2334?

    It soon became apparent that the US orchestrated this resolution and cajoled all the other Security Council members to support it, where a US abstention would allow the resolution to pass.

    Amazing…but TRUE

    The amazing is becoming commonplace: Israeli defense contractor to open locations in an Arab country

    Looks like Gaza will Start Importing Petroleum from Israel

    A couple of years ago, Hamas converted the power plant in Gaza to run on ordinary smuggled petroleum.

    The Forward’s Noxious Op-Ed Accusing Modern Orthodox Jews of Dual Loyalty

    Love of Israel is in no way contradictory to love of America. American Jews are very appreciative to live in a country that is not only welcoming of Jews but also a staunch ally of Israel. The pride of being American is part and parcel of the pride of being a Jew and a Zionist in America.

    .@UNRWA’s Chief Offers a Litany of Lies and Slander to Keep Agency Afloat

    The UNRWA Commissioner-General begging for more $ perpetuates, rather than solves, statelessness, is self-serving and continues blaming Israel rather than the true culprits: itself and Arab leaders.

    “Unilateral West Bank land grab”

    Extending sovereignty is not a land grab. It is the beginning of a disengagement.

    Breaking News: Abbas Calls Vehicle Ramming “Terrorism”

    The hypocrisy of Abbas: Evidently in Spain it is a "ram" while in Israel it is legitimate resistance.

    Erekat Says Family in Palestine for 9000 years – They Came from Arabia

    Saeb Erekat is, once again, lying. Just as we caught him lying many, many times before.

    Abbas Compares Palestinians to Holocaust Victims

    Elder of Ziyon shows that Abbas is cynically using the Holocaust as a way to say that Jews are doing to Palestinian Arabs the same "injustice"  and "oppression" that Jews suffered under Nazis.

    John Kerry Supported Anti-Israel Extremists in 2009

    Kerry expresses his “strong support” for the “humanitarian” delegation and asks that “every courtesy” be given them.

    Jewish Voice for Peace says terrorist has an “exemplary personal history”

    There is no question whatsoever that Odeh was behind the fatal bombing of a SuperSol market in 1969

    Three Palestinians Killed Planting Explosives. In Egypt.

    Egypt has a complete blockade of the media in the Sinai, so any stories of clashes such as these and especially of civilian casualties and home demolitions are sparse and hard to verify.


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