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    Honor and Deterrence

    Honor is a concept that is paramount in non-Western cultures, but sometimes it seems that the West has no clue about.

    More Things to Come — in America

    Shortly after Clinton’s election at the tail end of the Israeli-Hezbollah war of 2016, Hezbollah activated several terrorist cells in the U.S.

    So Now What?

    There it is: four more years of Barack Obama. What does it mean for Israel? The bilateral talks with Iran run by Valerie Jarrett will continue. One can hope for the best, but it is very unlikely that an agreement will be reached that will include the effective dismantling of Iran’s bomb-building capability. It’s not at all comforting to think that Israel’s security will be in the hands of Jarrett, Obama’s Chicago fixer. One can speculate what Romney might have done differently, but that is not an option now.

    Why I am important

    Not a peep was heard a few months ago when Israel announced that it would build housing for Arabs in the same area.

    How Israel Should Use Its New Found Energy Wealth

    Israel should use its new gas resources to further its political interests, just as the Arabs have done with their energy resources.

    Death By a Thousand Snowballs

    The Jewish state is supposed to be a place where people are not humiliated for being Jews.

    Keep Israel Out of It

    It is not Israel’s job to “help sway members” of Congress.

    Europeans Bring Back ‘Kauf Nicht bei Juden!’

    The yellow star is probably not in the running as label for "settlements" products, but it should be.

    Judaism as the Meaning of the Jewish state

    The ideal is a tolerant Jewish state which is nevertheless fully Jewish. This isn’t an easy sell to secular Israelis.

    Weinberger Gave Judge Wrong Information Resulting in Pollard’s Life Sentence

    At the last minute, the Secretary of Defense presented a memo to the court accusing Pollard of doing massive damage to the U.S.

    Disproportionate Response Pays

    There is no way the Jewish state (or for that matter, the Jewish people) will ever generate feelings of love or even liking in the world.

    Things to come

    We see more and more violent acts ‘explained’ in terms of foreign policy.

    In Praise of Nationalism

    If we compare Western and Islamic cultures, we find that universalist attitudes are common in the former and rare in the latter.

    Finding the Culprit: The Race to be Wrong

    Does the viciously random nature of the bombing give a clue to the motive?

    How to Keep a Sovereign State

    Incitement against Israel has reached a fever pitch, and PA officials are not even pretending to want to stop it.

    Cal. Univ. Pro-Israel Professor Harassed and Defamed

    In the snake pit of academia, where unfashionable explicit Jew-hatred has morphed into enthusiastic and widespread over-the-top anti-Zionism, Professor Tammi Rossman-Benjamin stands out.

    Pollard Still Imprisoned After 27 Years: An Object Lesson for Jews?

    I can’t believe, if the government actually has information to justify the sentence, that it could not be provided in a manner that would be convincing without revealing damaging secrets.

    Banana syndrome at the URJ

    Israel is an independent sovereign state, and it should not be treated as a banana republic.

    Mitt, You Were Right the First Time!

    While events — the Hamas takeover of Gaza, the Second Intifada — have convinced the great majority of Israelis that a practical two-state solution is a fantasy based on wishful thinking, this has generally not penetrated the US media or political establishment. So Mitt’s remarks in May came as a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, it seems as though Romney has now changed his mind.

    Jewifying the Opposition

    The Obama administration has succeeded in making the issue of Hagel all about Israel and Jews.

    Syria Using Chemical Weapons: Will the US Act?

    Deterrence requires a credible threat. It isn’t enough to issue ominous-sounding ultimata unless they are believed.

    Could You Live with this Level of Violence?

    A situation has arisen in Judea and Samaria where attempted murder — and sometimes the attempts are successful — is a daily occurrence.

    Syrian Crisis Not Serious (Yet)

    President Obama feels boxed in by his ‘red line’ promise.

    Do we ‘have Israel’s back’?

    In March, President Obama said "when the chips are down, I have Israel’s back," but U.S. actions since have shown otherwise.

    A Third Intifada?

    Barack Obama will bravely step in to take the political risks necessary to once and for all save Israel and the Palestinians from each other — which he will do by forcing more concessions from Israel, yet again.

    The Frum Professor’s Legal Case for Israel: The Video

    A clear explanation of what international law is and is not, and how it applies to some of the controversies around the Jewish state.

    Terrorism? What terrorism?

    During the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations the US government has actively courted Muslims who have overt connections to terrorism.

    A Very Bad Weekend

    It looks from here like a really bad weekend in Israel. Some 40-odd rockets were fired from Gaza at southern Israel within 48 hours,...

    Recognition First, Recognition Above All

    Israel must insist that there can be no negotiations until all parties agree that Israel is the Jewish state of the Jewish people.

    Smelling Chuck Hagel & Other Anti-Semites

    My alarm bells went off when the President chose Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense.


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