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Yariv Oppenheimer, PLEASE Leave Israel

Leave Israel, Yariv. Find another place to live which you think shares the ideals you believe in.

The Krembo Response!‏

All over Israel today, people are laughing and smiling… It’s a bit ironic because honestly, we’re going through some rough times. A man who had...

A Soldier’s Mother: When the Arabs Make Our Point Better Than We Ever Can

The Left's shifting to the Right;the Right welcomes them because regardless of side we're one people

Walking in the Rain…‏

It's raining outside-what would you bring?

A Soldier’s Mother: Defiant…Determined…Dedicated…‏

The People of Israel Live: We are defiant; we are determined; and most of all, we are dedicated.

A Soldier’s Mother: Beersheva Terror Attack Moments Ago‏

7 victims: 4 policemen, 1 soldier, 2 civilians. All to carry scars for life.

An Open Letter to the World

Dear World: This morning, a Palestinian woman blew herself up on the road that goes past my city.

One Attack at a Time

When you are a soldier's mother, you cope by learning the concept of "one day at a time."

Josh Earnest Wants Us All to Just Get Along‏

"So, I heard your recent statement about the..um...violence in Israel and I just had to write to tell you. Josh, you're an idiot."

The End of Yemen’s Jews

Yemen declared all Jews there must convert to Islam, leave, or be killed. 180 Jews still live there.

Keeping A Sense of Humor

The terrorist was killed by a bullet to the center of his forehead; not surprisingly it hit no brain

Levels of Tragedy

Eitam and Na’ama Henkin never lived to see their children grown, never see them marry...

In Eight Weeks, The Journey Begins Again‏

Israel's soldiers have our faith, they have our prayer, and they have our love.

Sealing Your Fate

HaShem, watch over our sons and daughters, the soldiers of Israel; G'mar hatima tova to all

Is Israel Afraid of Iran?

I'm more concerned by US policies which drive Israel closer to WW III than I'm concerned about Iran

September 11 and the Forgotten Lessons

Today, I cry for an America that has forgotten the lessons of 9/11 by supporting a terrorist regime

A Whimsical City

Jerusalem, where one is blessed by beggars, large lions line streets, & umbrellas hang from heaven.

School Daze: The Story of a Rocket

Though it missed, the rocket's story is simple: It had 1 target-our children-on school's opening day

Summer’s End

If the world's winds of hatred bring Jews to Israel we are ready, joyfully offering them a home here

When Is A Dolphin a…Zionist Spy?‏

Spain's SeaWorld canceled Zionist-spy dolphin's performance unless it supports a Palestinian state

Why Israel Will Never Be Defeated‏

So long as Jews dance for the sheer pleasure of thanking God, Israel will never be defeated!

Remembering Israel

What is left to say when a 16 year-old is dead? How will her mother and family endure without her?

Is Jonathan Pollard a Hero?‏

The US doesn’t want Pollard & he doesn’t want America- release him with 1 condition: No return to US

CNN and Terror – When Hypocrisy Rules

Dear CNN: When hypocrisy rules a media outlet, its mandate to call what they do "journalism" expires

Chamberlain Lives

Possible, but not easy to "out-bargain" an Iranian; you need guts and strength. Obama lacks the guts

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