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    A Soldier’s Mother: The Face of a Hypocrite

    The hypocrite says that the Palestinian Authority will NOT allow Israel to hold on to the dead bodies of terrorists, presumably those who died in the act of terror and those who caught afterwards.

    ‘Attacking Each Other’?

    No country in the world would put up with rockets being fired regularly across its border.

    Living on the Edge of War

    What right does Assad have to shoot missiles at Israel if Obama strikes his country?

    A Soldier’s Mother: Some Advice for Donald Trump

    Dear Donald, If you want to win this election, you need to convince more Americans to be pro-Trump rather than just anti-Clinton.

    An Open Letter to a Self-Hating Jew

    Paula Stern responds to Gidon Levy's article in Haaretz, where he criticized the soldiers who shot the terrorist near Ariel.

    A Soldier’s Mother: What Next Summer Will Bring…

    My Prayer: Israel-flood the tunnels; God-Let Hamas' missiles land and explode inside their borders

    Yotam Shmuel…And the Missing Voice of Moderation

    Yotam Shmuel is 18-months-old and will never walk on his own legs due to the Chords Bridge terrorist

    Minimizing Harm to Civilians – Israel vs. Hamas

    The difference between the IDF and Hamas is the difference between Good and Evil

    A Soldier’s Mother: What would happen if…

    "How...how do parents say good bye to their children in the morning as they leave home...and then bury them that night?" How?

    For These We Weep

    I have been searching for the answer to this question...who did they kill...those 104 we are about to release? I know of a mother...

    A Soldier’s Mother: Is Today the Day to Leave England?

    The only real question you have today in the UK if you are Jewish is whether today is the day to leave.

    Chamberlain Lives

    Possible, but not easy to "out-bargain" an Iranian; you need guts and strength. Obama lacks the guts

    Gas Mask Distribution

    Can you understand the concept that a young mother was happy that her son now had a gas mask? When you can, you'll understand what it is to be Israeli - at least in part.

    A Soldier’s Mother: Random Acts of Being Israeli

    A characteristic many don't see at first glance, or fail to recognize at all, is that Israelis are actually very kind people.

    Of Course it was Planned!

    I quickly lost count of how many rockets were fired at my country. At one point, the reporter was counting - "one, two, three, four, five, no six, seven, eight.

    Moving Towards the Army

    My son continues to move slowly towards the army while working to complete his final year in high school.

    On This Day

    Ever have a day going along just fine until something comes and floors you? I wasn't feeling well last night and thought of skipping work...but I had to do this, I had to do that...so I came in saying that maybe I'll crash tomorrow. Yesterday morning started sluggish, but I hit my stride and I chugged along happily cleaning things off my desk. I'm tried to watch what is happening with the massive hurricane hitting the U.S.; trying to switch windows, worrying about whether Gaza has decided to fire another rocket at Israel. And then, I saw this message on Twitter and I just stopped and took a deep breath.

    Time to Say Thank You…

    The list of countries who rushed to help during the Oklahoma tornadoes is tiny.

    Grace and Respect

    There is, in Israel, a built-in respect for the elderly. But Anthony Cordesman, who gave Professor Yehezkel Dror a prolonged scolding for interrupting him, is apparently unfamiliar with Israeli society. Yes, interrupting someone is bad manners, even rude - and while it isn't loved in Israel, it's just something that happens and we take it in stride. You cut back in, you talk, you communicate. What you never do is embarrass the other person, especially if he's older than you.

    A Lesson In Balancing…

    An hour later -- I kid you not, the hospital called. The surgery is in less than 2 week...

    Israeli ‘Profiling’

    The IDF conducts physical profiling of Israeli children to determine placement in the army.

    For Shame: Kerry Compares Boston Bombing Victims to Turkish Jihadis

    John Kerry, you owe the nation of Israel and the army of Israel an apology.

    Stupidity Award…for June 2013

    Having reviewed the month carefully (no, not really), I feel comfortable awarding the Stupidity Award for June 2013...drum roll please...

    Shimon HaTzadik…Simon the Just

    What sets us apart from most people can be summed up so easily. Did you know that Sunday was the anniversary of the death of Shimon HaTzadik? He died about 2,300 years ago, give or take, and we know who he was, who his father was, what he did in his life, and where he is buried. And yesterday hundreds of Israelis likely visited his grave.

    Baruch Dayan Emet – Blessed is the True Judge

    That Soren Kam, a totally unrepentant Nazi murderer, died a free man is a failure of justice

    Peter Beinart and Zionism

    Beinart has decided that it is acceptable to boycott products from the West Bank but he encourages purchasing products from what he inaccurately and annoyingly refers to as "democratic" Israel. Here again is the latest form of idol worship that plagues Beinart and many left-wing American Jews - democracy.

    Tea, Chocolate and Running Around…

    I asked him how it went - it went fine.

    The Next War With Apps and GPS

    What does it say about us that we create programs to measure how fast we can run and where we can seek shelter?

    The Blessings of Rain

    People are complaining about floods and traffic and the cold and through it all, there is this amazing joy.

    A Soldier’s Mother: Six Children…TWO Only ONE WEEK Old…Could Have Died Last Night

    Peace will come when families can drive safely without concern of being shot.


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