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    Homeless Hotels Creating Chaos on the Upper West Side

    “This is not the rebuilding of cities. This is the sacking of cities.”

    City Council Candidate’s Campaign Manager: Upper West Side Too White and Jewish

    The Democratic primary for NY City Council Member is heating up quickly.

    ‘Afflicter’ Erin Drinkwater Taps Flatbush for Massive New Homeless Shelter

    How long before the proposed new women's shelter is converted into a men's homeless shelter, as the city has done in the past?

    JFREJ Dodges Legitimate Jewish Communal Concerns

    Attacking Jewish targets, abolishing the police and jails, supporting anti-Israel candidates, all of this in our name with "The Jewish Vote."

    The Jewish(?) Cardinals of Woke

    How long will this woke nonsense continue to be presented by these two political leaders in the name of Jews and Judaism?

    Inna V Moves Jewish-Asian Alliance Forward

    Moderate and conservative NY Jews need their own alliance with the Asian community.

    Brian Robinson Challenging Jerry Nadler for NY’s 10th Congressional District

    "I would call out AOC and the squad publicly for their thinly veiled antisemitism."

    Brooklyn’s Anti-Gentrication Groups are Pushing Antisemitic Narratives and Activism

    With a a few notable exceptions, the Jewish community appears unaware of the significance and relevance of these groups.

    Only a Democrat Can Select New York’s Next Mayor

    Only 3% of New Yorkers will actually get to choose the next mayor in the coming primaries this June.

    ADL Chief Sides with Candidate Brian Robinson Against Far-Left

    Robinson took the far-Left org JFREJ (Jews For Racial & Economic Justice) to task for pretending to represent mainstream Jewish interests, or even Jewish interests at all,

    DEI and Our Failed Leadership

    Anti-Israel sentiment is inevitable where students are indoctrinated with DEI ideology.


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