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    Emes Ve-Emunah: Outreach that Legitimizes Heterodoxy

    Are there situations when Orthodox rabbis can interact with heterodox rabbis or enter their space?

    Jewish Terrorists!?

    These people are no better than the arsonists of who set fires during the '68 riots that followed the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King . Then Mayor Richard J. Daley gave police the green light to police to shoot to kill anyone seen attempting arson. People who throw firebombs into cars are murderers. There is no justification for targeting innocent people. These terrorists ought to be treated accordingly. That no one died yet from that act is a miracle.

    A Bad Pick for Secretary of Defense

    I fear that if Israel ever faces existential danger such as that threatened by Iran, Hagel might just say that he is not the Defense Minster of Israel.

    Can This be True?

    Rabbi Metzger denies everything. I hope that’s true.

    Serving God and Empowering Women

    {Originally posted to the author's website, Emes Ve-Emunah} The inevitable finally happened. Rabbi Avi Weiss has dispensed with his prior refusal to call his female...

    Righting a Wrong

    Why are employers reluctant to hire Charedim? Legitimate concerns or plain old fashioned prejudice?

    Every Jew – a .22?

    I believe that the massacre in Newton would never have happened if guns were made illegal.

    The Rabbi’s Daughter

    Several prominent Religious Zionist rabbis in Israel have fallen victim to the OTD (Off the Derech) phenomenon. Rav Shlomo Aviner, Rav David Bigman, and Rav Yoram Tzohar each have a daughter that has departed from the observant ways of their parents. So for those parents who have OTD children, you are not alone. There are some very prominent people who join you. One may ask: How can I publicize something like this about such prominent leaders in Klal Yisroel, since it might be embarrassing to them? The answer is that they do not hide it. They willingly participated in a film that tells their story.

    The End of the Charedi World as We Know it?

    One would think that finally, at long last, a long standing inequity will be eliminated.

    Technology, the Move to the Right and The Jewish Press

    I hope that the Jewish Press stays the paper of record for Orthodox Jewry. If it were to fold - the loss would be a devastating blow to moderation.

    Emes Ve-Emunah: Is It All Over but the Shouting?

    Trump has exponentially surpassed all expectations and is on a path to win the Republican nomination

    How to Lessen the Hatred

    As long as rabbinic leaders live in the past and insist on calling the idea of ‘sharing the burden’ a 'shas haShmad,' antagonism toward Haredim will not change.

    The Real Reason for the Fifth Cup

    The fifth cup is based on a machlokes in the Gemarah.

    A Poisonous Atmosphere

    No appropriate response by Charedi leaders to terror tactics aimed at Charedim that joined the IDF.

    There Is No Joy in New Square

    The joyous members of Skvere had absolutely no compassion for this poor woman. They only saw someone who left the community and went OTD.

    Debunking the ‘Age Gap Theory’…Again

    How manipulating shadchanim and even offering financial "incentives" to marry men off to older women is ethically sound or halachically permissible has yet to be explained.

    To Bigotry No Sanction

    US Jews owe a tremendous debt of gratitude - Hakaras HaTov - to America, a country where we enjoy a historically unprecedented level of freedom.

    One Torah – One People

    There is not an iota of real difference between the way Torah is studied in the Beis HaMedrash of YU and the way it is studied at any other Yeshiva. It is more than time that Modern Orthodoxy is treated like an equal among equals and given the same prominence they give those to their right.

    Goodbye to a Good Pope

    The relationship between the Jewish people and the Catholic Church has never been better. And the current Pope deserves credit for that.

    Jonathan Rosenblum’s Hit Piece on Dov Lipman and the RCA

    One of the arguments Jonathan makes is that we here in the United States ought to ‘not mix in’ to the issues affecting Charedim in Israel.

    The Beauty (and the Beast) of Chasidus

    Even the subject of sexual relations is discussed quite candidly and in my opinion quite beautifully.

    Dov Lipman – Telling it Like it Is

    A Rosh Yeshiva guessed 60% of bochurim in Israel's yeshiva system belong there only 3-4 yrs post HS

    Orthodox Survival in Israel

    Charedi poverty cannot be solved by only changing the system from one of learning to one of working

    Emes Ve-Emunah: Will All of American Jewry Eventually be Orthodox?

    The direction non-Orthodox Jews are going is clear. Heterodoxy has failed while Orthodoxy has succeeded, strong evidence that it is Halacha that has kept us alive throughout the millennia

    MK Dov Lipman – Must See TV (Video)

    It is time to let Rabbi Lipman speak for himself and explain what he is doing and why.

    Who is to Blame for the Divisiveness?

    According to a recent survey in Mishpacha Magazine, most secular Israeli Jews do not hate charedim.

    The Defiant Ones


    An Obama Critic Gone Mad

    Obama is not anti Israel. He's just misguided, perhaps blinded by his desire to force a peace treaty


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