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Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

    Inspiration from Zion: We Won’t Play that Game Anymore

    What fuels the violence is European leaders sending the message that Arab violence is only to be expected because Arabs feel wronged by the existence of Israel and her eternal ties to Jerusalem.

    Inspiration from Zion: Should Netanyahu Resign?

    These are the 3 reasons I not only hope to God Netanyahu doesn’t resign but that he also continues to serve as Israel’s Prime Minister.

    Things I Learned in Israel

    In Israel, strangers can become instant best friends and tell you their most private thoughts. It’s not weird, they are just family you haven’t met before.

    A Brit and a Wedding

    The brit is the permanent covenant of the bond between God and the Jewish people. A Jewish wedding is also a covenant of our unbreakable connection to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

    Inspiration from Zion: Anti-Zionism is the new Antisemitism

    Rebranding is how anti-Semitism became anti-Zionism. But the product has always been the same: Hating Jews

    Inspiration from Zion: What Happens AFTER the Terror Attack?

    If you lived in Halamish, what would you think of every time you walked past the Salomon home?

    Inspiration from Zion: 97% heaven

    Beautiful rolling plains, clear blue sky, and low unobtrusive houses. Spots of greenery, a step away from the desert. Just enough civilization to not...

    Inspiration from Zion: I DON’T Want a Ceasefire

    The calendar may have changed but the events are unfortunately familiar--another attack, another ceasefire.

    Why do Companies Like Amazon and Sears Think it’s OK to Profit from Jew...

    It is up to decent people everywhere, Jews and non-Jews, to make it very clear that it is unacceptable to profit from hate against ANY group. So speak out against it on social media

    Jews from a Different Planet

    “But why does he have to make provocations with these declarations of his?!” I was shocked to hear this sentence come out of the mouths of my Jewish-American relatives. Yes, they were referring to Trump (who they hate) and to the Jerusalem Declaration. I love my relatives but they live in a completely different universe than I do.

    Inspiration from Zion: WE ARE ARI FULD

    Every Jew murdered is Ari Fuld. Every Jew alive is Ari Fuld – whether they know it or not. Now that Ari is no longer here, it is our responsibility to carry on where he left off.

    The Death of Shireen Abu-Akleh and Israel’s Handling of it

    You can see that the police were deliberately provoked for the cameras, to enable the “narrative.”

    The ‘Occupation’ (not the Grinch) Stole Christmas

    The issue is not Christmas itself or Christians. The problem is that Arab solidarity against the Jews is more often than not, stronger than the values of Christianity.

    The Eagle has Landed: From Israel to Syria and Back Again

    So, what does this story mean? That there are good guys on the other side? That peace is possible? No. It means that Israeli compassion to Syrians in need has made an impact.

    Inspiration from Zion: What World are you Creating with Your Words?

    Words shape reality. Using our tongue for bad can create a nightmare. Use words for good.

    Inspiration from Zion: Last Request – Rabbi Avichai Rontzki

    The last thing Rabbi Rontzki did was to request of the Nation one thing: That when we meet someone during the day, pass someone in the hall, ride in the same elevator etc, we smile and say “HELLO”

    Ronen Lubarsky (HY”D)

    All our soldiers are precious, every life matters but sometimes you get a glimpse into a life and see a quality of character that is rich in everything we value most – kindness, decency, willingness to work hard and do for others, hope.

    The Dangers of a Wikipedia World

    In a Wikipedia world, in a world where my outlet to discuss the injustice of Facebook is – Facebook – is there any hope of building a solid truth based, fact-based, reality?

    My Shabbat Candles

    At the time of candle lighting, a woman can ask for additional or more specific blessings. This week I found myself asking for healing for a man I have never met but know is a valiant warrior and for the healing of a woman battling cancer.

    Inspiration from Zion: Israeli Elections 101: 7 Lessons on Marketing, Slogans and the “NOT...

    Watching him, I felt sorry for Gantz. He was trying to make the gestures and say the things he was told would make the best impression but his body language expressed louder than words just how uncomfortable and unsure of himself he was.

    Intersectionality and the Jews

    Jews choose life. We choose building a thriving, happy future. THAT is our identity. Others choose victimhood, anger and stewing in past offenses against them. These two positions are diametrically opposed. THAT is why we can never take part in the intersectionality equation, no matter how “nuanced” it is.

    Inspiration from Zion: Thousands of Generations I Dreamt of you, Jerusalem

    “Thousands of generations I dreamt of you, to be granted to see the light of your face, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Shine your face to your sons! From your ruins, I will build you!”

    Haifa Town Hall

    With Gantz the issue is more his incoherent sentences which seem to reflect very confused thinking. But many Israelis want anything that isn’t Bibi.

    Inspiration from Zion: My Identity: Unapologetic Zionist Feminist

    Feminism is about freedom. It is about the value of the individual woman and the freedom to achieve whatever she dreams about and is willing to work hard enough to achieve--Just like Zionism.

    Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and the OTHER Israel

    All this, not for a rock star, politician, or even a charismatic influencer. Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky was a vessel of Jewish knowledge, an example of Jewish scholarliness, of putting learning, wisdom, and faith above all worldly comforts.

    Inspiration from Zion: “Osheri, light of my eyes”

    Listening to the descriptions of Osheri, and the impact he had on so many lives, it would be easy to forget that he was just 22 years old

    Retaining Faith in the Face of Evil

    This is the unfathomable faith of the Jewish People in the face of horror. It is the strength of a People broken, yet still standing – the mysterious factor that leads to deep confusion about Jews.


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