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    No Such Thing as a Bloodless Victory

    There are no bloodless victories, but we can choose whether to bleed our enemy or to bleed our hearts. And when our hearts bleed for the enemy, than the blood sooner or later stops being a metaphor and becomes a sticky dark red liquid on the boots of the brave Afghan people, the brave Iraqi people, the brave Libyan people or the brave Syrian people and all the other brave peoples we will set out to save from the hells they make for themselves.

    Israel: A Peacetime War or a Wartime Peace

    Jabotinsky once warned that it came down to ending the exile or the exile will end you. The ashes prove the truth of his words. Now Israel has another choice, either it will end the peace process or the process will end it.

    The LA Pogrom That NO Jewish Organization will Talk About

    The same folks lecturing us on the dangers of remaining silent in the face of hate are silent when the hate is directed toward Jews. That is the sad legacy of American Jewish civil rights activism which fights anti-Semitism by joining together with anti-Semites to fight racism.

    A September Evening

    You can catch glimpses of a city reeling from the incomprehensible.

    US Economic Misery Isn’t an Accident, It’s the Plan

    Picking a dementia patient for the presidency was always a suicide mission. It’s the radical leftists around him who call the shots.

    America: Going Rogue

    The United States can survive without the international order, but it cannot survive the international order. If the United States is going to survive the century, it will have to do so as a rogue nation.

    The Left’s Metaphorical Holocaust Denial

    Sen. Booker’s anonymization of Jews as “folks” strongly echoed Obama’s dismissal of a Muslim terrorist attack on a Jewish supermarket before the Sabbath, as “randomly shot a bunch of folks in a deli.”

    Feminism Without Women

    Can there be a feminist movement without women? Will feminism have to be renamed 'Xeri'-nism or 'They'-inism?

    Kamala Harris Has NO FUTURE  

    Kamala Harris is paradoxically the strongest vice president in generations and the weakest.

    The Ugly Terror Truth About Jamal Khashoggi

    Media spin describes Khashoggi as a dissident. And he certainly was that. But so was his friend, Osama bin Laden. What Khashoggi wasn’t, was a moderate.

    Suicide as a Jewish Value

    Liberal Jews like to talk about Jewish values rather than Jewish interests, because their values are incompatible with Jewish interests-- even as a matter of simple survival. The usual liberal grab bag of values that are represented by the Jewish hand puppets of liberalism, like Wasserman-Schultz, aren't just alien, they threaten the basic survival of the Jewish People.

    Double Standard on Campus Speech

    What made universities and the media choose one group, Muslims, over another, Jews?

    The Hijabs of Our Banana Republic

    And then Banana Republic debuts four hijabs and it’s cultural appropriation even though Islam appropriates cultures the way hot dog eating contest winners go through sauerkraut and brats. Huge chunks of the Koran are appropriated from Judaism and Christianity like a little kid trying to write his own comic book by taking all the best parts of all the books and movies he saw and mixing them up.

    Kill the Two State Solution Dead

    Like the old Monty Python bit, the two-state solution is a 'dead parrot.' The Press 'shopkeepers' keep trying to sell us its stiff body insisting the peace process is just pining for the Oslo accords.

    Madmen and Crowds

    Crowd culture expects everyone to follow the leader, to join the meme, to move with the flow, but that is something that crazy people cannot do.


    Hillary is a shallow parasite who can’t even come up with her own money making gimmicks.

    The Dirty Money Behind the Lynching of Clarence Thomas

    Could foreign money be financing the lynching of Justice Clarence Thomas?

    We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here

    Stalin famously told his mother that he was the new Czar, transmuting collectivist revolution into the egotistical authoritarianism of one man. Obama has managed the same trick.

    The Secular Religion of the Left

    Their grandparents had already loosened their grip on religion and as the family disintegrated, materialism took its place.

    What Anti-Semitism in Europe and the Campus Have in Common

    The campus is the canary in the coal mine. It’s where American Jews are beginning to experience a European style of anti-Semitism where the complicity of the authorities in the harassment perpetrated by a growing Muslim population and its left-wing allies leaves Jewish students uniquely vulnerable.

    Biden’s Ambassador To The Anti-Israel Lobby

    Unfortunately, Nides is characteristic of the anti-Israel Biden administration.

    The Fat Nanny State

    The obesity epidemic is a convoluted way of saying that the problem with government health care is the people. But that's not the problem. Obesity may not be healthy, but if we ban sodas and force everyone to exercise in the yard before work, the numbers still won't balance. Because the real problem with government health care is government.

    On Juneteenth, Bullets Fly

    Is this a celebration of "liberation"? The only meaningful liberation that still needs to happen on Juneteenth is a moral revolution.

    These Murders Were Brought to You by the Two State Solution

    Israel hasn’t turned its back on Zionism. The Jewish enablers of the PLO, of the terrorist killers, have. In an Orwellian twist, they have redefined Zionism to mean the destruction of Israel. Israel’s government, which fights for the Jewish State’s survival, is therefore anti-Zionist, while the lefties who want to destroy Israel are the true Zionists. Up is down. Left is right. And a generation of terror is peace.

    Biden Spends 4 Times More to House Illegal Aliens Than on Troops

    Troops brought to DC slept in a cold parking garage, were fed tainted meat, food with metal shavings and worms--Nothing but the best for the troops. The massive flood of illegal alien migrants poured across the border, coming to receive the illegal amnesty Biden promised them. They got a better deal. No cold parking garage floors for future Democrat voters and no food with metal shavings.

    Dear John

    No matter what the PLO did, you blamed Israel. Like you blamed America, no matter what the Viet Cong did.


    A better question might be why is a country whose people were responsible for much of the killing of Jews at Babi Yar is shamelessly appropriating the Holocaust for its propaganda.

    1 in 10 American Jews Support Hamas

    The Hamas atrocities and the reaction to it are a reality check. Some Jewish liberals recoil in horror at the implications of the ideology of social justice, others double down and embrace it. They claim that they want peace, but the Cygnal poll shows what they really want is dead Jews.

    Unite and Heal With Show Trials and Fascist Purges

    Enjoy unity at gunpoint in the Bidenist banana republic.

    Democrat Backing for Anti-Semitism is Killing Jews

    The tragedy of the Jersey City attack taking place on a street named after Martin Luther King is that while there are streets in every major city named after the civil rights activist, civil rights has fallen to identity politics. Where civil rights called for equality, identity politics is nationalism and supremacism.


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